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Partnering With The Hostess

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1 Partnering With The Hostess

2 Recipe for Success 8 group presentations/month = Only 2 a week!
4-8 coffee appointments/month to talk about the business Launch at least 1-3 new BB direct to you into District qual every month Working this recipe for success consistently will help you build a strong business with depth and width that will pay you and your family VERY WELL!

3 Know Your Why You will use your “why” in every aspect of this business including partnering with your hostess. You have to have a strong “why” for this business. Get clear on this and don’t be vague Vague: “I want to earn extra money.” Clear: “I see this as my way out of debt so that I can be at home with my small children.” Put faces to your “why”

4 A Successful Party The success of your party doesn’t happen the night of the party The success of your party is the result of partnering with our hostess Think of your hostess as your business partner Realize that many hostesses will either become your next business builder and/or lead you to your next business builder NUMBER ONE GOAL: Make it easy for hostess!!!!

5 Set Up 15 Min Appt Within hours of hostess booking, set up a 15 minute appt (in person or over phone) to give her pointers. If hostess is not using our products, then meet with her in person to give her samples, RE9 tester set, tester basket, etc. You want the hostess using and LOVING our products so the night of the party she can share what she LOVES

6 At the 15 min appt, you are going to:
Thank hostess for helping you Communicate your “why” to her Get her excited about the party Help Hostess With Her Guest List KILLER SECRET: Most cancellations are the result of the hostess NOT knowing who to invite, only thinking of a few to invite, and if one of those say they can’t come, she will cx. REMEDY: Help hostess with her guest list

7 Sample Verbiage “Sally, I really want to thank you again for helping me out by getting a few of your friends together to hear about Arbonne. I don’t know if I’ve had a chance to tell you but the reason I’m doing Arbonne is because I am DEEEETERMINED to be at home with my two boys and YOU are helping me with that so THANK YOU! We are really going to have a lot of fun. We are going to soak our feet, try a little Arbonne, and at the end of the evening whoever wants to, gets to shop at discount. It’s will be fun….relaxing evening away from the kids, the laundry, and be with the girls. I want to help make this so easy and enjoyable for you… let me help you with your guest list. We only need 4-5 of your friends to have a good time. Can you tell me some names of who you are thinking of who would enjoy hearing about how to look and feel good from the inside out?”

8 She will start giving you names
She will start giving you names. You say, “That’s your guest list right there!” If she struggles with knowing who to invite, this is where we help her THINK. Church People you work with The gym A neighbor or two

9 Call Your Friends and Get Them Excited To Come!
This step ALONE with greatly INCREASE attendance and reduce cancellations! “Sally, if you will call your friends and get them excited to come, you will have a much better turnout. Be sure to tell them that this will be an evening of fun and relaxation. They will get to try some amazing products and if they want shop at a discount. And be sure to tell them we are keeping this small and intimate…that you are only inviting a few so they will be missed.”

10 More On Inviting Don’t want to: Send out a mass invite on facebook, text, out invite and hand it out Blind copy it to everyone …we don’t want them to think they won’t be missed. We are keeping this intimate…just 4-6, so they will be missed.

11 Stay In Touch Weekly Stay in communication weekly with hostess
If she runs into bumps, you can help her For example: “I only have 2 people coming. Should we cancel?” Always keep the party, no matter if it’s just the hostess. But go ahead and help her think of others to invite Sometimes the best parties are with the hostess and one other person. So don’t cancel it! You can increase attendance: “bring a friend..get a gift”

12 Teach Hostess To Get Outside Orders
Offer her AN EXTRA FREE GIFT for getting $150 in outside orders EXAMPLE: Sell 2 Genius Lines and I will give you ______.

Be willing to give away the FARM to get bookings! THINK ABOUT IT… aren’t in business with an empty calendar! Isn’t it worth it to spend a little money to get yourself in business! If you are asking for booking over the phone, offer $100-$125 FREE in their choice of products by having 3-5 of their friends over ….no strings attached! THINK LIKE AN ENTENPENEUR! THIS IS A BUSINESS THAT WILL REWARD YOU FOR YEARS TO COME!

Our #1 Goal is to NOT HAVE TO PICK UP THE PHONE TO GET BOOKINGS! SO BE GENEROUS the night of the party in order to get bookings GOAL: Get 1-3 bookings at every party This keeps your business moving forward Don’t leave the party without a booking Don’t be pushy or werid about it….but offer FREE STUFF!

15 What To Offer To Get Bookings
Some of you love the envelope game But for those of you who don’t, and want anther option….THIS IS WORKING GRRREAT!!!!!! OFFER A DISCOUNT (it’s your choice…35-50% off) “Tonight when you book a spa night with me in the next couple of weeks or so, I will give you my discount of 35% off on everything you purchase tonight!”

16 Get Bookings Cont: Be sure you are getting people to the close table
ASK…ASK….ASK! If you didn’t get a booking, make up a special with someone at the close table: “Sally, I am really wanting to meet new people and it would mean the world to me if you would just get a few of your friends together for a spa night like tonight. I will give you 50% of your order tonight….that’s how much it would mean to me.”


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