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Alien Technology® Patti Blessing Director Business Development

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1 Alien Technology® Patti Blessing Director Business Development
General Manager, RFID Solutions Center

2 About Alien Technology
A Pioneer in the RFID industry 12+ years experience in RFID Founding Member of EPC Global, MIT Auto-ID Only “Fully Integrated” Gen 2 UHF company that designs: IC’s, Tags, Readers, Services 2,200+ customers worldwide Broad IP Portfolio: 75 Issued US Patents, 60 Pending, 47 International Alien IP enables EPCGlobal Gen2 Products Strong global alliances & channels Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA RFID Solutions Center, Dayton, OH Sales Offices in Korea, China, Europe Morgan Hill, CA Headquarters and Manufacturing Who are we? History Locations Dayton, OH Solutions Center 2 2

3 Alien Offerings and Expertise
RFID Silicon IC’s Highest sensitivity IC Expanded memory & Authentication Tags Exceptional Performance Global Compliance Readers High Performance Easy to Deploy & Manage Manufacturing Expertise (FSA, Flip Chip) Services Professional Services Education 3 3

4 World Renown RFID Academy and Consulting
>3,000 Students Globally Education Testing Certification Consulting Alien RFID Solutions Center in Dayton, OH

5 RFID – The Vision RFID enables the “Internet of things”
Connecting material things to the digital world Not just for business, consumer markets are emerging Gen 2 (UHF) technology is the leading RFID technology Cost Flexibility Standards based Feature/Function

6 RFID Today: Alien Leading Full-Scale Deployments
Baggage & Cargo File & Books Store Front: Item Animal Tracking Wine Authentication Vehicle ID & Tolls Distribution: Pallet & Case Ticketing Inv. Tracking Borders Delivering strong ROI 6 6

7 Alien’s RFID Vision …by 2018 there could be 1 Trillion RFID tags
Business Applications Retail Item Level Asset Tracking Access control/ID cards Supply Chain Work in Process Pharma Item & SC Brand Authentication Government Applications Records/File Mgmt. Asset Tracking DoD Supply Chain Access control/ID cards Vehicle Registration/Toll ID Cards Consumer Applications Brand Authentication Product Information Warranty and Service Ticketing Parking & Access ID Cards & Payments There are 10 Trillion Barcodes in the world today… …by 2018 there could be 1 Trillion RFID tags 7

8 Support Education in Ohio

9 Alien and Ohio Educational Institutions
Sinclair Community College High School Tech Prep Program Advisor Provide Sinclair RFID Classes with RFID Instruction and Hands On RFID Experience. Provide tools for classroom study including RFID tags Work with Sinclair Staff to respond to Grants Provide Sinclair Staff with access to RSC to plan for their future growth. Wright State University Military Masters in Supply Chain Logistics. Classes and tours for Business School

10 Alien and Ohio Educational Institutions
Ohio University Partner in studies with key industry organizations such as AIAG. Provide training programs for faculty for development curriculum. Ohio State and University of Dayton Support of student projects Support of labs Demo Equipment, Samples and Support for All

11 Alien Supporting New Business Growth
Dayton RFID Convergence Center Board of Advisors Demonstration Equipment Networking for DRCC Personnel and DRCC Businesses Access to Engineering Staff

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