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Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2007 John Ginty Drexel University ASP Financial System Administrator.

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1 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2007 John Ginty Drexel University ASP Financial System Administrator

2 Reconciling Loans: Financial Aid through Finance John Ginty Drexel University ASP Financial System Administrator

3 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the end of the session Thank you for your cooperation

4 Drexel University Drexel has over 22,000 students Drexel is looking to expand to California Drexel provides Banner and other support for a number of small schools through their ASP program

5 Why are you here? Feeling out of control? New and intermediate users will benefit from tracing loan funds disbursed through Financial Aid to Student Accounts Receivable and the feed to Finance.

6 Agenda Tracking a loan disbursements journey through the various Banner forms and tables Topics: - Financial Aid: Loading, posting, disbursing loan funds - Accounts Receivable: Disbursing and then feeding to Finance - Finance: Where does the loan end up? - Tips: Provided along the way

7 Introduction The purpose is to follow the trail of loan funds from entry into Financial Aid to accounting in Finance and the General Ledger Benefits: – Gain a cross-functional understanding of interfaces between Financial Aid, Accounts Receivable and Finance – Increase in understanding reconciliation procedures for the various departments.

8 Start with the End in Mind At the end, we want these numbers to reconcile: – EFT Bank Account – Cash Account – AR balances should have a decrease in the same amount

9 Rule forms Critical to the Interfaces RFRBASE – Fund Base Data TSADETC - Detail Code Control Form - Student

10 Financial Aid Phase Disbursements Loaded (RPREFTL) Disbursements Posted (RPAEPMT,RPREFTP) Disbursements Fed (RPEDISB) Monitor Aging (RPRLNAG) Monitor Disbursement Results (Reporting)

11 Loading Disbursements Access job RPREFTL File name must be eft001.dat and be located in the data load/finaid directory This job will load the roster to form RPAEPMT in anticipation of Receiving the funds. Only check off to receive the funds. Once it is verified that amount has been wired into your EFT bank account.



14 Posting Disbursements Access job RPREFTP Parameter of Reference ID: enter todays roster ID for just listing of those; leave blank to view listing of all outstanding non-posted disbursements Can view outstanding non-posted disbursements via RPAELDB (Electronic Loan Disbursement) This job will only post those rosters that you have checked off on RPAEPMT to receive (that have NOT already been received)


16 TIPS on Posting Take care not to load a roster more than once! (the file name is always the same!) If you load but dont post a duplicate roster, just remove the extra record on RPAEPMT If you load AND post a duplicate roster, review flat file student by student and record/remove the extra disbursement on RPALDSB DO NOT run Disbursements (RPEDISB), until these superfluous disbursements are removed they WILL feed to the Student Account.


18 RPALDSB pg 2


20 More TIPS on Posting Review the listing from RPREFTP job to resolve errors. Common errors include: Incorrect loan type disbursementsub vs. unsub No RPRLAPP record exists for unique loan ID (ULID): Either loan was processed outside of banner or the servicer did not use the banner ULID Loan Disbursement Number error/Sequence: Usually spring disbursement moved up to fall.

21 Feeding Loans through to Students Accounts Receivable Access and run job RPEDISB Can see the initial results of disbursement on Feed Indicator on RPALDSB: F = Fed to Student AR Y = Not fed, but the disbursement is here and held up for some reason N = Not fed, the disbursement has not been posted

22 TIPS on Feeding Disbursements If funds are posted, but not fed, check ROIDISB (table is RPRRSLT) for exact results. If funds have been posted, but not fed AND ROIDISB reads: No records found. This situation usually means there is a disbursement date error. Check the date and term in RPALDSB. In A/R, a Fed loan will appear with a source code of F indicating it was fed from Financial Aid module. Beware of disbursements manually posted to TSAAREV (source code = T) if the money comes in through FinAid, then it could disburse again.


24 More TIPS-Fed Never manually post electronic funds to TSAAREV!!!! If you are getting a 2 nd disbursement in a term, it SHOULD come in 1 st disbursement, 2 nd sequence. BEWARE of loans changes which result in spring disbursement being moved to Fall termthe servicer may send it as originally set up2 nd disbursement, 1 st sequencethis will put the loan into spring termif you are not looking there, you may not find the disbursement. Running the RPRLNAG report for loan aging for ALL terms in the current aid year will help catch these errors.



27 Student Accounts Receivable Phase TGRCLOS- all open cashiering sessions -Audit to verify information; Update to finalize Application of Payments (TGRAPPL) – Resolve this listing each time. TGRFEED – set up the feed to Finance – Assigns F-doc number to be pulled off TSAAREV (table is TBRACCD)

28 Tips for Reconciling Accounts Receivable Outages Most problems with Reconciling are covered by the following: Incorrect Detail Code set up Changes to Detail Codes Suspended Documents – resolve then post via FGAJVCD Timing issues with closing cashiering sessions and feeding before opening new sessions

29 Finance G/L Phase FURFEED – Finance Feed Sweep Process FGRTRNI - Interface Process FGRTRNR - Transaction Error Report – May have issue trying to post to a closed or not yet opened period FGRACTG - Posting Process – Once posting is run, you can now view in… FGIDOCR – (Document Retrieval Inquiry) FGITBAL – (General Ledger Trial Balance) FGIGLAC – (General Ledger Activity)

30 The Real PABUG The Firefly is the state insect, as enacted by the General Assembly on April 10, 1974. Act 130 of December 5, 1988, designated the particular species of firefly, "Poturis Pensylvanica De Geer" as the official state insect. – The Pennsylvania Manual.

31 Open to the Floor Questions Comments Thank you! John T. Ginty –

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