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Smart Streetlighting National Town Hall Lorraine Hariton July 14, 2009

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1 Smart Streetlighting National Town Hall Lorraine Hariton July 14, 2009

2 Echelon Overview 20 years of innovation
Founded in 1998 by Mike Markkula from Apple CEO - Ken Oshman from ROLM Publicly traded on the NASDAQ under ELON 300 Employees, $134M San Jose, CA; offices worldwide Enabling the Smart Grid Smart metering Building controls Street and area lighting Home control Retail & convenience store automation Transportation Standards based – LonWorks® Control Networks ISO, IP, IP-852, ANSI

3 Echelon’s Smart Grid Vision
What is the Smart Grid. Internet for the Electric Grid. Current grid is dumb. Sends electricity, cannot communicate. Your meter is read manually or by a one way system once a month. You get one number and don’t know what device is costing you what. Refrigerator example. Grid give two way intelligence to every device connected to it. Enable you to know that your 10 year old refrigerator is costing you $700 a month and could be replaces and cost you $50. Renewable example. Lots of devices attached to the grid. Homes though meters, or home area networks, generation plans, distributied generation. Today I will be talking about Street lighting. Provides a great opportunitiy for the valley. $200 billion to build it out.

4 Street and Area Lighting Market
60 million poles in the US 200 million worldwide Early adopter market in US, Europe a couple years ahead Up to 40% of a municipality’s energy budget Currently unmetered Charged on a flat rate per light Strong interest in energy efficient technology LED Controls

5 Intelligent Street Light Market Drivers
Liability, Security and Safety Cost & quality of maintenance Energy Consumption CO² emissions

6 Smart Lighting Features
Dimming/Demand Response Increments of 1% Individual luminaire control Automatic failure identification and Daylight Burner Identification Data collection Consumed energy Lamp burning hours Voltage, Current, Temperature 911 Alerts

7 Palo Alto Demonstration

8 The Streetlight Network
Expansion Capability The Streetlight Network to support the monitoring of the City

9 Benefits Environmental Dramatic reductions in energy use
Reduced CO2 emissions Reduced light pollution Beautification Cost & quality of maintenance Individual luminaire monitoring Outage detection Early failure monitoring Liability, security and safety Real-time status reporting and monitoring 911 service Historical performance data

10 Benefit Not limited to single luminaire choice
Compatible with future technology Phased approach as existing technology rides the cost curve HPS, LED, Induction, Metal Halide Single, multi-purpose city network Easily add future sensing devices Traffic, environmental, others… Independent of wide-area network choices Implement new services without changing the infrastructure Electric vehicle chargers

11 City of Oslo LONWORKS Based City of Oslo Project Included in Clinton Climate Initiative Best Practices Group Mercury to HPS Electronic Ballast Dimming 10,000 Intelligent Streetlights Save 1440 Tons of CO2 and Reduce Energy Consumption by 70% 34% Maintenance Savings

12 Projects Anchorage Demonstration of Adaptive Lighting in December
HPS, LED, Induction San Francisco / PG &E Demonstration with Mayor Gavin Newsome San Jose 125 LED Lights with controls - June 2009 Commitment to 65k $2 million in stimulus Los Angeles 140,000 LED, 5000 in 2009 Testing Controls Huntington Beach, Palo Alto, Pittsburg, Chicago


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