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Governments and Athens / Sparta

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1 Governments and Athens / Sparta
History Alive Governments and Athens / Sparta

2 Monarchy Under a monarchy, the power to make political decisions is in the hands of the King or Queen Kings elected Dynasties Make laws / levy taxes --- Provide Protection Due to wars, kings could not provide protection --- small groups of people took over

3 Oligarchy A few people --- wealthy landowners (Aristocracy)
Rich got richer – Poor got poorer Rich looked out for each other (laws favored rich) Poor turned to others who controlled the army for leadership

4 Tyranny A tyrant or unlawful ruler
Has the support or control of the military Some become cruel or harsh Solon – outlawed debt slavery Draco – Very strict laws and punishments most often punishment was death “Draconian Law”

5 Democracy People (citizens – free adult males)
All citizens share power – allowed to vote Direct vs. Indirect (Representative) Direct – all citizens vote on all issues Indirect – we vote for representatives “idiot” – one who has the right to vote but does not

6 Why was Athens Called a Democracy?
Citizens – all free males over 18 Could vote Council of 500 Assembly (larger) Direct Democracy

7 How did Athenians get the goods they needed for everyday life
Marketplace called the agora Developed its own coins

8 How did Athenians train the minds and bodies of boys
Boys and girls educated differently Boys – book learning and physical training gymnastics and wrestling some had private teachers reading, writing, math, lit. Girls – cook, clean, spin thread, weave cloth

9 How were women and slaves treated in Athens
Could not inherit or own property Could not vote Most took care of the home (raised kids) Never went out alone Supervised slaves Slaves Performed many jobs Taught children Many had skilled jobs

10 Why was Sparta called an Oligarchy?
30 people ruled 2 kings Other 28 were elected Council of Elders – real power At least 60 years old

11 How did Spartans get the goods they needed for everyday life?
Took land by force Some fertile land Slaves (Helots) produced goods Got slaves by conquering others Equals, Half Citizens, Helots (slaves)

12 How did Spartans train boys and girls so they could protect the city-state?
Start at 7 Let sick kids die Retirement at age 60 Discipline and strength Be tough or else

13 How were women and slaves treated in Sparta?
Strong, healthy, ready to fight Took care of property in war Protect Sparta Had some rights (property / remarry) Slave Set free if they fought Treated poorly, often killed Some rights Helots (80% of Sparta)

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