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4 www.zim-ex.com3 INTRODUCING ZIM-EX Summit Type III ALS (American model shown)

5 www.zim-ex.com4 Ford E-350 138 Wheel Base

6 www.zim-ex.com5

7 6 Vacuum formed compartments with ambient temperature control Détails sur ce sujet Informations et exemples complémentaires Rapports avec l'assistance

8 www.zim-ex.com7 Clean and spacious compartments

9 www.zim-ex.com8 Easy to maintain

10 www.zim-ex.com9 Unique pathogen resistant interior Clean, Safe and Convivial Seamless interior Interlocking overlapping technology Resistant to liquid infiltrations Spacious interior *45 degree EMT seat* Close cabinet access

11 www.zim-ex.com10 Comfortable for EMTs and patients Complete care control Reassuring posture and presence Easy access to action area *Optional child seat*

12 www.zim-ex.com11 Smooth clean finish Optional AC Heater Spacious easy access

13 www.zim-ex.com12 Accessible large storage Clear interior view of cabinets Resistant polycarbonate sliding doors Fast and easy inventory control

14 www.zim-ex.com13 Spacious working environment !

15 www.zim-ex.com14 Ergonomic Consoles

16 www.zim-ex.com15 Flexible lighting and siren patterns Standard with WHELEN lights and sirens Easy configuration L.E.D., halogen or Incandescent American or European lights and sirens

17 www.zim-ex.com16 Optional L.E.D. package LEDs are about 25 times more energy efficient Total consumption all lights ON is about 95 amps

18 www.zim-ex.com17 Four batteries total: two for module and two for chassis (optional jumper switch using all four at start-up)

19 www.zim-ex.com18 Super comfortable module assembly Aluminum box structure Special rubber mounting bushings Chassis to module mounted longitudinally and transversally

20 www.zim-ex.com19 Dual access roll-down door (Inside module and curbside compartment)

21 www.zim-ex.com20 Power Distribution Quarter Centrally located Easy access Simple and reliable Fast diagnostics Less down time

22 www.zim-ex.com21 Our ambulance is like real life: 6 feet of windshield for 6 inches of mirror. Use whats behind you but always look far ahead! Heated power mirrors and convex STANDARD Velvac 2020 mirrors

23 www.zim-ex.com22 ARE YOU READY FOR OUR TECHNOLOGY ? We are !

24 www.zim-ex.com23 ORDER YOUR AMBULANCE NOW ! Email Zim-ex at Or Call Mr. Pierre Julien in Canada tel:+1 (418) 527-0882

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