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BT for Retail Connecting Retail to a better future BT for Retail Creating a connected world of Retail.

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1 BT for Retail Connecting Retail to a better future BT for Retail Creating a connected world of Retail

2 Farm Fresh: Report findings State of Technology readiness to take over opportunities

3 IT :Growth,Plan, Impact Rethink & Recalibrate : Though majority believes technology on CRM, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Data Analytics has high impact but still it comprises of small pie of the overall IT investment

4 Straight from the Global Oven

5 Indiaglobal customer demandsoperational capabilities innovationscost-cutting Striking the right balance

6 Putting customers at the Centre of the retail experience Customers Want Easy Experience Store Environment EngagingUnlimited ChoicePersonalization Choose the mode of shopping

7 As a result,what does Retailers, Retail Staff and Head Office want ? Retailers want their shopping experience to : I n the stores, retail staff want to : Retailers want their supply chain to : Create customer loyalty Reason to visit their stores Exciting and engaging Shift from Point of Sale to Point of Service Create a seamless experience across offline and online Be better equipped to support knowledgeable customers Be mobile Build expertise Make customers happy Feel in control Fulfil customer orders in cost effective way Complete end-to-end visibility of stock Meet customer expectation anytime anywhere Make stock available Head office want to : Increase revenue by going to market quickly Increase productivity and efficiency of staff Communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently Simplify their IT Flexibility to easily scale their service up As a consequence

8 BT Global Services is all about connecting for a better future How do we help to address the needs? Putting customer at the heart Connecting your staff with the information they need to help them sell more Connecting your customers with your brand seamlessly through every channel Creating complete view of the customer Connecting every link in your supply chain from manufacturer to shelf (or doorbell) Using technology to engage with the customer better

9 BT Menu for Retail Retail-specific capabilities Networks for retailers Mobile point of sale Managed payment Digital marketing 3G rapid site Clienteling BT Managed Store Retail traffic analytics Integrated Store FrescaCommerce ecommerce site design Social media Online marketing Email marketing Facebook CRM best practice CRM loyalty progs Contact centres Integrated Store Clienteling E-gift cards Mobile vouchers Store mobility eLearning Workforce optimisation Conferencing / video Unified communications CCTV security BT Trace for Retail Inventory Trace Asset Trace Warehouse Trace Merchandising Life cycle and sourcing management Field force automisation STOREOMNII-CHANNELCUSTOMEREMPLOYEESUPPLY CHAIN BT Global Services: Connecting Retail to a Better Future Business imperativesEconomic environmentCustomer demandsVerdict research London 2012 Global network“Glocal” modelGrowth economies Topical solutionsNew productsReferencesShowcases and workshopsInnovation Dedicated or shared infrastructureStandardised propositionsConsolidated serviceLow-capex commercials

10 Case Study : Let us tell you a real story Global luxury retailer Overview: With an impressive footfall of more than 10,000 shoppers every day, it was a struggle to keep shelves stocked with every style, size and colour for every garment. Challenge: You can’t sell what you haven’t got. The perennial problem for store retailers everywhere is how to make sure that every style or model is available in every colour and size, at all times. Solution: The company chose BT Trace for Retail, an item-level inventory management solution that uses RFID technology to track goods on the move and in store. Value: Transformed store performance Using handheld readers, just two people can accurately count an inventory of 50,000 items in 45 minutes Replenishment is now more exact Sales associates are spending longer with customers and converting more engagements into sales Customers are buying more items in a single transaction


12 BT Retail Trace Capabilities 12 12 Trucks deliver tagged items from warehouse/ distribution centre BT Cloud Compute hosted RFID software In-store wireless network

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