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to animal land camelmonkeypanda tiger giraffeelephant s.

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3 to animal land

4 camelmonkeypanda tiger giraffeelephant s

5 polar bear kangaroo wolf snake zebra lion

6 bird

7 hippo

8 Match the words with the pictures polar bear snake wolf tiger kangaroo lion

9 zoo tiger camel elephant lion giraffe kangaroo monkey - panda -- snake wolf -- polar bear animal zebra bamboo hippo gorilla chimpanzee bird monkeys pandas wolves

10 The tiger eats meat. The polar bear eats meat and it likes to swim. The panda lives in China. and she eats bamboo.

11 Where is the elephant? under the tree

12 A B Where is Monkey A?On Monkey Mountain. Where is Monkey B? Under the tree.

13 Where are the lions? In Lion Land.


15 at, in, on at on, in (,, ) ____ six oclock ____ half past night ____ May ____ spring ____ 2003 ____ the morning ____ Sunday ____ May5 ____ the morning of May5 ____ Sunday morning at in on

16 get up grow up hurry up look out wake(…)up give…back pick…up ring…up put…on take…off try …on turn…on write…down,,

17 13506556721

18 1 at animal land 2 at Zebra Zoo 3 in Bird Park 4 in Gift Shop 5 in Spring Restaurant 6 near Monkey Mountain 7 through Lion Land 8 drive to Hippo Pool 9 come to you

19 a map of China the key to this room the ticket for tomorrow a big tree with a lot of apples on it the book with green cover animals at night

20 on the map on a train = by train in little cars = by car at the end of the day ask…about… … … talk about… …

21 C during the day at night at seven talk to sb about sth. have an idea have a Night Zoo like to do sth. let sb. do sth. many people = a lot of people He saw many animals asleep. awake.

22 work be see have do visit eat run play talk want worked was/were saw had did visited ate ran played talked wanted working being seeing having doing visiting eating running playing talking wanting CD

23 F Make a poster for a new zoo. (vt.)+ + (v.+sb. + sth. = v. + sth. +to/for +sb.) My mother gave me a book. = My mother gave a book to me. Ill buy you a bike. = Ill buy a bike for you.

24 to give, tell, lend, write, pass, bring, return for make, buy, find, get, cook e.g. give a bottle of ink to sb. bring some food to sb. buy new clothes for sb. get some bananas for sb. make a birthday cake for sb.

25 1.Grandma told me a story. Grandma told a story to me. 2. He gave his son some advice. ______________________________ 3. His uncle left him some money. _______________________________ 4. The salesgirl found a T-shirt for me. _______________________________ 5. He is teaching English to us. _______________________________ 6. I bought you this bunch of flowers. ________________________________ 7. Pass me the paper. ________________________________ He gave some advice to his son His uncle left some money to him. The salesgirl found me a T-shirt. He is teaching us English. I bought this bunch of flowers for you. Pass the paper to me.

26 1. He bought ______ yesterday. A.a book to me B.for me a book C. a book for me 2. The box is too heavy. I cant bring ______ you. A. it for B. it to C. the box for D. the box to 3. Excuse me, would you show ______ ? A.your ticket for me B. your ticket me C. your ticket to me 4. Would you ______ your umbrella ______ him? A. borrow… from B. lend … for C. lend … to 5. He wrote ______ last night. A. me two letters B. two letters me C. to me letters 6. He found ______ near his factory. A. a school for Peter B. a school to Peter C.for Peter a school C B C C A A

27 the students Grade 7 a composition __ Shenzhen a country _ _a long history the boy glasses the girl __ red people ____ all over Shenzhen rules the competition : prep.+ (n./pron./doing) The boy is standing under the tree. _______ is the boy standing? The boy under the tree is my brother. _______ boy is my brother? P51 Where Which in about with in from_ for

28 G nuts from my hand all day long have to do sth. get dark Its getting late. get, look,feel. Mr li looks quite young. I felt hungry then. The little girl was hungry and looked _____. A. sadly B. sad C. happy D. happily B

29 I in cold places in hot places in the grass in trees on the ground from tree to tree turn over boats = turn boats over Turn the bread over. = Turn over the bread.

30 1.I get _____ at seven every morning. 2.Mary may be a doctor when she grows ______. 3.Turn the light ______, please. 4.You should take _____ your hat when entering a room. 5.The noise woke me ______. 6.He will pick you ______ at the bus stop at 2:00. 7.He took ______ what he said. 8.He put his coat ______ and ran out of the house. 9.Write ______ every word the speaker says. 10.Give the book ______ to me when you finish reading it. 11.Find ______ where he is going. 12.Have you rung _____ your mother yet? 13.Hurry _____, children. The taxi is waiting. 14.Never buy shoes without trying them ____ first. up on/off off up back on down back out up on

31 gorillachimpanzee



34 B1 visit be have stand see come go ride drive buy visited was/were had stood saw came went rode drove bought

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