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Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference PHEAA and Attending Hours Presented by: Akiyah Baugh & Dennis Lyons Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Giampietro.

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1 Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference PHEAA and Attending Hours Presented by: Akiyah Baugh & Dennis Lyons Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Giampietro Community College of Philadelphia Monday, November 24, 2008

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the end of session after the Attending Hours Presentation Thank you for your cooperation

3 Banner PHEAA Enhancement Project Overview Project Objective Multi-Phase Project Approach RWAPHED (PHEAA Grant Eligibility Form) Project Summary

4 Banner PHEAA Enhancement Overview The Community College of Philadelphia needed to create a process for more automated processing of PHEAA State Grant awards The College had purchased the Banner PHEAA module but that was no longer supported Our Financial Aid Office needed a solution to address their needs for: Estimated awards - using the Status Roster Pre-disbursement roster processing - certifying enrollment Actual Award posting - using the Disbursement Roster After many discussions the Financial Aid Office decided that they would continue certifying awards using the PHEAA system so that process has not been automated but could easily be adapted to this enhancement

5 Banner PHEAA Enhancement Project Objective Provide automated processing capabilities to meet business process needs of Financial Aid office Certain functions FA office wanted to continue as manual Use the SungardHE provided APIs to populate the award tables Design the functionality to work within Banner The processes should be executable through job submission

6 Banner PHEAA Enhancement Multi- Phase Approach 1. Phase 1 - Populate an estimated Award (STATUS ROSTER) 2. Phase 2 – Certify enrollment for records on pre-disbursement roster (PRE-DISBURSEMENT ROSTER & CERTIFICATION file) 3. Phase 3 – Create PHEAA awards based on disbursement roster (DISBURSEMENT ROSTER)

7 Banner PHEAA Enhancement Phase 1 – Status Roster RWPPHES is the process created for Phase 1 This process was created as a job submission process in Banner A space-delimited Grant status file is received from PHEAA and ftped into the appropriate Unix directory (SG08DISB.****08.txt) The RWPPHES process is run and the data is loaded using SQLLOADER into a local Oracle table (RWRPHES) The procedure performs a matching process using the ssn from the data file and comparing it to the ssn on the RCRAPP1 table Estimated PHEAA awards are posted to the Award (RPRAWRD) & Award schedule (RPRATRM) Financial Aid tables for the appropriate students To load the awards to the award tables we used the RB_AWARD.P_CREATE & RB_AWARD_SCHEDULE.P_CREATE APIs Financial Aid runs a process (RPRCNCL) to cancel EPHEAA awards before the actual award is loaded from the disbursement file

8 Banner PHEAA Enhancement RPRAWRD – EPHEAA Fund

9 Banner PHEAA Enhancement Phase 2 – Predisbursement & Certification RWPPHED & RWPPHEC are the processes created for Phase 2 This process loads the PHEAA pre-disbursement or disbursement roster to a local Oracle table This phase will also complete the enrollment certification if the file loaded is a pre-disbursement file The RWPPHED process is run and the data is inserted via SQLLOADER into a local Oracle table (RWRPHED) Since the file was loaded as a pre-disbursement file the records have been marked with a P in the RWRPHED table The RWPPHEC process is then run which evaluates the enrollment for the records on the RWRPHED table A certification file is then created with enrollment level for each record on the RWRPHED table The certification file is sent to PHEAA with the student enrollment information

10 Banner PHEAA Enhancement PHASE 3 – PHEAA Disbursement file RWPPHED (Same process as in Phase 2) is the process created for Phase 3 After receiving the certification file from CCP – PHEAA sends the actual grant disbursement file RWPPHED process is run to upload student award information from the disbursement roster into the RWRPHED table Edits are performed on the records in the RWRPHED table: Students Aid period Any existing awards No pidms & Duplicate pidms Rcrapp1 record exists (this indicates that the student applied for financial aid for the aid year)

11 Banner PHEAA Enhancement PHASE 3 – PHEAA Disbursement file - Continued The fund award amounts are inserted in the award (RPRAWRD) & award schedule (RPRATRM) tables (APIs are used for error control) We only populate the RPRAWRD and RPRATRM tables as a result of the Financial Aid Office business process –The Financial Aid Office accepts the awards as part of their certification process which populates the RPRADSB table We post term specific awards – a Fall PHEAA award and a Spring PHEAA award are posted to each record (If they are in a Fall/Spring Aid Period) The RWPPHED process has the capability to load multiple disbursement rosters for the same aid period The new records are loaded to the RWRPHED table and assigned a one-up sequence number based of the number of records for that student If PHEAA awards already exist for a student and the amounts on the maximum RWRPHED record differ from the amounts on the award table the RWRPHED record is assigned a status of U as an indicator to the users that this record needs to be reviewed and updated

