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Getting Started Fast The First 72 Hours Jon & Trish Reitan.

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1 Getting Started Fast The First 72 Hours Jon & Trish Reitan

2 Getting Into Action: Why 72 Hours?
Distributors stay … 73% of All Diamonds had Success in their 1st 72 hours … If You Get them Paid! Overcome their initial fears of talking to people Work with & trust their Sponsor (Success System) Gets them a “victory” right away Proves the business works – “Count The Money” Paid “Stick” Rate First 36 Hrs 85% 37 – 72 Hrs 60% 4 – 7 Days 15% 7+ Days 10% How do I get started? How do I avoid common mistakes?

1 2 3 4 Start Products, Create Your Story Get to Advisor Make a List Get Into Action Start Products, Get Results Develop Your Story Get to Advisor ASAP Register for Success School Create Your List Health Financial Freedom Talk to People with Your Sponsor Focus on Step 4 – Get Into Action in 72 Hours: W/Your Sponsor: Talk to 10 people, have your 1st mixer

4 Getting Started – Common Challenges
Having an Undecided Heart ? Afraid to tell your story, no passion Are you “ALL IN”? People follow strength, certainty & confidence Starting Slow Did you get to Advisor right away? Open your store, make $900 profit & have a debt free biz in several weeks? Or… build to Advisor over 3 pay periods? You should target $3K every 2 weeks Your team will do what you do

5 Getting Started – Master Your Story!
Your 2 Minute Story – Marketing AdvoCare Where I WAS 15 Sec What I SAW What HAPPENED 45 Sec Where I am GOING Does your story create curiosity for your listener? Does it cast vision for their preferred future?

6 Getting Started – Common Challenges
Not Perfecting Your 2 Minute Story Too long - Irrelevant details Doesn’t create curiosity No mention of product or business results No mention of money, earning potential Focused on “Where You Were” – not on “Where You Are Going” Doesn’t mention lineage, help you will get End with an Inviting Question: “Would an extra $2,000/mo make a difference for your family?”

7 Getting Started – Common Challenges
Inviting People to the Success System

8 Getting Started – Common Challenges
Not Using 3rd Party Credibility How many people would you talk to if Drew was with you? “I know this – I can talk to people myself” (products, business) My Sponsor: “They are too busy” They have knowledge & credibility They have word choices & stories They help uncover “what’s in it for your prospect” They are excellent at casting vision Use the Success System: 2 on 1 Meetings, 3 Way Calls, BOM’s, UStream Presentations & Mixers

9 Getting Started – Common Challenges
“Mixers Are Not For Me” More Mixers Mean More Money Requires “inviting” all week long – creates positive momentum in your business Have your 1st mixer within 72 hours Hold a Mixer every week! 52 Weeks, 10 guests/week = 520 guests per year If 1 in 10 do the business, you add 52 business builders per year! Held 3-4 Mixers per week? Talked to 185 New Prospects in 6 Weeks? Is making $5K+/mo? ?

10 Getting Started – Common Challenges
“I can’t afford to go to Success School” You can’t afford not to go! Would you invest in a new business and not get trained? Those attending Success School earn 90% of all income in AdvoCare Without Success School: Avg $3k -$5K their 1st year Attending Success School: Avg $30K - $40K their 1st year Fort Worth, TX July 20th - 22nd ~ $850 Investment returns over $30K your 1st year

11 What interests you most?
Your Challenge Today Decide … Then Take Action! 3 People we can call today? Re-package your story for impact Commit to 1 mixer per week 8 – 10 prospects in front of your Sponsor per week Commit to Success School – and bring 3 others! What interests you most?

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