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1 1st China RFID Benchmarking Test Forum & MOU Signing Ceremony Johnson Yim.

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1 1 1st China RFID Benchmarking Test Forum & MOU Signing Ceremony Johnson Yim

2 2 Overview of ETIC

3 ETI Consulting Limited 3 ETI Consulting Limited (ETIC) Fully-owned subsidiary of the University of Hong Kong Commercial arm of E-Business Technology Institute Commercialization of Innovative Technologies

4 ETI Consulting Limited 4 ETIC Services & Solutions EC-ASPRFID Business Intelligence Professional Services Technologies Services Solutions EC-ASP EC-Communicator Email to SMS Mobile Learning Professional Services IT Consultancy IT Training E-Business & Infrastructure System Integration RFID RFiDY Solutions Pilot Testing Hardware Evaluation System Customization Business Intelligence Data Analysis Performance Management Datawarehousing

5 5 Overview of ETIC RFiDY Solutions

6 ETI Consulting Limited 6 ETI RFID Middleware Project ETI was awarded funding from the Innovative Technology Fund (ITF) of HKSAR Government in 2005 to conduct the R&D project: RFID Enablement Middleware for Enterprise Application - RAE Focus Area –To develop flexible middleware to help companies integrate their new RFID systems with legacy systems at minimal effort and cost. –To enable companies to painlessly and cost effectively connect to the global supply chain infrastructure through multiple international standards such as EPC, EDI and DTTN

7 ETI Consulting Limited 7 Asset Mgmt Document Mgmt Library Mgmt Mobile Facility Mgmt Security Patrol Mgmt Warehouse Mgmt RAE R&D Product Commercial Products RFiDY-enabled Solutions Middleware ETIC Commercialization

8 ETI Consulting Limited 8 ETIC RFiDY Middleware Middleware Business / System Applications WMS ERP CRM HF UHF 2.45GHz LF NF RFID Devices Collects filters & routes RFID data Manages multiple readers simultaneously Defines RFID infrastructure topology ETI Consulting Limiteds RFiDY is an integration kernel helps enterprises to integrate RFID system with their legacy systems at the shortest time and minimal cost.

9 ETI Consulting Limited 9 RFiDY Asset Management Solution Key Features Asset movement tracking Location identification Asset information retrieval Stock taking Security Inventory reporting Potential Applications Equipment tracking Waste management

10 ETI Consulting Limited 10 RFiDY Document Management Solution Key Features Document movement tracing Document record retrieval Document search Work flow control / ownership transfer Potential Applications Application monitoring Document / files management such as design spec, drawings, financial records, etc.

11 ETI Consulting Limited 11 RFiDY Library Management Solution Key Features Circulation automation Circulation record retrieval Self service Books return Data conversion Stock taking Security Potential Application Library management

12 ETI Consulting Limited 12 RFiDY Mobile Facility Management RFiDY Security Patrol Management Key Features Patrol route design Patrol advisor Incident report Floor plan annotation Photo record Work order management Management reports Potential Applications Property management inspection Utilities maintenance Patrolling

13 ETI Consulting Limited 13 Promotion Check Out Counters Frozen Food Backroom Entrance Rehabilitation Backroom Household Supplies Frozen Food Main Entrance Food RFID Enabled Store

14 14 Benchmarking Test

15 ETI Consulting Limited 15 © Copyright 2006 ETI Consulting Limited15 Implementation Framework Evaluate HW Site Survey Trial Test Planning Pilot Solution RF Field Testing RF Design Test Case Training Piloting Solution Development Full Implementation Production Project Management Quality Control

16 ETI Consulting Limited 16 Need for Benchmarking Tests Multiple vendors and multiple reader & tag models Compliance with industry standards Cope with "real-world" deployment environmental conditions

17 ETI Consulting Limited 17 RFID Test Centers Worldwide Sun Microsystems RFID Test Centers IBM Solution Centers Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangdong RFID Technology Service Center Pacific RFID Performance Center (PRPC) Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute National RFID Center Singapore

18 ETI Consulting Limited 18 HKUST RFID Benchmarking Test Center

19 19 Johnson Yim Senior Manager Professional Services ETI Consulting Limited

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