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What is the Silver Leadership Level?

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1 Achieving the Silver Leadership Level Jon & Trish Reitan Team “Next” Training 2011

2 What is the Silver Leadership Level?

3 Why Get Your Silver Pin? Provides you with higher income – Silver Leadership: Bonus of 3% on your Business Volume (which is 50% of your Retail Volume) Pays ~$13,000 per year Demonstrates your progression through the business Generating a retail business of your own Recruiting business builders Most importantly – shows that you are helping your down line advisors to build their businesses! AdvoCare recognizes you as a leader – not just a “business builder” Your team sees and shares your success in the business They will duplicate what you do Silver is the basic building block for your business Level ~ Downline Retail Sales / PP Override Star Legs ($100 Override) Avg 2010 Income* Silver $3,000 $100 $12,725 Gold $15,000 $500 $39,027 Gold 3 Star 3 $40,479 * The earnings shown above are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that an AdvoCare Distributor can or will earn through his or her participation in the AdvoCare Compensation Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Success with Advocare results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.

4 How Do You Earn Silver? Basic Advisor Requirements to Receive a Leadership Bonus Advisor in good standing 5 retail sales per pay period (Retail Sales Compliance $1,000 of Personal / Group Volume per pay period Your personal orders from AdvoCare Orders from your customers made directly to Advocare under your Member ID (web sales or through Customer Service) Volume from new advisors signing up under you (e.g., they place their $3,000 order) Silver = $100 in Override Commission from your Down Line Advisors You make Override Commission on what is being sold by your downline Advisors – through 3 active levels down If you have $1,000 of P/GV (Personal / Group Volume) in a pay period, you qualify for the maximum 7% Commission on your downline “business volume” If your downline Advisors sell $3,000 in Retail Volume in a pay period, that generates ~ $100 in Override – You are at Silver! Calculation $3,000 Retail = $1,500 Business Volume (BV) $1,500 BV x 7% Override Commission = $105 To earn your Silver Pin you must earn the Silver Leadership two pay periods in a row

5 How Do Build a Silver Business?
How to Do It Build up a retail business to support your $1,000 of Personal / Group Volume every 2 weeks Sign up new Advisors – you cannot generate override without Advisors! Help your Advisors build their retail businesses – and recruit new Advisors Tips Set a goal of earning your Silver Pin – Set the date, write it down, share it with others (Decide & Commit) Place your $1,000 personal order on the first day of the pay period Having the inventory on hand REQUIRES you to get out and sell – and build your business MMMMM – More Mixers Mean More Money – and Advisors Recruiting – lead with the business opportunity Get 3 Business Builder Advisors working concurrently – more likely you will recruit a new advisor for one of them two pay periods in a row – or have 3 active teams generating retail sales & override commission Dig Down – help your Advisors build their business – get the names and numbers of their prospects and FOLLOW UP with them personally – don’t wait for your new advisors to do it. Promote the Contests and Bonuses – great way to drive new business Promote the 24 Day Challenge – it will get your customers superb results & generate referrals Use your Sponsor 3rd party Credibility for your Retail Sales & Business Meetings Develop your plan to lock in Silver Attitude is everything!  Speak with strength and conviction about the products and the business opportunity!

6 The Power of “Who” “You already know everyone you need to know”
“Everyone Knows 300 People” Learning Centers Fitness Centers / Gyms Health & Fitness Program consultants Corporate Wellness Programs Corporate Fitness Centers Trainers Weight Management Services Color & Style Consultants Day Spas Hair Styling Salons Massage Therapy Nail Salons Skin Care / Cosmetologists Tanning Salons Gift Shops, Convenience Stores Specialty Food Stores Sporting Goods Stores Wedding & Bridal Shops Purchased Leads Social Networking sites Referrals from your warm market Acupuncture / Acupressure Beauty Salons Book Stores Chiropractors Coffee / Espresso Stands Amusement Places / Arcades Restaurant Churches / Non Profits Alternative Medicine Dentists / Oral Surgeons Night Clubs / Bars Recreational Equipment Stores Outdoor Adventures Pilates Studios Yoga Studios Aerobic Classes Running Stores Physical Therapists But… Start with your Warm Market Family, Friends, Co-workers Weekly Mixers are a great way to introduce your Warm Market to Advocare – and to meet their friends who are looking for AdvoCare solutions 1 Mixer Per Week w/ 10 New People = you meet 520 new people per year If 5 out of 10 choose the products = 260 new Customers per year If 1 out of 10 choose the business = 52 new Business Builders per year

