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Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference E-Billing 1.

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1 Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference E-Billing 1

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered ….. Thank you for your cooperation 2

3 Lehigh Carbon Community College Located in Schnecksville, PA Current Fall 2008 Credit Student Enrollment – Approx students Bursar – Diane Trainer Banner/Application Support – David Slater 3

4 Why E-bill??? Potential Cost Savings Time savings Save the environment! No more Paper – almost… Faster access to bill for students Update bills with current data Electronic connection to TouchNet payments via BannerWeb Automated billing process (mostly automated) – Eventually (Implemented second term) 4

5 E-bill Project Timeline Jan – Began discussions investigating alternatives Evisions TouchNet February Began testing with Evisions FormFusion April chose Evisions Product and began official E-Bill project 5

6 E-bill Project Timeline – Cont. April 2008 – Marketing Meeting Initial kick-off letter s Postcards Brochure Video Marquee Educate Staff 6

7 E-bill Project Timeline – Cont. May 2008 – Banner Web Development May and June 2008 – Student Orientation June 2008 – Created Cron scripts in Unix to automate E-Bill generation July 2008 – Ran mass E-Bill manually (NOT repeated for next term) 7

8 E-bill Project Timeline – Cont. September 2008 – Post Mortem Meeting What we discovered No more mass E-Bill Update E-Bill more frequently Included more events that generated E-Bill Financial Aid awarded Payments Dropped courses Re-Educated Staff One Statement per term (Optional Mod to BannerWeb) 8

9 E-bill Project Timeline – Cont. November 2008 – Spring and Summer 2009 registration begins; E-Bills generated hourly (previously once a day). December 2008 – reminders 9

10 LCCC E-bill Example 10

11 View Bill in BannerWeb Link Opens E-bill in PDF Bill Date in Drop-down Box; LCCC Modified to display Term Description 11

12 View Bill in Banner - TGISTMT Click View Statement; E-bill open as PDF 12

13 Used Evisions Formfusion to Develop E-bill Newest version of FormFusion REQUIRED. Newest Version of FormFusion Required. Three separate Forms for each of our semesters. 13

14 Primary Evisions Component - FormDirector We chose to generate E-bills in PDF format. SQL to generate E-bill in TBBSTMT and GORBLOB tables. 14

15 E-bill notification ed to students when bill generated Variable student ; matches to Entry in TBBSTMT- Displays on TGISTMT screen. 15

16 Primary Components in Banner- TGACTRL Controls the # of months to display E-bills in BannerWeb. 16

17 Primary Components in Banner- TSADETC - Optional Check if you want Payment History to display in the BannerWeb section of the E-bill. 17

18 Primary Components in Banner- TSASBRL Rules affect the Banner data that will print on the E-bill. 18

19 Primary Components in Banner- TSASBRL - Continued 19

20 Primary Components in Banner- TSASBRL - Continued 20

21 Primary Components in Banner - GLRSLCT - Optional 21

22 Primary Components in Banner - TSRCBIL Evisions Form Name 22

23 Primary Components in Banner - TSRCBIL - Continued Use SCHEDSTMT to generate VERY Important Statement Number On TBBSTMT table Matches TSASBRL 23

24 Primary Components in Banner - TSRCBIL - Continued Bill and Due Dates Display on BannerWeb and Print on the E-Bill 24

25 Hourly E-bill processing – Unix CRON script (Partial) Ebill cron and UNIX script: cron entry: * * 0-6 su - oracle -c "/u01/app/sghe/scripts/create_ebill.shl" >/u01/app/sghe/scripts/logs/create_ebill.log 2>&1 create_ebill.shl script: #! /bin/sh Clear echo ======================================= echo Starting EBILL tsrcbil ${BANNER_HOME} echo ======================================= $TODAY 1MA EBILL STUDENT DSLATER SATURN N EBILL % Y SCHEDSTMT $TODAY 11-AUG-08 Y N 25

26 Unix CRON script (Continued) E-bill generated by the following events (Credit Students Only): Registration Course Drop Payments Financial Aid – Memo or Award One set of scripts/E-Bill for each term Spring, Summer, Fall Only one E-Bill exists per term (New bills replace existing) 26

27 E-Bill Related Banner Tables TBBSTMT – Primary table; stores unique data about each E-bill; Statement Number created from TSRCBIL. GORBLOB – Stores the actual Bill (eg, the PDF that represents the E-bill) 27

28 Open to the Floor Questions Comments 28

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