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1 1 The Burnham Health Promotion Trust – a model for the Big Society? Richard Shircore FRSPH Professional Adviser - Health Promotion and Improvement Wednesday 23 Feb. 2011

2 Aim & Focus To: Explore the idea of the BHPT model as a template for the Big Society and to identify the key requirements for effective replication.

3 Big Society Value and Concepts Creation of active communities, creating Social Capital through: Self reliance Community Collaboration Application of local Resources The Sum being greater than the Parts Self determination Personal and Community Growth and Development

4 The Trust as a model Big Society for other communities? – Yes! Core Requirements for replication: 1. Ethics: 2. Values: 3. Skills and Competencies: 4. Finance: 5. Governance: 6. Location:

5 The Ethics and the Big Society Ethics are the foundation upon which all decision making – strategic and operational should be based. All actions of the BHPT are governed by the standards and requirement of Charities Commission and professional codes and standards of practice.

6 Values/Culture of BHPT Health & well-being: is an outcome of positive social integration (Salugenic Approach) Local: use of local resources Sustainable: can be repeated if required Celebratory: enjoy what is done Equality and Equity: all persons and groups have a part to play Non-aligned: no special interest groups or focus of operation Focus on Social Capital and Social Integration: the building blocks on health and well-being (Maslow) Open discussion and self-review: no dominant persons or perspectives Learning by doing: evaluate what is done to learn cause and effect

7 Salugenic Vs. Deficit Models Much public health & social development is based on a Deficit Model – i.e. action is taken because things have gone wrong. Salugenic Model – focus on what keeps people well and achieving. ( Its the difference between owning a yacht and trying to carry out repairs as one goes along or taking it out of the water in the winter and overhauling it so that the summer can be trouble free!)

8 Salugenic Vs. Deficit Models Examples of BHPT activity – getting it right for the future: 1. Play and sports facilities 2. Personal relationships 3. Public toilet and access to shops 4. Physical exercise 5. Personal Skills for Sociability

9 Skills and Competencies Application of professional standards of assessment, planning, deployment and review. (Local does not mean Amateur) Activity grounded in appropriate methodologies and methods

10 Funding Arrangements -BHPT One off block allocation focuses Trustees on sustainability and effectiveness Subsequent monies based on demonstrating competence and ability Low overheads allows money to go to activity not maintenance of organisation New start ups could begin with an annual allocation of £50 - £60K to be viable.

11 Emerging Funding Opportunities: Commissioning Those involved in public health and social welfare should track the development of: GP Commissioning Consortia Health and Well-being Boards Integrated Commissioning for health and well-being could significantly help local agencies develop their activities. e.g. community sports to tackle juvenile obesity etc Similar opportunities may well develop for other activities such as Community Safety, leisure, employment and recreation etc.

12 Governance – open system of checks and balances BHPT Trustees Professional Adviser Burnham Organisations Freedman Settlement BHPT

13 Location Burnham has clear local boundaries and a self-identity.

14 Councillor Roles and Responsibilities Take responsibility for strategic developments of the Big Society. Leadlogs L ead the debate E xplain issues and options A rticulate the idea and the opportunities D efend the concept from detractors L isten to concerns and fears O versee developments, correct & encourage G ive confidence in taking assessed risk S upport innovation and implementation

15 How/where to start a replication – Councillor roles and responsibilities 1. Identify location – has it a clear identity? 2. Lead consultation with local organisations about options 3. Identify lead person/organisation 4. Confirm goal/focus or organisation (health, social welfare, crime etc..) 5. Council to facilitate start up within council or other agency offices (2 years) for transfer to stand alone 6. Decide funding structure - one off grant or longer term funding programme 7. Establish Governance structure

16 BHPT Commitment of Support BHPT is able to give consultancy support regarding: 1. Governance including financial arrangements 2. Ensuring standards and competencies 3. Asset assessment 4. Operational support and mentoring 5. Evaluation/Audit/Impact Assessment

17 Contact Details Dr. Bev Daily/Shirley Shaw – Email: Richard Shircore FRSPH : Email:

18 Thank you

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