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Building a Championship Advocare Team

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1 Building a Championship Advocare Team

2 It Starts With You Getting Into Action - Your First 72 Hours
1: Get Started 2: Planning (Initial meeting w/ Sponsor) 3: Get Into Action Start on Products (Drink a Spark!) Get to Advisor ASAP (5 Income Streams Open) Define Your Purpose Perfect Your Story (Product, Business) – Create Your Natural Market List Talk to People ASAP (Invite them to look at the products & business) Use the Success System (2 on 1 Meetings, 3-Way Calls, Weekly Mixer, Sign Up for Success School) Success Secret: Start with Step 3! First 72 Hours: Complete 10 3-way calls & 2 Two-On-One meetings, 1st Mixer Scheduled

3 Business Builder ($40,000/Yr)
Are You a Fast Starter? 90% of successful Biz Builders complete items in “Red” in 72 hours Area Hobbyist ($0 - $250/Mo) Business Builder ($40,000/Yr) Focus “The Products are Great!” “The Products are great, but the business opportunity is outstanding!” Business Retail Business Distribution Business Attitude Speaks softly – worried about what others think – feels they are ‘selling” something “All In” – speaks with confidence and enthusiasm – just a messenger providing “solutions” Getting to Advisor Slow start, builds to Advisor with customer orders over multiple weeks Gets to Advisor ASAP with a $3,000 Retail order – confident they will sell their order in several weeks Success School Excuses for why they cannot go Sees this as a “cost” – not an investment in their business success Signs up for Success School as they start the biz – sees this as a necessary investment in their business Attends all Success Schools + brings 3-5 new prospects or advisors each time Getting Started Hesitates weeks before introducing prospects to their mentor Never sets a weekly recurring mixer 2 on 1 Meetings and 3-Way Calls: 1-2 per week, inconsistent, no momentum built Introduces 12 prospects to their mentor within the first 72 hours Immediately sets a weekly mixer day & time 2 on 1 Meetings & 3-Way calls: a week with their mentor Prospects Talks to prospects on their own Introduces prospects to their mentor ASAP Training Spends a lot of time reviewing training materials, videos, webinars – “Let me master AdvoCare before I start” On the job training – 2:1 Meetings and 3-Way calls with their mentor Events Does not attend, or always comes alone Attends all events, brings 2-3 new prospects each time

4 The Business Building Process
Prospecting Recruiting Starting Your Advisor Daily Operations Finding Leads - Warm Market, Referrals & Cold Market The “Inviting” Formula Use Sponsor Find out “What’s in it for them?” Multiple Exposures “What did you hear the interests you most?” Use Products Get to Advisor Package Story Create List Talk to People – Use the Success System 90 Day Calendar Daily planning calls with your new Advisor Weekly Mixer 5 Meetings per week (minimum)

5 Prospecting

6 You Have Solutions – Who Do You Know That You Can Help?
Wants to look better, feel better or perform better? Wants to lose weight , get more energy? Wants good core nutrition for their family ? Wants to get more out of a workout, get results faster? Wants a performance edge (plays sports or competes)? Wants to defy the effects and appearance of aging? Doesn’t like their current job or boss? Likes their job, but is not getting paid what they are worth?  Or what they need for their family? Likes their job but it doesn’t fulfill them (e.g., wants something more significant, wants to help people)? Spends too much time at work – not enough time with their family and friends? Wants to get out of debt, or wants to start putting money aside for the future (kid’s education, retirement, emergency fund, etc.)? Could use an extra $500 per month?  $1,000 per month?  $5,000+ per month for part time work? Wants to own their own business, and have more control over their career? Wants to build a “walk away” business – pays them when they are not working (e.g., they have built distribution that pays them even when they are sleeping!)? Wants to build multiple streams of income

7 Conversation Starters - Products
“May I ask – are you currently using any supplements? Great, I do too, and I’ve found some powerful products that make a real difference in my day…” “I’ve noticed that you really pay attention to your diet…” “You obviously work out regularly…” “What do you do to help keep your energy up all through the day? – I’ve found something really strong…” “If you could change some things in your diet and health, what would they be?” “I saw you reading that diet book. How is it working for you?” “I’ve been thinking about you… I’ve found something I think you’d appreciate and I’d like to share it…”

8 Identifying Business Builders
Key Questions to Identify a Business Need Do you like what you do? Are you paid what you are worth? Do you see yourself doing this forever? If they answer “No” to any of these, you have a potential business builder “I have found a business that I am very excited about – I’m not sure if it would be right for you, but if you would like to see if this is exactly what you are looking for, I’d love to have you meet with my and my friend ….”

