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British Laws “No Taxation Without Representation”.

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1 British Laws “No Taxation Without Representation”

2 PROCLAMATION OF 1763 Britain’s Solution: Forbid settlement west of the Appalachians Mountains. Colonists’ Response: Colonists were upset and many ignored the law.

3 QUARTERING ACT (1765) Britain’s Solution: Required colonists to provide housing and supplies to British soldiers. Colonists’ Response: Colonists were upset and protested.

4 SUGAR ACT (1764) Britain’s Solution: A tax on sugar and molasses brought into the colonies from Britain. Colonists’ Response: Colonists began to smuggle molasses from the French colonies and not pay the tax.

5 CURRENCY ACT (1764) Britain’s Solution: Forbid colonies from issuing and printing their own paper money. Colonists’ Response: Colonists were upset, because it made it difficult for merchants to do business.

6 STAMP ACT (1765) Britain’s Solution: Required a special stamp on all documents. Colonists’ Response: Colonists boycotted British goods. They protested and some tarred and feathered colonial officials.

7 TOWNSHEND ACT (1767) Britain’s Solution: Tax on glass, paint, lead, paper and tea. Colonists’ Response: Colonists boycotted and protested. Protests led to the Boston Massacre.

8 TEA ACT (1773) Britain’s Solution: Continued the tax on tea and gave a monopoly to the British East India Company. Colonists’ Response: Protest led to the Boston Tea Party.

9 INTOLERABLE ACTS (1774) Britain’s Solution: Known as the Coercive Acts. Closed the port of Boston. Required colonists to provide housing to soldiers sent the MA. Revoked the colonial charter Colonists’ Response: United the 13 Colonies: Many colonies sent money and supplies to Boston. Delegates organized the 1 st Continental Congress.

10 DECLARATORY ACT (1766) Britain’s Solution: Britain said it had supreme control over the colonies and the right to make laws. Colonists’ Response: Colonists ignored the law.

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