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Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference Spreadsheet Budgeting.

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1 Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference Spreadsheet Budgeting

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation Thank you for your cooperation

3 Dickinson College Margaret Stafford, Budget Analyst Polly Willey, Application Support Analyst Contact Info:

4 Dickinson College What is Spreadsheet Budgeting? An Add-in tool that allows Microsoft Excel to interface with the Banner database An Add-in is a file that Excel can use to provide additional functionality Once data is downloaded into Excel, all Excel features are available

5 Dickinson College Minimum System Requirements Microsoft Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP Microsoft Excel 97, 2002, 2003, 2007 Oracle database, version or greater Oracle Net8 Client Software or greater One licensed copy of Visual Basic 6.0 (Professional Version)

6 Dickinson College Installation Process DBA needs to install the Desktop Tool (GODDTOP) on DBA machine only Install Desktop Tool onto client machines Add users to GORDSEC table – Security setup Verify users are on FOMPROF Verify users have Oracle security

7 Dickinson College Icon installed on Desktop:

8 Dickinson College




12 Note: You can chose more than one fiscal year. (Control Key)

13 Dickinson College

14 Hint: Adopted Budget: BD01, BD03 Budget Adjustment: BD02, BD04 Temporary Budget: BD03, BD04

15 Dickinson College


17 Hint: On the FOAP screens, no selection means Select All

18 Dickinson College






24 Use the Validation Wizard to validate data before beginning anupload process

25 Dickinson College Prior to running the validation process on a spreadsheet: Undo any local Excel formatting (undo macro) Must have a Budget ID and Phase established in the Budget Module Each unique FOAPAL string may only be used once in a budget phase No blank lines in the spreadsheet No formulas One header line

26 Dickinson College












38 Validation Notes: You can validate more than one worksheet at a time You can choose only: One chart of accounts One Budget ID One Budget Phase Header Row must be first row, data must be in second row. No blank rows.

39 Dickinson College Examples of Validation Messages: Organization code not found Record already exists on Budget Line Table Record already exists on the Spreadsheet Fund is not defined as data entry – Please note that this validation only works for funds and organizations, not for accounts and programs. The defect has been reported to SunGard in Feb. 2008

40 Dickinson College












52 Upload Notes: You must undo any local Excel formatting prior to the upload You must have Budget ID and Phase already built in the Budget Module Each unique FOAPAL string may be used only once in a budget phase Validation process will automatically run when running upload process Data will be uploaded to FBBBLIN table Only one header row; no empty rows

53 Dickinson College Lookup Functionality: Separate data lookup is available for each of the FOAPAL items. Also available are budget module and position control items. You can do a lookup without having a Banner session open. You can search by code or description using the wildcard (%). Note: All active codes for the FOAPAL will be displayed despite the Banner Fund/Organization security defined for the user.

54 Dickinson College


56 Many Uses: Ability to upload several lines into a phase without rekeying We downloaded the Approved phase prior to rolling it to check the totals using excel functions Ability to download from operating ledger allows one to build custom reports from actuals Probably many others…

57 Dickinson College Further Information: A Banner Finance Spreadsheet Budgeting Handbook is available in the Bookshelf and the UDC Center Setup and Technical specifications can be found in Chapter 10 of the Technical Reference Manual SunGard does have a training CD on this application – contact your SunGard Account Consultant

58 Dickinson College Final Notes: You can run this application on a MacIntosh computer by using a PC emulator program. Information can be found in the General Technical Reference Manual This tool does not incorporate the use of index codes. We highly recommend this add-in tool

59 Open to the Floor Questions Comments

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