9 Conversation Starters - Business
“May I ask what business you are in? During the conversation get below the “surface” answers: “How do you like what you are doing?” “Are you paid what you are worth?” “Do you see yourself doing it forever?” “Have you looked at any ways to earn some extra income? What have you considered?” “I’ve found a solid way to earn extra money I can apply to my debt; I’m on track to be debt free in 2 years. Can you imagine what it would feel like to not owe anything to anyone?” “You’ve been on my mind…I’m building an alternate income and I’m looking for a few key people I can help do the same. I don’t know if my plan would interest you or not, but if it does you and I could do something good together. May I share it with you?”

10 Prospecting for Leads - Ideas
Warm Market – family, friends, co-workers, people you do business with Referrals from your warm market Acupuncture / Acupressure Beauty Salons Book Stores Chiropractors Coffee / Espresso Stands Amusement Places / Arcades Restaurant Churches / Non Profits Alternative Medicine Dentists / Oral Surgeons Night Clubs / Bars Recreational Equipment Stores Outdoor Adventures Pilates / Yoga Studios, Aerobic Classes Running Stores Physical Therapists Learning Centers Fitness Centers / Gyms Health & Fitness Program consultants Corporate Wellness Programs Corporate Fitness Centers Trainers Weight Management Services Color & Style Consultants Day Spas Hair Styling Salons Massage Therapy Nail Salons Skin Care / Cosmetologists Tanning Salons Gift Shops, Convenience Stores Specialty Food Stores Sporting Goods Stores Wedding & Bridal Shops Purchased Leads Social Networking sites

11 Prospecting for Leads - Performance
Football Baseball Softball Hockey Golf LaCrosse Raquetball Rugby Soccer Tennis Volleyball Wrestling Cross Country Track Rowing Swimming Gymnastics Skiing Snowboarding Skateboarding Biking / Cycling Who Do You Know? Athletes Coaches Trainers Clubs / Teams (For Profit / Non Profit) Specialty Athletic Stores Levels High School College Recreational Semi Pro Pro Olympic

12 Recruiting

13 How Do You Succeed in Your New Business? Recruiting is the Key
Advocare is a “Relationship” Business It is built “person to person” “In person” is best – over the phone if not in person Success Formula: Your personal relationships & influence rd Party Credibility = Business Success Become a “Professional Inviter”

14 Recruiting Success Tips
Invite them to look at our products and our business Use the proven Success System Use your Sponsor - experience, third party credibility 2 on 1 meetings, 3 Way Calls Start with the end in mind – what do you want to achieve in the meeting Present the Pay Plan “It’s all about them” Find out what they are looking for – and how your solutions can help them Always ask what they saw that interested them, and what they want to do next Create multiple layers of conviction Rarely will a prospect become and Advisor in the first meeting Always have a “next event” or meeting to invite them to

15 Invite your prospect to take a look at our products and our business – with you and your sponsor
2 on 1 Meetings 3 Way Calls YOU Mixers

16 How Do You Prepare For Inviting Prospects?
Develop your natural market list Brainstorm everyone you know – don’t prejudge Prioritize – who are your Top 10? Could benefit from the products? Business opportunity? Introducers? Perfect your Personal Story Practice how you will “invite” them to a 2 on 1 Meeting or 3 Way Call Ask if you might introduce them to your sponsor

17 How Do You Actually Invite Your Prospects?
Be enthusiastic. Relax. Be confident! You have the best products and an unmatched business opportunity! Know your Objective! Schedule a “face to face” meeting – or 3-Way Call Be courteous “Is this a good time to talk?” Get the listeners permission to present the information you want to share Set the appointment with you and your sponsor Don’t try to explain too much About the products or the business opportunity You are not “selling” or “telling” Be urgent – start inviting your prospects today!

18 Decide What Outcome You Want From The Meeting
24 Days Challenge Enroll them in the next Program Start them on products Get them to the next event or training Set up a 2 on 1 Business Meeting

19 What Do You Do In The Meeting or Call?
Introduce your sponsor Establish their expertise They have helped many people with their fitness and financial goals Let your sponsor guide the meeting Fitness, financial goals, life goals This is “on the job training” “What interests you most about what you have heard?”

20 $39,000 Retail Volume Every 2 Weeks
Show Them the Pay Plan: $75K/Year “Full Time Income for Part Time Work” 13,000 P/GV $39,000 Retail Volume Every 2 Weeks 1 2 3 Example Compensation Plan 1. Override Commissions 7% of Business Volume 3 “active” levels down for your Advisors 2. Leadership Bonus 3% % of Entire Business Volume (based on total volume) Business Volume ~ 50% of Retail Example – “Ruby” Business Override: $1,365 Leadership Bonus Silver: +3% $ 585 Gold: +2% $ 390 3-Star Gold: +2% $ 390 Ruby: +2% $ 390 2 Week Total: $3,120 Monthly Income: $6,240 Annual Income: $74,880 Do you know 3 Business Builders?

