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In Honor of HOPE, 2600, and Eric BUY THE Blue-Ray DVD Be a Citizen Intelligence Minuteman KICK SOME INSTITUTIONAL ASS!

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3 In Honor of HOPE, 2600, and Eric

4 BUY THE Blue-Ray DVD Be a Citizen Intelligence Minuteman KICK SOME INSTITUTIONAL ASS!

5 Creative Commons Copyright If you are inspired, do something with this. Remix to the max. If we can help, let us know. We are seeking millions of volunteers. Attribution is always required. Commercial exploitation is NOT allowed without permission & terms.

6 Who Is? Oil brat, 16 years in Latin America & Asia, 8 more later USMC infantry Cmd & Staff Recovering CIA spy (3 field tours, 1 chasing terrorists) 2 MAs, War College CIA/OIT Advanced IT/AI Created USMC Intelligence Command 1988-1992 Open Source Intelligence lead Author, Publisher, Reader #1 Amazon reviewer for non- fiction (#33 over-all) Earth Intelligence Advocate Worlds most pissed-off End User…


8 Earth Intelligence Network The Last HOPE Hackers on Planet Earth New York City, 18 July 2008 Brief with Notes at

9 Key Negative Trends Collapse of complex societies: catastrophe from disaster for lack of resilience & adaptation as well as corruption Acts of Man creating Acts of God: natural disasters will be more frequent & more severe as we cement more land Acceleration of Earths Demise : changes that used to take 10,000 years now take THREE years; absent Real Time Science and Real Time Public Policy (online, deliberative, transparent) we die Shock Capitalism continues to loot the Earth and has turned USA into a Third World countryUAE (Dubai) is the new Switzerland Political Corruption ascendant 44 dictators, both Republican and Democratic parties are running on empty and very corrupt, elites in towns across America have sold us out

10 Key Positive Trends Wealth of networks : fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, peace through connectivity, wealth from sharing information GreenMind : Biomimicry, beneficial bacteria, green chemistry, Moral capitalism : natural capitalism, green to gold, cradle to cradle, home rule, eat local, end of corporate personality Democratic Information : true costs at point of sale Left Hand of God : faith-based dialog and diplomacy, obvious need to end of our support to 42 of 44 dictators, shunning of cults Peer to Peer People Power : from the Tao of Democracy to localized Wisdom Councils to Blessed Unrest to the Clock of the Long Now.

11 Good & Bad News Good News: it does not matter who wins, the Citizens Summit in Chicago in February 2009 could set the agenda and demand compliance. Reuniting America has 110 million members from across the spectrum, and is growing. Independence! Bad News: nothing the USA does in the next four years will matter UNLESS we can create the EarthGame model that shows Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and Wild Cards like the Congo, how to create seven billion billionaires without eradicating diversity. We the People have to think & act strategically.

12 Before We Begin…. The U.S. Intelligence Community Before & After 9/11 BEFORE AFTER



15 What the Czar Does… I am NOT making this up….


17 Googles Programmable Search Engine You see what someone has paid for you to see…

18 TECHNICALHUMAN III - External Information EXTERNAL INTERNAL Organizational Memory System Data Conversion Data Visualization Heterogeneous Search & Retrieval Trip Reports Churning (Rotationals) Local Knowledge Expert Hires Just Enough, Just in Time Internal Reporting Vendor Reporting Government Monitoring Customer Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Technology Monitoring CHUNKS (Intellectual Property) PERSONALITY (Insight/Intuition) Patents, Etc. Trade Secrets Meta-Data Knowledge Capital Rolodexes/E-Mail Personal Brand Out-Sourcing of Information Processing Project/Group Management Training Business I ntelligence Institutionalized E-Commerce Automated Analysis Cell # IV - Organizational Intelligence I - Knowledge Management II - Collaborative Work Four processing quadrants

19 WHAT IS Earth Intelligence Network? EIN is a strategic vision for waging peace and assuring prosperity with dignity for all EIN is an infinitely scalable concept of operations for connecting dots to dots, dots to people, and people to people EIN is an information technology platform for creating the World-Brain (net, org, edu, com) EIN is an analytic framework for creating public intelligence in the public interest EIN is a tool for empowering the public everywhere, ending rule by secrecy with online transparent budgets at every level of governance including global


21 Non-Partisan Policy

22 Public Interest Math 101 Cost Republicans $300 million per year to buy US government from schoolhouse to White House in 1990s Cost to beat them at their own game is $500M – $20 a year from 25 million citizens – $100 a year from 5 million citizens This model will scale to rest of world if you build it and show its power to heal all wounds

23 Information Arbitrage through Information Cartography Dots to Dots, Dots to People, People to People: the First Platform to Integrate Data, Tools & Social Networks America 08 ABC Ventures $111M/1X Sweeping Up Websites with Global Generic IT-Enabled Services 5% Non-Partisan Peoples Trust Big Bat for Reuniting America $500M/Yr to !T/Yr * + 75 political groups & growing **EU Intelligence Network, Asia, Third World Reuniting America (2008)* Non-Partisan Policy Institute Earth Intelligence Network 85% 5% All Networks Pol Soc Eco Cul S&T, Reuniting Earth (2012)** Infinite Verticals Create the Aggregate Pool Health Global Sports Global PoliticsAll Levels 5% Each Social Networks Academic AggregatorsVanity Press Digital Music Digital ArtDigital Op-Ed Financial Technical Human Spectrum of Sticky Integrated Services (Data, Tools, Social Networks) Internet -- Public Intelligence – Public Policy Forums – Serious Games – Real-World Budgets



