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Datamax-ONeil - At a Glance -. Our Value Proposition Datamax-ONeil is the global provider who works passionately with customers to listen, understand.

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1 Datamax-ONeil - At a Glance -

2 Our Value Proposition Datamax-ONeil is the global provider who works passionately with customers to listen, understand and then deliver a value-driven printing solution that minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency, safety, and quality

3 Datamax-ONeil Mission We make it our business to understand individual customer requirements; then take great pride in providing the most reliable label and receipt printing solutions to precisely meet those requirements. Our can-do attitude; passion for excellence and responsiveness help enable our customers success. In return, we will earn a high degree of loyalty and market leadership status.

4 Who are we? Global provider of stationary and portable label and receipt printing solutions Part of Dovers Product Identification Group (PIDG) which generates nearly $1 billion in business annually Nearly 400 employees worldwide More than 200,000 end-users Well over 1 million printers manufactured 50+ years of experience Headquarters in Orlando, FL Global sales and technical support operations with offices around the world

5 Product Breadth – One of Worlds Largest and most Diverse Datamax-ONeil offers a wide array of stationary and mobile printers as well as printer supplies to meet global supply chain requirements

6 The Datamax-ONeil Difference Datamax-ONeil offers value driven solutions – our products offer the industrys best reliability and lowest cost of ownership. Datamax-ONeil people make a difference. We are a dedicated, determined and can do team that provides better service, is more approachable, and ready to work with our partners to deliver the best possible solution.

7 Datamax-ONeil is easy to work with. We have streamlined our business processes and procedures to ensure that our organization is agile and ready to respond quickly – whether its an order, a customized solution, service or support. Datamax-ONeil believes in the importance of building strong, long lasting and rewarding relationships. This is evidenced by the strong programs and partner support we offer our global channel, and the commitment our partners demonstrate in their go to market strategy. The Datamax-ONeil Difference

8 …Our Core Values Are embodied in our people… We share a common set of human values – to be accountable, to have integrity, to be honest and to always be professional Who are dedicated to excellence… Performance counts, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards and are focused on the sustainability of our label and receipt printing solutions And committed to our customers… To optimize teamwork and loyalty, we are innovative, adaptable, reliable, passionate and dedicated to continuous improvement.

9 We do right by our customers when it comes to reliable printing… Our History 1977 Datamax founded as engineering consulting company 1984 Datamax acquired by G-Tech 1985 Datamax develops admissions/ event ticketing system 1987 Datamax develops product line for airline industry 1991 Management acquires Datamax 1993 Datamax acquires Fargo barcode product line 1995 Datamax focuses on bar code printers, sells airline product line, expands portfolio to 5 printers. 1996 Datamax acquires Pioneer Labels 1999 Datamax introduces Class products 2004 Datamax acquired by Dover Corporation. Dover creates Product Identification Group (PIDG). Dover acquires ONeil Product Development 2006 Integration of Datamax and ONeil initiated 19751980198519901995200020052010 Datamax- ONeil launches new portable products 2009 Combined company Datamax- ONeil introduced. Datamax- ONeil acquires Extech Data Systems Division. 1981 O'Neil Product Development is established in Irvine, CA 1988 ONeil turns its focus to portable printers 1993 ONeil offers the industry's first portable printer with Flash memory 2001 O'Neil expands to international markets

10 Markets and Applications Transportation/Logistics Shipping Labels Compliance/Pallet Labels Sorting/Routing Labels Warehouse Management Healthcare Services Administration/Patient Tracking Asset Tracking/Management Security/Record Laboratory Pharmacy Retail In-Store Shelf Labeling Markdowns Returns Management Supply Chain Manufacturing Case & Pallet Labeling Work in Process Tracking Inventory Management Quality Assurance Asset Tracking Warehouse Automation Shipping Labels Government Vehicle Registration Sports Licensing Postal / Logistics Supply Chain and Asset Mgmt Route Accounting & Field Mobility Real Time Invoices Credit Card Transactions Receipts Product Transactions Technician Dispatch/Scheduling Work Order Dispatch/Closure

11 The Datamax-ONeil Brand Color Logo Tagline Color projects a lively, dynamic tone reflecting the vitality of Datamax- ONeil and its people Personified Datamax-ONeils desire to help customers any way we can. It lets our customers know we will help make them succeed in the market. The do brand identity takes the company initials and turns it into action. The do corresponds to our greatest brand differentiator: the can-do attitude of Datamax-ONeil people. Introduced to the market on March 1, 2009

12 right by our customers personifies Datamax-ONeils desire to help customers any way we can. For customers, it lets them know we are always by their side helping them succeed in their market. For employees, its a call to action to always do right by our customers. The Datamax-ONeil Tagline

13 D-O Business Group Serge Kral Dover PIDG Christian Lefort President DO Business Group VP, Sales Plamen Petkov VP, Marketing Carter Williams Director, Sales John Otott VP, GM Printer Supplies Mike Allocco Regional GM, Americas Tony Revis VP, OEM & Alliances Wayne Campbell Director, Global Technical Support Joseph Lim Regional GM, ASPAC Christian Bischoff Regional GM, EMEA

14 Datamax-ONeil Global Locations Sales/Support Office Mexico Sales/Support Office China Sales/Support Offices: Brazil Argentina Portable Product Development Irvine, California Datamax-ONeil Headquarters Orlando, Florida EMEA Regional Office Configuration/Distribution Valence, France Printer Supplies Irvine, California Robinson, Illinois ASPAC Regional Office Singapore

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