12 Banner PHEAA Enhancement RPAAWRD Offered Award

13 Banner PHEAA Enhancement RPAAWRD Scheduled Award

14 Banner PHEAA Enhancement PHEAA Grant Eligibility Form- (Custom INB Form) This form provides a high level of data display for the Financial Aid Office to perform a more effective PHEAA Grant certification This form is used to display information from the PHEAA Grant Disbursement table (RWRPHED) and other information from within Banner, such as total enrolled credit hours, total remedial hours, certificate program, and students attending all distance education courses This form eliminated the need for the Financial Aid Office to use several Banner forms/ sessions to certify a student

15 Banner PHEAA Enhancement PHEAA Grant Eligibility Form – Continued (Custom INB Form) The data will be displayed on two tabs: Tab One- Eligibility and Demographics This tab will contain a section for eligibility indicators and a section for the demographic information Eligibility Indicators block will provide information for the Financial Aid staff to determine the students award eligibility The eligibility section is used to display information such as: Total enrolled credit hours Total remedial credit hours If the student is enrolled in a Certificate program An indicator if all enrollment is Distance Education Tab Two – Award Data This tab will include the PHEAA Award information, updatable fields to indicate when a grant has been certified

16 Banner PHEAA Enhancement PHEAA Grant Form (RWAPHED) –Tab One

17 Banner PHEAA Enhancement PHEAA Grant Form –Tab Two (Award Data)

18 Banner PHEAA Processing Enhancement Summary PHEAA Project Summary This enhancement facilitates PHEAA Grant processing for the Financial Aid Office: Gives them the ability to own and run the process Without such a enhancement all PHEAA awards would need to be manually posted Ensuring clean data by use of the APIs Easier certification process

19 Banner Attending Hours History CCP wanted to leverage the Use Attending Hours functionality available in Banner Financial Aid within current Business processes Attendance reporting is required at CCP In the past Financial Aid was not paid until all attendance had been reported for a student for the semester This resulted in delayed payments to students and a lot of record manipulation by Financial Aid staff to prohibit aid from paying until all enrollment had been reported for a student Requirements were assigned to records where all attendance had not yet been reported to prohibit aid from paying There was also a substantial amount of record clean-up required at the end of a semester to cancel/waive requirements for students who did not attend CCP could not use the baseline processes related to Attending Hours since we do not pay when the classes start but rather when the attendance has been reported A custom process was requested that would mimic the baseline attending hours functionality but that would work with the Colleges requirement for attendance reporting This process should use the baseline tables to minimize maintenance issues with upgrades The process should allow for multiple runs within a semester due to multiple parts of term with various start dates and late reporting of attendance

20 Banner Attending Hours Overview Use course attendance to control disbursement of aid RFRMGMT – Use Attending Hours indicator is checked for all disbursable funds Course attendance will be determined by the students satisfactory/unsatisfactory attendance reported at the 20% census period Allow for partial disbursement Remaining aid would be available to possibly be disbursed if attendance changes at a later time

21 Banner Attending Hours Project Objective Create Banner job similar to RSRENRL, the Banner enrollment freeze process, incorporating the 20% census reporting check. Job is called RWPENRL Create PL\SQL package, RWKENRL, to perform insert and update records in RORATND and RORENRL 2 reports created for review and verification RWPENRL_XXXXX.txt RWPENRL_ADJ_HR_RPT_XXXXX.txt

22 Banner Attending Hours RWPENRL Banner job submission process Parameters include Aid Year Term Code Sorting Sequence Selection ID Application ID Creator ID User ID Load Term Enrollment Option Load Attend Enrollment Option RWPENRL.shl calls PL\SQL package RWKENRL

23 Banner Attending Hours RWKENRL PL\SQL Package Specifications of main cursor RORSTAT_AIDY_CODE = job parameter entered Population selection must exist Student must be registered in SFRSTCR for the term parameter entered or student exists in RORENRL for the term parameter Skips students who are identified in RORENRL with a manual record for the run term. Perform inserts or update to RORENRL and RORATND as needed 1 record per term in RORENRL After 1 st run the Financial Aid Adjusted hours are updated to the total hours reported for the 20% census period at that point in time. Multiple records per term in RORATND based on the run date and the latest reported 20% census period reporting date. New records are create if 20% census data had been reported since the last run of the job

24 Banner Attending Hours RWKENRL Screen shot of ROAENRL – RORENRL section

25 Banner Attending Hours RWKENRL Screen shot of ROAENRL – RORATND section

26 Banner Attending Hours RWKENRL RWPENRL_XXXXX.txt screenshot

27 Banner Attending Hours Conclusion Leverage Use Attending Hours functionality New process incorporating students satisfying 20% attendance a the college Populate ROAENRL with attendance with total hours of positive attendance Disbursement run after attendance has been reported and RWPENRL has been run Allow for partial aid Multiple runs to allow for disbursement of future aid within the same semester

28 Thank You Any Questions / Comments? Feel Free to contact us later if you any code specific detailed questions. Contact Information PHEAA Enhancements Akiyah Baugh Attending Hours Processing Dennis Lyons

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