21 Leadership

22 AdvoCare Leadership Selection to “Leaders Call” Leadership Goals
Recognition of your leadership potential in AdvoCare by your leader Personal desire to learn more & be more Your desire to help others achieve this too Leadership Goals Growth in your leadership skills Understanding critical AdvoCare leadership skills – and have a growth plan Pin level advancement Winning the Contests Leadership Room Selection to advanced Leadership Training Helping build other leaders

23 Leadership Discussion
What did I see in AdvoCare? Leadership Progression Championship Belief Characteristics of a Leader Some thoughts on taking your business – and your team - to the next level Q&A

24 Leadership Progression
Growth as a leader never stops! Learn Master Replicate Empower Role Student Expert Teacher Mentor Retail Product benefits, sales, follow up, on the job training w/ sponsor Products & Offers, marketing (24 Days to Fit) Product & offer trainings, calls, webinars Develop new offers / bundles; new marketing approaches Business Retailing, Recruiting fundamentals Retail & Business Compensation Plan Training new Advisors – retail, recruit, sponsor Coaching, leading leaders Connecting Warm market, your Story + 3 others, “introduce” Prospecting, starting conversations, Professional Inviter Success System Training – simple, replicate Applying best practices Events Run your Retail & Biz Mixers Large Mixers Speak on Stage Large Group events Diamond trainings Company Calls All + Company Bonus Calls, Training Calls, Success School Focus Retail customers, Front line Advisors Retail Customers Front Line Advisors Downline Advisors Cross Line Support Crossline Support Cross Company

25 Championship Belief The Size of your Belief determines the Size of Your Success In the Products In the Plan In the Company In the System All about Fundamentals

26 Championship Leaders: Success Characteristics
Paint a Vision For yourself & your family – for your team – for AdvoCare Develop a strong purpose and reason for building AdvoCare Get good at sharing your vision – practice it! Help others find their vision Always act with Honor and Integrity Without these you cannot lead Your team will always know they can count on you Be “Customer Focused” It’s all about them! Listen to what they need – be a solution provider Apply this to your customers Apply this to your team members – your team is your most important asset Be Action Oriented Bias toward action YOU must be self motivated – you are the CEO of your own business Do the uncomfortable till it becomes comfortable

27 Championship Leaders: Success Characteristics
Take a Long Term Perspective Always think like you are building a $10M per year business Be willing to invest 3-5 years of part time effort Treat this like a business – get paid like a business To go faster - keep it simple; don’t “re-invent the wheel”. focus on replication Be Consistent & Persistent Consistency of effort every day will ALWAYS beat a large burst of activity Build and maintain momentum – this is KEY to your business & your team If your vision is strong enough – you will persist without exception If you knew without doubt that you would achieve Diamond – 4 years, 6 years, 8 years – would you persist no matter what? Become a “Professional Inviter” Talk to everyone Become a good story teller (facts tell, stories “sell”) Always have “the next event” to invite them to Set an appointment – leave nothing to chance Speak calmly – but with STRENGTH

28 Championship Leaders: Success Characteristics
Build a Cross Line Support Team Source of ideas; they will be your strength Every time you help out a cross line organization – it will come back to you ten fold Become a “Continuous Learner” Download positive things into yourself Read everything you can about leadership Find 30 minutes a day – in 1 year you will be an expert Expect Challenges They will be hard Need a strong purpose & reason to carry you through Learn from them – and teach others Model the Championship Characteristics Vision, Integrity, Honor, Sense of Team, Commitment to Others Winning the Contests (Achieving Business Growth Results) Handling challenges / adversity

29 Finding Emerging Leaders
Read the signs – people will tell you – sometimes through their words – but ALWAYS through their actions Level of Belief? Are they “All In” – or are they still holding back? Teachable? Are they following the Success System? Mastering the fundamentals (prospecting, “getting into action”, holding mixers, compensation plan)? Are they willing to do the uncomfortable? Are they starting to teach others in their organization? Self motivated, action oriented? Are they calling you – or are you always calling them? Are they putting their leader to work (e.g., 5 + appointments or calls/week) Are they doing mixers or events (e.g., plugging into others events, but also doing at least 1 of their own per week)? If their leader didn’t call them, would they show up to events – AND bring new guests? When you find a new leader – pour your experience & leadership into them!

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