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1 3D Information Technologies, Inc. Rohit Khanna 949-679-3045.

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1 1 3D Information Technologies, Inc. Rohit Khanna 949-679-3045

2 www.3dinfotech.com2 Background Founded in 2005 Headquartered in Irvine, CA Customers include: Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Mattel, Disney, Volkswagen/Audi and others

3 www.3dinfotech.com3 Lines of Business 3D display hardware 3D meshing software 3D rendering software

4 www.3dinfotech.com4 Applications Design Visualization Collaboration and Virtual Prototyping Corporate Marketing Trade Shows and Presentations Entertainment Games and Movies

5 www.3dinfotech.com5 2D to 3D >> Major trend currently taking place TV is still 2D, but 3D technology exists Corporations are using 3D displays for presentations and reviews Most games are 3D from the ground up Engineering drawings are all in 3D now

6 www.3dinfotech.com6 MULTIMEDIA REVOLUTION

7 www.3dinfotech.com7 3D REVOLUTION

8 www.3dinfotech.com8 Market Trends More 3D data available $12B Gaming market $6B CAD market $1B 3D Movie market $300M 3D Scanner market Physical to Digital Products become more complex and varied

9 www.3dinfotech.com9 Market Trends Education segment Desire to make material interactive Experience based learning -- learn by doing Sales & Marketing Personalized products Standard configurations are boring Buying should be a fun experience

10 www.3dinfotech.com10 Content Problem Volumes of existing content Need for ongoing content creation 100s of software and consulting companies have started in the past few years to service this increase in demand Shortage of skilled labor 1000s of students learning content creation skills No satisfactory 3D display solution available

11 www.3dinfotech.com11 3D Media Content 3D model Digital video Digital Photo Creative Content Creation Print Television Web DVD High Quality Master Cinema 3D 2D

12 www.3dinfotech.com12 3D Display Market Volumetric Displays Stereoscopic Displays Active stereo Passive stereo Linear Circular Auto-stereo Displays Holographic Displays Current Market Position

13 www.3dinfotech.com13 Stereoscopic Displays Fake Space Time Sequential (Shuttered Goggles) Spatial Separation (Polarizer Glasses) (Requires Glasses, Goggles, Helmets, etc…) Kodak 3D (2 side by side LCDs, With Oculars, 32mm dia.)

14 www.3dinfotech.com14 Auto Stereoscopic Displays Lightspace DepthCube Z1024 3D Display StereoGraphics SynthaGram 202 (No Glasses, etc. required) Actuality Volumetric Sharp Actius Parallax Barrier

15 www.3dinfotech.com15 Growth Prevention Factors Quality is not good enough Price too high Require Custom Integration Not Easy to Use No Portability Lack of Content Poor Support Company Viability Lack of Market awareness Poor quality of sales people

16 16 Stereo DVD Player Convert to Stereo DVD DVD Collection Stereo DVD DVD Camera 2x DVD Cameras CG Animation with 2 Cameras

17 www.3dinfotech.com17 Portable Stereo Projection Dimensions37cm W x 41cm H x 29cm D Weight 23 Kg (50.5 lbs) Projectors (x2)2400 ANSI Lumens Standard Mode Max ResolutionSVGA+ (1280 x 1024) Frequency Range 15 - 70 kHz /fv 43 - 85 Hz Lens Type Recessed 1:1.25x Manual Zoom Focus with unique Variable Lens Shift ComputerMicrosoft XP Professional Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 3.2 GHz Intel chipsets 2 GB RAM Nvidia Quadro FX Series Audio- AC'97 2.2 Compliant Power Supply- 100/220W AccessoriesGyration Wireless mouse and keyboard Polarization Filters (x2) in special holder Polarized glasses (x20) Projector Remote VR Enabled Projection Screen, with tripod Rugged, Portable Travel Case

18 www.3dinfotech.com18 Key Market Segments Entertainment Gaming Museum displays Home theater Office theater Product Design Virtual prototyping Immersive full scale design Group Communication tool Scalable configuration Sales and Marketing Sales & Marketing Facility planning Sales messages – built into product Visual product configuration Event marketing Maintenance, Support and Training Maintenance, Support & Training User guides and assembly Maintenance instructions Hazardous environment training Interactive manuals Education Institutes Interactive learning Memorable experience Higher retention VR based classrooms VR based research labs

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