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2 ASME Products, Services, and Areas for Collaboration Presented to Biotechnology Council March 18, 2005

3 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM ASME Overview ASME is a 120,000-member professional organization focused on technical, educational and research issues of the engineering and technology community ASME conducts one of the worlds largest technical publishing operations, holds numerous technical conferences worldwide,and offers hundreds of professional development courses each year ASME sets internationally recognized industrial and manufacturing codes and standards that enhance public welfare and safety

4 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Our Vision To be the premier organization for promoting the art, science and practice of mechanical and multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences throughout the world

5 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Our Aspiration Become a global provider of best practices for delivering new technologies to commercial markets Enhance and further key strategic alliances Provide multimedia distribution of products and services Leverage and expand online capabilities –Customized, smart connection for members –Portal of choice for entire engineering community

6 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM ASME Products Publications –Technical Journals –Periodicals –ASME Press –Conference Proceedings –ME Magazine Professional Certifications –GD&T - QHO –EMCI - QFO –QMO - QHO Codes & Standards –Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code –Stress Tables Education & Training –Short Courses –In-Company Programs –Global Training –Technical Seminars –Distance Learning

7 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM What is ASME Solutions? ASME Solutions is a new initiative within Strategic Management sanctioned by the Board of Governors to focus on meeting the needs of engineers and other technical professionals in six traditional and emerging industry clusters.

8 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Six Industry Clusters Traditional –Pressure Technology –Power Emerging –Bio/Pharma –Homeland Security –Water Management –Computer

9 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Marketing Government Interface Education Publishing Codes & Standards IT/Web F&A Cluster Manager Bio/Pharm Cluster Sales Knowledge & Communities

10 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Bio/Pharma Activities Staff cluster team established Industry Advisory Board committee for each cluster Identify current portfolio of products and services Develop new products and services Engaging with IEEE on a feasibility/ marketing study to identify potential areas for collaboration

11 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Biotech Activities Bioengineering Division Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Biomedicine Miniaturization - –April 5-8, 2005 Irvine CA Summer Bioengineering Conference – –June 22-26, 2005 Vail, CO Bioprocessing Seminar – –September 26-30, 2005

12 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Top Areas for Collaboration Implantable and wearable electronics BioMEMS Biosensors Bio-nanotechnology Biotechnology sensor networks, circuits and integrated systems Robotics and Mechatronics

13 2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM2/8/ :17 AM Opportunities to Collaborate Develop a new product together Co-sponsor a conference Co-locate a conference or seminar Identify subject matter experts for conferences Promote our programs on your website Write articles for journals

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