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On-Line Graduation Application and Manual Role for Banner 8.x

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1 On-Line Graduation Application and Manual Role for Banner 8.x
10th Anniversary On-Line Graduation Application and Manual Role for Banner 8.x

2 General Announcements:
Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the end of the session. Thank you for your cooperation

3 Villanova University Banner 8.2 SunGard Banner Client since 1994
Approx. 10,000 students, 6,500 full-time undergraduates Implemented on-line graduation application (“Prospective Graduate Form”) in Fall 2009 for Undergraduates completing degrees in December 2009 and May 2010.

4 Agenda Why move to a self-service solution?
View self-service graduation process for a student Banner rule set-up to activate self-service graduation process “Rolling” the graduation application to degree record. Villanova’s process Other “roll” options Q&A

5 Why move to self-service solution?
Paper process was labor intensive for both student and staff. Self-service is secure and provides inherent security and sign off (paper process required a signature). Having application details in database allows for more flexibility in reporting and storage. Helps ensure accuracy of data, lower chance of human error.

6 PAPER Undergraduate PGF

7 Log into Luminus and/or Self-Service
myNOVA = Villanova’s Luminus platform Created a 4th year “role” and Graduation Information Channel for this role. Beyond scope of this session NOVASIS = Villanova’s Self-Service system Student Menu Student Records Prospective Graduate Form (baseline title = Apply to Graduate)

8 myNOVA Student Menu

9 NOVASIS - Student/FA Menu

10 NOVASIS—Student Records Menu

11 Self-Service Graduation Application
Student sees available current and active curricula for graduation (dependent upon rule set-up). If multiple curricula exist, radio button to select one. Must return to beginning of process to complete another.

12 Self-Service Graduation Application Select a graduation date, term and/or year.
Items that appear in drop down dependent upon rule set up. There is also an option to include an optional question: “Will you attend the ceremony?”. Answers: Yes No or Undecided. This is not used by Villanova and is turned off in the set-up

13 Self-Service Graduation Application Diploma Name Selection
Presented with the diploma name on file. If no diploma name exists, current or alternate name is displayed. Options are available to choose one.

14 Self-Service Graduation Application Edit Diploma Name
User controls fields that can be edited.

15 Self-Service Graduation Application Diploma Mailing Address Display
Shows an existing diploma address (ours defaults to permanent address). Student may use and/or correct and existing address or create a new diploma address.

16 Self-Service Graduation Application Edit/Confirm diploma mailing address
Student can submit a new diploma mailing address. It is stored in graduation application tables. It does not update SPRADDR.

17 Self-Service Graduation Application Fee
If a fee is required to graduate, the student may choose to have it billed to account or to pay by credit card at this point in the process. Villanova University does not charge a fee to graduate.

18 Self-Service Graduation Application Summary presented before submitting

19 Self-Service Graduation Application
Self-Service Graduation Application Confirmation message can be displayed

20 Graduation Application Created SHAGAPP

21 Self-Service Graduation Application Set-Up

22 Requirements/Assumptions to use Self-Service Graduation Application
NO HOLDS FOR GRADUATION VU process sends students with holds to paper process. Either academic history (outcome) or active registration record (learner) for the curriculum selection (SHAGELR) Application Display Rules - SHAGADR exists with available dates in effect SHATPRT has curriculum fields populated SHAGELR: Prevents application for a curriculum not started yet.

23 STVGADR – Graduation Application Display Rule Code
Graduation Application Display Rule Code Validation

24 SHAGADS Graduation Display Selection Rule Code. Process Order (required). Curriculum data to determine what display rule will be in use for the student’s curriculum (optional). In order for student to access application, must have one current and active curriculum that matches a Graduation Application Selection Rule.

25 STVGAST- Graduation Application Status Validation
Graduation Application Status Code Validation

26 SHATPRT – Set up to display Curriculum Data
“Transcript Type Rules”. This controls what curriculum information is displayed to the student to select for graduation (required). Has curriculum fields populated.

27 SHAGADR- Graduation Application Display Rules
Graduation Application Display Rules. Determines how to present the graduation application to the student for the display selection rule code in use: a) Transcript Type (required) b) Graduation Application Status Code (required) c) Graduation Date, Term or Year (required). Overall display rules, based on application type. Dates must be in effect.

28 SHAGADR- Graduation Application Display Rules
A minimum of one valid graduation date, term or year

29 SHAGADR– Graduation Application Display Rules
Name display/edit rules.

30 SHAGELR – Eligibility Criteria and Module Selection
Single most confusing form. Know the difference between student and outcome in rule set up. May be as strict as you prefer. We left the rules relatively open and based them on outcome record. One Eligibility Rule must match curriculum module and any other existing eligibility criteria.

31 NOVASIS view: Graduation Hold exists

32 Creating Graduation Application in Banner (SHAGAPP)
From self-service process From SFAREGS and SGASTDN Apply to Graduate Icon If the learner curriculum has NOT been previously rolled From SHADEGR As long as the degree has NOT been awarded

33 “Roll” (learner to degree) Options
SHRROUT.pc New Job Submission Process Villanova now uses this to create sought (SO) degree records for anticipated UG graduates Manual Roll “On demand” From icon on the Curriculum Tab (SFAREGS and SGASTDN) “Old way” --SO degree records created from Grade Roll process first time grades are rolled for new students if there is a change in program/degree/college

34 SOACTRL – Determine “Roll” Process

35 Villanova’s Degree Roll Process
During Summer clean up all degree records and inactivate graduates’ student records Determine future graduating “class” “Popsel” --class year and credits earned Run SHRROUT As potential graduates change curriculum, insert degree record on demand from SGASTDN. Remove SO/Inactivate application if determined student is not graduating.

36 Create/Update Degree Record (SHADEGR) from Graduation Application (SHAGAPP)
Updates graduation data in SHADEGR Updates Diploma Data on SHADIPL

37 Update/Confirm Diploma Info.

38 Confirm/Update Graduation Information and Use Icon to update SHADEGR

39 SHADEGR Updated

40 Open to the Floor Questions & Comments
Contact: Melissa Gerding Associate Registrar References: Summit 2009 Banner 8.0 Grad App and the Manual Roll Course ID March 24, 2009 Banner Student 8.1 User Guide Chapter 13, October 2008

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