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American Revolution Timeline

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1 American Revolution Timeline
The Road to War 1660’s Navigation Acts (law) This law limited the colonies to trade only with England. It was often ignored and not enforced. (leads to smuggling)

2 American Revolution Timeline
1690’s The Enlightenment Philosopher John Locke says that life, liberty and property are natural rights that cannot be taken away by government.

3 American Revolution Timeline
1740’s Great Awakening Religious revival in the colonies that encouraged colonists to question authority and think for themselves.

4 American Revolution Timeline
1754 Seven Years War The war between England & the colonists versus the French and Indians. Winning leaves England with a huge debt.

5 American Revolution Timeline
1763 Proclamation of 1763 King George III tells the colonists they cannot move west after winning the Seven Years War

6 American Revolution Timeline
1765 Stamp Act King George & Parliament pass a tax on the colonies (paper, cards, & dice). They say, “No taxation, without representation.”

7 American Revolution Timeline
1767 Townshend Act Parliament adds a tax on glass, paint, lead, and tea. The colonists boycott and form the Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty.

8 American Revolution Timeline
1770 Boston Massacre Five colonists are killed by British soldiers. They were protesting the tax collectors and searches of their homes.

9 American Revolution Timeline
1773 Tea Act / Boston Tea Party The colonists protest the selling of tea that hurts American merchants. They throw the English tea into Boston Harbor.

10 American Revolution Timeline
1774 Intolerable Acts King George III punishes the colony of Massachusetts. He closes the port , restricts meetings, and allows soldiers to live (quarter) in the Colonists’ homes. (Coercive Acts)

11 American Revolution Timeline
Write the caption too 1774 First Continental Congress Delegates from the 13 Colonies (except Georgia) meet in Philadelphia, to pledge their support for Massachusetts and declare their unity.

12 American Revolution Timeline
1775 Lexington & Concord The first battle between the Minutemen and the British Red Coats . Paul Revere warns, “The British are coming!”

13 American Revolution Timeline
1776 Declaration of Independence At the Second Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson writes the Declaration which formally separates the colonies from England. It is signed, July 4, 1776.

14 American Revolution Timeline
1777 Battle of Saratoga The Americans win this battle in New York which convinces France to join their side as an ally. It is a turning point of the war.

15 American Revolution Timeline
1781 Yorktown The location in Virginia where British General Cornwallis is surrounded by the French & George Washington’s army and is forced to surrender. This ends the American Revolution.

16 American Revolution Timeline
1700’s Salutary Neglect The period of time when England (the King) was too busy and seldom enforced its rules on the Colonies.

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