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Module 4 Unit 3 Grammar and Usage The lovely robots attracts the visitors. The visitors are attracted by the lovely robots. S. V. O. V. S.

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2 Module 4 Unit 3

3 Grammar and Usage


5 The lovely robots attracts the visitors. The visitors are attracted by the lovely robots. S. V. O. V. S.

6 The largest Christmas tree _____________ (make). And the child _____________(take) photos with it. has been made is being taken


8 The Great Wall was visited by many people last year. S. V. O. V. S. Many people visited the Great Wall last year.

9 The Passive voice be + past participle

10 Have a try: Change the following sentences into the passive voice. 1).The cat plays the ball. 2).You are writing a letter. 3).Sharon will bring some books. The ball is played by the cat. A letter is being written by you. Some books will be brought by Sharon.

11 4). My mum bought a bag for me. A bag was brought for me by my mum. 5).Jane was doing her homework. Her homework was being done by Jane. 6).We had painted some pictures before you came. Some pictures had been painted by us before you came.

12 7). I am going to water the flowers. The flowers are going to be watered by me. 8). He told me that they would hold the meeting the next day. He told me that the meeting would be held by them the next day.

13 Summary: Tense The active voice The passive voice The simple present The present continuous The present perfect do/doesare/is done am/is/ are doing has/have done am/is/are being done have/has been done

14 The simple future The simple past The past continuous The past perfect be going to/will do did was/were doing had done be going to/will be done was/were done was/were being done had been done

15 Practice: 1. Fill in the blanks with the right form of the words given: 1. I _________ (give) a new book by my father on my birthday. 2. English ________ (find) very useful. 3. The picture _____________ (finish) tomorrow. was given is found will be finished

16 4. The bike _______________(repair) by them now. 5. The building_______________ (build) this time last year. 6. How ______the flags already ________ make)? 7. The new railway ____________ (build) by the end of last year. is being repaired were being built havebeen made had been built

17 8. What_________________ (discuss) now? 9. Rice ________ (grow) in the south of the States. 10. Jane said her friends_______________ (invite) to her birthday party the next week. is being discussed is grown would be invited

18 2. Complete the passage on Page 49. Answers: 1) are being 2) Electric Wear 3) been developed 4) teenagers 5) was invented 6) are uses 7) been completed 8) will be produced 9) will be 10) was announced 11) was shown 12) are cleaned

19 Modal verb + be + done

20 You must close the windows. The windows must be closed. The viewer can touch the objects. The objects can be touched. We can use modal verbs in the passive voice to talk about ability, possibility, duty, permission, etc. modal verb +be done

21 Fill in the blanks. 1. Some viewers might not ___________ (impress) by the RealCine. 2. Special gloves must_______ (wear). 3. A real sense of achievement and happiness may______ (feel). be impressed be worn be felt Read the first report and complete the second on Page 50.

22 II. Exercises and summary Please read Point 3 on Page 48 and do the following exercises. He often tells us interesting stories. We are often told interesting stories. Interesting stories are often told to us. people things Point 1. O.

23 When verbs like give, lend, offer, send, tell and show can be followed by two objects, in the passive voice we often use the person as the subject, and sometimes the thing is used.

24 I hear the girl sing English songs. The girl is heard sing English the active voice make/see/hear sb do sth the passive voice sb be made/seen/heard to do sth Point 2.

25 This sweater_______ (wash) well. Your article______ (read) well. The pen______ (write) smoothly. washes reads writes These verbs used in the active voice give a passive meaning. Point 3.

26 Translate the sentences using get done. My bike got stolen last night. The eggs have got broken. The workers have got paid. Get can also be used in the passive voice instead of be. Point 4. 1. 2. 3.

27 Special passive patterns. Translate the sentences. It is said that he will recover soon. It is reported that another book will be published next month. Point 5. 1. 2.

28 It+ passive verb+ that-clause Subject+ passive verb+ to-infinitive Another book is reported to be published next month.

29 We usually use by to introduce the doer of the action, but we do not mention the doer when it is not necessary or not important, or when it is difficult to say who the doer is. Point out the passive sentences without mentioning the doer in NOT just watching a film. Point 6.

30 Some transitive verbs cannot be used in the passive voice, as they indicate states not actions, such as have, like, belong… Point 7.

31 Consolidation Read the passage on Page50 and Page 51, then fill in the blanks. Answers: 1) can be reduced 2) must be taken 3) should be made 4) must be worn 5) may become 6) ought to be reduced 7) might be cured

32 Answers to the Ex. on Page : 2) bored with 3) interested in 4) was written by 5) was set up 6) were employed 7) was surprised by 8) was accused of 9) was questioned by 10) was closed down 11) was purchased

33 Homework 1.Review what we learned today. 2.Finish exercises on page 92. 3.Preview Task.

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