7 Conversation Starters
Products “May I ask – are you currently using any supplements? Great, I do too, and I’ve found some powerful products that make a real difference in my day…” “I’ve noticed that you really pay attention to your diet…” “You obviously work out regularly…” “What do you do to help keep your energy up all through the day? – I’ve found something really strong…” “If you could change some things in your diet and health, what would they be?” “I saw you reading that diet book. How is it working for you?” “I’ve been thinking about you… I’ve found something I think you’d appreciate and I’d like to share it…” Business “May I ask what business you are in? During the conversation get below the “surface” answers: “How do you like what you are doing?” “Are you paid what you are worth?” “Do you see yourself doing it forever?” “Have you looked at any ways to earn some extra income? What have you considered?” “I’ve found a solid way to earn extra money I can apply to my debt; I’m on track to be debt free in 2 years. Can you imagine what it would feel like to not owe anything to anyone?” “You’ve been on my mind…I’m building an alternate income and I’m looking for a few key people I can help do the same. I don’t know if my plan would interest you or not, but if it does you and I could do something good together. May I share it with you?”

8 The Power of “Who” - Identifying Business Builders
Key Questions to Identify a Business Need Do you like what you do? Are you paid what you are worth? Do you see yourself doing this forever? If they answer “No” to any of these, you have a potential business builder “I have found a business that I am very excited about – I’m not sure if it would be right for you, but if you would like to see if this is exactly what you are looking for, I’d love to have you meet with my and my friend ….” If they answer “Yes” to all – and are not a business prospect - you still can lead with the products

9 How Do You Actually Invite Your Prospects?
Drink Spark - Be enthusiastic - Be confident! You have the best products and an unmatched business opportunity! Know your Objective! Schedule a “face to face” meeting – or 3-Way Call Be courteous “Is this a good time to talk?” Get the listeners permission to present the information you want to share Set the appointment with you and your sponsor Don’t try to explain too much – create curiosity! About the products or the business opportunity You are not “selling” or “telling” Be urgent – start inviting your prospects today!

10 What Do You Do In The Meeting or Call?
Introduce your sponsor Establish their expertise They have helped many people with their fitness and financial goals Let your sponsor guide the meeting Fitness, financial goals, life goals This is “on the job training” “What interests you most about what you have heard?”

11 Success Secret: Start with Step 3!
Getting Your New Business Builder Started: Get them into action & paid in their first 72 hours! Get Started Plan Get Into Action Start on Products (Drink a Spark!) Get to Advisor ASAP (5 Income Streams Open) Define Your Purpose Perfect Your Story (Product, Business) – Create Your Natural Market List Talk to People ASAP Invite them to look at the products & business Use the Success System 2 on 1 Meetings, 3-Way Calls Weekly Mixer Sign Up for Success School Success Secret: Start with Step 3! First 72 Hours: Complete 10 3-way calls & 2 Two-On-One meetings, 1st Mixer Scheduled

12 Do You Want to Succeed? AdvoCare Success School (Jan 20th - 22nd)
January 20th – 22nd, 2012, Fort Worth, TX Product training by the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board Business training by successful business builders What have we seen? Attending Success School - Earn 90% of all the income in AdvoCare Without Success School: Average $3,000 - $5,000 their first year With Success School: Average $30,000 – $40,000 their first year ~ $825 Investment returns over $29,000 the first year!

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