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Importing Data from Banner into the NCAA CAi System

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1 Importing Data from Banner into the NCAA CAi System
10th Anniversary Importing Data from Banner into the NCAA CAi System

2 General Announcements:
Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered ….. Thank you for your cooperation

3 Indiana University of Pennsylvania
14,638 Students 100,000+ Alumni 1,650 Employees Over 100 Majors 40 Masters Programs 8 Doctoral Programs 3 Campuses/1 Center

4 Agenda Review of past methods for entering data into the CAi (Compliance Assistant Internet) program Explanation of the request for enhancement Research and Development Overview of current procedures

5 Past Practices 100% manual procedures by the Registrar’s Office
Student data manually entered into CAi by the Athletics Department Population Selections ran to get listings of students by sport Data about each student manually gathered and entered into CAi

6 Request for Enhancement
The NCAA online system includes functionality for importing a file in XML format Process improvements requested included an automated process to gather data and format it properly for loading into the CAi system These enhancement would greatly improve the current process and ensure accuracy of the data

7 Research and Development
Worked directly with an employee from NCAA Items provided by NCAA for review: XML Schema Sample XML Load Document User Guides Data Mapping Document

8 XML File Details The NCAA provided the XML Schema to use when creating the file to load Along with the schema, they also provided a sample load file to reference

9 XML Sample File

10 Data Element Mapping Document

11 Data Element Mapping

12 Banner Job Submission Process
A Banner process (SWPNCAA) was created to pull the information and format it into the correct XML layout SWPNCAA uses a population of students defined in a population selection Data is pulled from the various Banner tables for each student and written to the XML file

13 Program Logic and Notes
Basic process flow XML Headers are written Selection of students is pulled Data for each student is gathered Data is transformed to meet NCAA requirements Data is written to the XML file XML file is FTP’d to a location for the Registrar’s office to access

14 Program Logic and Notes
Things to consider Some fields need to be converted to NCAA standards for importing Level Codes – need to be FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE etc Term Codes – NCAA has their own format for terms. Banner term codes need to be translated to this format Both your Organization ID and password AND an import user id and password need to be included in the file. We created a generic import user to use in the program

15 Current Procedures The Athletics Department manually enters basic biographical data for each athlete into CAi at the start of the term The Registrar’s Office populates CAi at the end of the term with Degree Progress Data by running SWPNCAA Before running SWPNCAA, a population selection is ran to select students by sport.

16 Population Selection

17 Job Submission Parameters

18 Future Development Currently only loading Degree Progress screen data
It is possible to load data from any screen within CAi All data elements are outlined in the XML Schema

19 Resources NCAA Compliance Assistant Resource website:

20 Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Open to the Floor Questions? Comments? Contact Information Erika Bracken Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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