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Sparta vs. Athens.

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1 Sparta vs. Athens

2 Boys & Men in Sparta Daily life in Sparta was dominated by the army.
Sick boys were left to die. Healthy boys were trained from an early age to be soldiers. As part of their training, boys ran, jumped, and threw javelins to increase their strength.

3 Boys & Men in Sparta Spartans were trained to be tough so:
They weren’t given shoes or heavy clothes, even in the winter. They weren’t given much food. Boys were allowed to steal food, but if they were caught, they were whipped. Spartans believed that the most important qualities of good soldiers were self-discipline and obedience. Spartans had no luxuries like soft furniture or expensive food.

4 Girls & Women in Sparta Spartan women had more rights than other Greek women. Some women were allowed to own land. Spartan women thought spinning cloth and weaving were jobs for slaves. Spartan women received similar physical training as Spartan men.

5 Spartan Government Sparta was ruled by two kings.
Elected officials ran the day-to-day activities. Sparta’s government was set up to control the city’s helots or slaves. Slaves grew all the city’s crops and did many other jobs. Even though slaves outnumbered the Spartans, the fear of the Spartan army kept them From rebelling.

6 Boys & Men in Athens Athenian boys worked to improve both their bodies and their minds. They had military training like Spartan boys, but it wasn’t as long or harsh. Athenian men only had to serve in the military for two years.

7 Boys & Men in Athens Athenian men also learned to read, write, and count as well as learn to sing and play musical instruments. Men had training in public speaking in order to prepare them for participation in the assembly. Boys from poor families were taught to read and write, but often became farmers.

8 Girls & Women in Athens Girls received little or no education.
Most girls learned household tasks like weaving or sewing. Despite Athens’ reputation for freedom and democracy, women had almost no rights. They had to obey their husbands and fathers. They could only leave their houses on special occasions.

9 Government in Athens Athens had a democracy, but that was limited to only free males.

10 Battles Athens fought most of their battles at sea.
Sparta fought most of their battles on land. The Peloponnesian War was fought when the Delian League (Athens) and then Peloponnesian League (Sparta) fought each other for control of the Greek World. What might be the result of decades of fighting?

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