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dōTERRA Leadership Training

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1 dōTERRA Leadership Training
Tips to Build a Successful Organization

2 Structuring Your Team For Success

3 Placement Role on the Application

4 Policy Manual - Section 6: “Responsibilities of a Sponsor”
To be a successful Sponsor and leader you should perform the following responsibilities: Give regular retail sales and organizational training, guidance, and encouragement to your Downline Organization. A Sponsor should maintain contact with everyone in his or her Organization and be available to answer questions; Exercise your best efforts to ensure that all IPCs in your Downline Organization properly understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the Contract and applicable national and local laws, ordinances, and regulations; Intervene in any disputes arising between a customer and any of your Downline Organization and attempt to resolve the dispute promptly and amicably; and Provide training to ensure that product sales and opportunity meetings conducted by your Downline Organization are conducted in accordance with the Contract— and in accordance with any applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations.

5 Placement Roles Defined
“Enrolling Sponsor” vs. “Placement Sponsor”? “Enrolling Sponsor” = person who shares dōTERRA with someone and then signs them up “Enrolling Sponsor” will get the Fast Start Bonus. “Placement Sponsor” = person under whom the “Enrolling Sponsor” puts the new sign up. “Placement Sponsor” does NOT get the Fast Start Bonus.

6 “Enroller” Decision Short Term:
sign new people up as the Enroller you get the 20% Fast Start Bonus for everything they buy their first 30 days. Longer Term View/Morale & Financial Booster for your leaders = You sign up any new people under your leaders as “Enrolling Sponsor” vs just “Placement Sponsor”. If you plan to move up in the company at the higher levels (Silver and up), those under you must have Enrolled and Placed their team members in this manner in order for you to qualify for additional Pool Bonus Shares) You will forfeit the 20% Fast Start Bonus on this person, but you will benefit from it eventually in the Fast Start Bonus breakdown of 20%, 10%, 5%, 3%. Helps build excitement and momentum for your new leader’s business and income, because they are getting a paycheck!

7 “Placement” Decision Think about the “fit” of your leadership group.
Place new people where they will thrive with the leader you suggest. Match up people geographically. Put families together. Don’t just place people to “fill in the holes” for your Power of Three Bonus. (Sometimes you will have to have a short term loss for a long term gain.) Role of Placement: Business Builder? Buyer? ASR?

8 Structuring Your Team for Success
YOUR FRONT LINE (suggested for everyone) Have 4-5 people on 100 PV LRP your front line Creates a more sturdy organization in case people move out of your business over time. Extra customers who can help insure a 600 PV per month (IPCs without LRP who buy occasionally, Preferred Customers, Retail Buyers) Note: It is a good idea to pick three people to really focus on helping in your team, whether this is a different three each week, each month, or every few months. This way you can focus on areas you want to build, but you won’t get too overwhelmed by helping too many people.

9 LRP Placement Strategies
Seek committed LRP Business Builders for your team at all levels Place others below LRP IPCs whenever possible Usually best to build down 1 level, then across Result? Fast Start Bonuses are distributed to all 4 levels over time Power of 3 Bonus is also earned by key LRP people Remember, the Enroller can move the person’s placement one time within their first 30 days of signing up.

10 Key Placement Policies Review
Placement decisions must be made within the first 30 days of IPC Sign up Enrolling Sponsor can place a new IPC anywhere in his/her Organization (subject to the Company’s approval ) After 30 days, an IPC is in final placement and the Company discourages requests to place IPCs elsewhere in an Organization. Exceptions are rare and must be specifically approved by the Company in writing. Requests are likely only granted at the Premier or Silver level and require approval of all upline levels See Policy Manual for all details

11 Coaching and Growing Your Team

12 Getting Off to a Great Start
IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION STEPS Let people know up front that anywhere you place them in the business is a great place to be. Always talk highly of your leaders below and above you! To help team members feel more secure and save where they are placed, communicate the strengths of the leader you are placing them under. This person will give them even more support than you alone can offer. Remind them you will be helping them and everyone else in your team. INTRODUCTIONS ARE CRITICAL Introduce new sign ups to the leader they are placed under so they will feel more comfortable and make an immediate connection. In person Through Over the phone Note: Sometimes new sign ups fret about being placed under people they don’t know and think they should be on your front line. If this is the case – talk them through your placement choice as a great choice, so they don’t get worried.

13 Teach Others to Do What You Do: Training and Support
Lead by example Others will mimic your actions & words Teach your team members to be leaders. Remember: you can’t do everything alone! Give them the tools and teach them how to duplicate what you have done. Make time to organize. Make time to help & train others: group presentations, 1-on-1 calls, & notes Use available tools and resources Be committed and encourage your team to: Attend dōTERRA events and webinars Check the web site, blog and other available tools Participate in parties and host presentations Your financial success depends on these important activities! Commission plan reward success the deeper you help build your organization

14 Help Your IPCs Build A Team
Schedule an initial 1-on-1 meeting to answer questions Review or provide a list of all current, relevant documents they may need Discuss & schedule their hosting an event – plan to attend as presenter, and participate!! Communicate about events, new ideas, EO experiences Schedule team gatherings to share ideas, practice presenting or whatever seems most appropriate at the time Be in touch regularly with information, encouragement & ideas In person Phone calls s REMEMBER – Helping them, helps YOU!

15 Pay Attention to Team Morale
Your attitude effects your whole team! Focus on helping others on your team---you are in turn, helping yourself! ALWAYS focus on your team and how you can help them ---it should never be about ME. A good rule of thumb…when you are feeling down call up, when you are feeling up call down. Always say positive things about other companies (regardless of what you actually think). Bashing other companies decreases the integrity of our company and doesn’t create an overall positive feeling. Is someone is with another company – accept that they are with a good company, and just explain why YOU chose dōTERRA. Never talk badly about one of your leaders or share your frustrations about them to members of their team, even if they aren’t doing anything.

16 Marty’s Business Tips:
Before you move people, talk it through with your Upline Keep track of your team – made your VO a daily event Keep track of your earnings Watch LRP dates Always plan another event…now When you are tired, confused or frustrated…call upline Share your suggestions to improve the company Always mirror the behavior you want to receive back!

17 Light The Fire! “The height of your accomplishment will equal the depth of your convictions.” – William F Scolavino, Quotemaster

18 What are some of your questions?
Question & Answer Time What are some of your questions?

19 Thank you for joining this leadership training session
Enjoy your dōTERRA Essential Wellness products and each step you take to build your business. Let us know how we can help!

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