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Steps Toward the American Revolution 1763 - 1776.

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1 Steps Toward the American Revolution 1763 - 1776

2 1 st shift from salutary neglect to strict control of trade by Britain!!! Proclamation of 1763 - What?  Prohibited Colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains Why?  Cut costs of protecting the colonists Reaction?  Colonists ignored it – settled westward anyway! Reason?  Britain couldn’t enforce it!

3 Writs of Assistance What?  General search warrants used by British officials to search for smuggled goods Why?  To cut down on smuggling and reinforce mercantilism Reaction?  Colonists protested that their right to privacy was being violated Reason?  Colonists continued to smuggle

4 Stamp Act What?  Tax on legal documents, papers, newspapers Why?  To raise money to pay costs of governing and protecting the colonies (Pay for French and Indian War) Reaction?  Colonists formed Stamp Act Congress  Sent letters and petitions to the King and Parliament  Organized boycotts of British goods  The Virginia Resolves – only elected colonial assemblies can tax colonists Reason?  Colonists believed in DIRECT and not VIRTUAL REPRESENTATION  “No taxation without representation”!

5 Townshend Acts What?  British taxed lead, glass, paper, paint and tea) Why?  To pay salaries of British officials in colonies Reaction?  Colonists boycotted British goods Reason?  To pressure British merchants to convince Parliament to drop the taxes  Parliament drops all except for the one on tea!  Leads to…..

6 The Boston Tea Party

7 Intolerable Acts - 1774 What?  Coercive (threats/force to get what you want) Why?  To punish Massachusetts and warn other colonies Reaction?  Shocked  Organized Committees on Correspondence to spread word to other colonies Reason?  Expected to treated fairly with the rights of an Englishman!

8 The Boston Port Act What?  Closed Boston Harbor until teae was paid for or guilty people turned in Why?  Punish colonists for Boston Tea Paerty Reaction?  Outraged  Find alternate trade routes Reason?  Denied colonies their business

9 The Administration of Justice Act What?  British officials would be sent back to England for trial (if needed) Why?  Feared no British official would get a fair trial in colonies Reaction? – Shocked! Reason?  Denying authority of colonial courts…trial by peers denied!

10 The Quartering Act What/  Colonists required to house British soldiers in their homes Why?  pay for increased costs of military protection of the colonies Reaction?  Object! Reason?  Privacy violated

11 The MA Gov’t Act What?  Shut down the Massachusetts’ colonial gov’t Why?  To control rebellious colonists and use MA as an example Reaction?  Publish letters and newspaper articles in protest Reason?  Warn other colonies that they may be next!!!

12 1763 British Reasons for Change… England needed money to recover the costs of the French and Indian War England believed the colonies should pay for the cost of administration England didn’t think enforcement of existing policies was a big deal…Navigation Acts had been around along time…a few more laws/taxes shouldn’t be a problem – everyone in England paid taxes too!!!

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