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Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2007 Automating the Freshman Parent Load.

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1 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2007 Automating the Freshman Parent Load

2 November 20, General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the end of the session Thank you for your cooperation

3 November 20, Introduction Andrea Mulrine Director of Development Operations University of Scranton Database / Web developer BANNER school since early 1990s

4 November 20, Agenda The Old Way Reasons for Change Specifications The New Way Lessons Learned & Phase 2 Q & A

5 November 20, The Old Way One constituent record Paper forms – see handout Change to two constituent records

6 November 20, Reasons for Change Time and training Repetitive Error control Wealth Screening Fall phonathon and mailing

7 November 20, Specifications Existing RPEs – including from PABUG My Vision - Handout Unknown University Project ITs Vision

8 November 20, The New Way Online form for student data entry – see handout Pulls information from SOAFOLK Manual review by Development Services Batch upload – Already a constituent – Not a constituent

9 November 20, Technical Information Web based interface Code written in PLSQL Utilizes Common Matching API (gb_common) Other APIs used for creating new records: – gb_identification – gb_bio – gb_telephone – gb_ – gb_address

10 November 20,

11 November 20,

12 November 20,

13 November 20,

14 November 20,

15 November 20,

16 November 20, Lessons Learned & Phase 2 Extremely successful overall Issues to resolve – Twins – Existing Donor Categories – Address Name – Withdrawal Students – International Addresses – Legacy Information Future – use Oracle Web services and additional APIS

17 November 20, Phase 3?

18 November 20, Open to the Floor Questions Comments

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