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PRESENTER Teresa Harding AGENDA 1. Welcome 2. Meeting Outline 3. Business Model 4. Questions 5. Conclusion Time Estimate: 1 HOUR.

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2 PRESENTER Teresa Harding

3 AGENDA 1. Welcome 2. Meeting Outline 3. Business Model 4. Questions 5. Conclusion Time Estimate: 1 HOUR

4 d © 2008 DōTerra Intl, LLC Confidential and proprietary information. Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited. LEADERSHIP TRAINING

5 PRODUCT EDUCATION: PRODUCTS 1. Make Assignments (Ingredients/product) 2. Builders Take Turns Teaching (practice) 3. Questions

6 WHY PRODUCT ? 1.How many of you have dealt with someone who had a health problem you knew nothing about? We dont get to say, Ive decided Im only going to work with people who have headaches, colds and sinus problems and thats it! 2.Have you ever met anyone who the oils couldnt help?



9 Expectations (go over this each week) 1. Buy in, then maintain 150pv autoship each month. 2. Set autoship for 1 st or 5 th of the month. 3. Purchase Modern Essentials Book. 4. Set Achievement Goals. 5. At least 3 new contacts a day/5 days a week. 6. Find 3 Serious Business Builders. (Try to do this within one week) TO DO: TO ATTEND: 1.Leadership Training 1 x Each Week. 2.Education Class 1 x Each Week. 3.Business Education Class 1 x Each Week. 4.Getting Started Training 2 x, then done.

10 SUPPORTING YOUR LEADERS 1.Call your first level leaders every day. 2. Call your second level leaders once a week. 3. Call your third level leaders once a month. (give your number out freely as needed, but when they call for help, if its something they should have called their direct upline leader for, direct them back to their direct upline leader.)

11 The second week of Leadership Training and every week thereafter, Invite one or two people to share their successes (and sometimes failures with later successes) to help teach your other leaders that if they follow the plan, they will be successful.


13 1. Place each new sign up directly under yourself for first 25 days to determine who your 3 builders are. 2. Once you determine who your top line builders are, place the rest of your sign ups under your top line builders and continue to build down their lines. 3. If you have a strong builder who can handle it, let them start with 4 legs. 4. If you signed them up, keep the enrollership until your builder needs it. 5.If one of your three builders doesnt build, find another third. 6. Place consumers and slower builders throughout your organization, sharing them with your builders. 7. When you find more builders than you need for your front line, share them evenly with your top line builders. 8. Never forget…Its all about finding out what the individual wants.

14 If you come across someone who has been invited to Doterra by someone else, or who is already signed up on someone elses team, as a leader it is your responsibility to keep them excited to be where they are in Doterras organization. Never suggest or encourage that they would want to be on your team rather than the one they are on. Never suggest they create a second account so they can sign up under you. If they indicate they want to switch to your team from someone elses, your response should always be the same, Oh no, we dont do that at Doterra. But we would love to have you come to our meetings because we will all work together.

15 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. How do I know if someone is a builder? (Are they following expectations?) 2.How do I invite people? (Im excited, I think you would be interested ) 3.What if I run out of contacts? (LMT, Spas, Expos, Home Based Business, Health, Finances)



18 1.Compensation Plan 2.How To Approach People 3.Autoship and Autoship Rewards 4.Choosing Between The Three Pathways To Build

19 1. Compensation THE POWER OF THREE

20 600 Points Needed = $50 Monthly 150 Points Each Week 1 POWER OF THREE

21 150 Points Each = $250 Monthly Week 2 POWER OF THREE

22 150 Points Each = $1500 Monthly Week 3 POWER OF THREE

23 Once you have your three builders (or 4 as decided) you have one focus, and one focus only…… HELP YOUR THREE HIT THEIR $1500 BONUS

24 THIS DOES 2 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS…. 1.It teaches your leaders how to take care of their team and how to focus on their teams success, not their own. 2.It sets you up perfectly to move on to the next levels of the compensation plan.

25 Compensation (no fast start bonuses included) 1 Level - $59 2 Levels - $300 (doubling investment) 3 Levels - $1,752 4 Levels - $2,360 5 Levels - $4,547 6 Levels - $11,108 7 Levels - $34,071

26 Once you have helped your three top line leaders hit their $1500 bonus, NOW you can start another leg and help your new leader hit THEIR $1500 bonus.

27 With 4 Legs 1 Level - $59 2 Levels - $300 3 Levels - $1,752 4 Levels - $2,360 5 Levels - $4,547 6 Levels - $11,108 7 Levels - $34,071 $62 $334 $2,064 $3,984 $13,200 $50,064 $222,096 With 3 Legs

28 The first 25 people to build 3 groups or teams that reach 5,000 PV (varies for different markets) in a single month will share in 1% of the companys revenues in that market and be titled a Founding Distributor.


30 Contacting Do not pre-judge! Think: - better health - additional income - career change - time freedom Maintain records Tips:

31 Contacting Be a product of the product Be excited but appear normal (relaxed intensity) No fire-hosing Use an expert

32 Respect TRUST

33 Be a product of the product Be Excited, Be Normal (Relaxed Intensity) no firehosing use curiosity Use an Expert/Tools Listen Facts Tell Stories Sell Words Experiential Marketing

34 Free Product Discounted shipping rate 3. Autoship Rewards

35 Autoship Rewards


37 1.Use the tear pad with the selection of sign up kits. 2.Explain the three different ways to build.. (slow, medium, fast) 3.Let them tell you which path they choose. 4.Help them fill out the form to sign up as an IPC

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