26 TOOZL STRONG ANGEL funded by DARPA Annual West Coast Exercise Prior to Burning Man Open Source Sharing Tools on a Thumb Drive Missing the Following: – CISCO AON at point of creation everywhere – Grub –like distributed search that buries Google while remaining honest & embracing all information – Distributed as well as reach-back sense-making in all languages and mediums – Free cell phones for the five billion poor

27 Cognitive Science Goes Here Collective Intelligence Goes Here World-Brain Web Now Zoom for Deeper Understanding Contextual Map of Science from Dick Klavans & Brad Ashford, Katy Borner

28 Lifetime Email Member Directory Information Evaluations Distance Learning Expert Forums Library & Links Knowledge Gaps New Idea Forum Research Grants Global Coverage Help Desk & Experts Strategic Analysis National Security Intelligence Business Intelligence Whole Earth Intelligence Religious & Ethnic Intelligence Under Construction

29 Ten High-Level Threats Poverty Infectious Disease Environmental Degradation Inter-State Conflict Civil War Genocide Other Atrocities Proliferation Terrorism Transnational Crime Every Mission Confronts These Ten Threats One Way or Another Avoid Narrow Focus, Always See the Forest, Not Just The Tree in Front of You

30 Open Sources & Ten Threats Economic and social threats including 95% – poverty,99% – infectious disease and 95% – environmental degradation90% Inter-State conflict75% Internal conflict, including 90% – civil war, 80% – genocide and 95% – other large-scale atrocities95% Nuclear, radiological, chemical, and biological weapons (proliferation)75% Terrorism80% Transnational organized crime80% On balance, open sources are more than adequate to understand and address the ten high-level threats, but the UN Systems Information Management is not.

31 Twelve Action Areas Agriculture Diplomacy Economy Education Energy Family Health Immigration/Migration Justice Security Society Water Every Mission Has Narrow Channels and Deep Bureaucracies. Information Sharing is a Proper Ethical Means for Enhancing Effectiveness. If Any Action Area is Overlooked, Boss Needs to Know This.

32 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 This Is Reality: We Go For The Green! Information-Sharing & Decision-Support

33 Eight Owners of the Future Does not include USA or EUR


35 Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Environment Natural and Alternative Remediation Surgical & Pharmaceutical Remediation Preventable Not Preventable True Cost To Society True Cost To Heal

36 Health Intelligence One Planet, One Climate, One Humanity PART I: STRATEGIC STEWARDSHIP Ten High-Level Threats to Humanity Twelve Remediation Policies Eight Demographic Challengers Health Axis: The Planet & Humanity PART II: OPERATIONAL SENSIBILITY Prevention, Prevention, Prevention Natural and Alternative Cures Eliminate 50% of Health Care Costs Precautionary Principle Always PART III: TACTICAL INTERVENTIONS Medical Telemedicine Medical Tourism World Pharmaceuticals Evidence-Based Surgical Procedures PART IV: TECHNICAL CALCULATIONS Costs to Society (Top 50) Costs to Heal (Top 50) Creating Wealth Through Health Holistic Health Accountability

37 Brazil China Indonesia India Indonesia Wild Card(s) Venezuela Russia USA European Union Inputs: Twelve Policies Actualized in All Budgets at All Levels Outputs: Sustainable Solutions for Ten High-Level Threats Solution: Abandon the War Metaphor & Secrecy, Move Directly to Information Peacekeeping & Transparent Reality-Based Budgeting Real-world Real-time Dollars & Sense

38 EarthGame as People in Charge


40 Public Intelligence & Influence The More Open, the More Influence --Paragraphs for microcash --Proven authors by the email or hour --FedExKinko local print & deliver --CISCO AON --STRONG ANGEL WikiAll --WikiPedia --WikiHelp --WikiLearn --WikiCalc Centers of Excellence --Sachs on Poverty at Colombia --Derek Bok at Harvard --International Counterparts Global Intelligence Network --Structured Bridging --Stuctured Validation --Multi-lingual versions not competitive but linked --Congressional Intelligence Office allied with Library of Congress --Open Source Agency as independent sister agency to Broadcasting Board of Governors Rest of World --We have 5-10 years to define a pervasive approach to open everything. OPEN Everything Bloggers Could Rule Citizen-Centered Governance --Cell phone as point of sale decision help

41 We were here in 2006… 9-11 & Katrina, then multiple policy failures Here in 2007! US public scared back into reading and thinking; 75K amputees, GAO declares USA insolvent, 27 secessionist movements, home rule up, and corporate personality down. Critical Junctures Our Advantage I


43 Open Source Software Not free of cost, but free to be improved. If F/OSS communist, then Microsoft fascist. Challenge to Microsoft: stable and transparent APIs, dump VISTA, start over on OSS base

44 Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Harnessing All for One and One for All OSINT HUMINT SIGINT IMINT MASINT

45 Open Spectrum End of Broadcast, Age of Connection Assigned frequencies are dead, dead, dead Smart sending rules Stifles innovation & wastes bandwidth Dont wait for corrupt government to fix, just do it (ham radio rules) David Weinberger a real pioneer in this area

46 Open Money Eric Harris-Braun Open money can reflect both tangible assets and intangible values. Open money can be controlled by the local community to meet its needs. The Interra Project

47 Open Everything! See the Table of Innovators at Co-Intelligence Networks InfoNet-Public – Amazon ScanBack Plus – CISCO AON for all – iPhone becomes Sensicast- Tranzeo 3000, RFID Public InfoNet-Domestic – 114, 119, 911, RFID Sensitive – InfoNet-Multinational Spies & Secrecy Only 10% BLOG THIS: Multinational Information Sharing Act Write your SenatorsSend them a copy from EIN Library

48 Four Reforms in Need of OPEN End Fraud, Wage Peace, Educate All OSINT is 80 To 95% of the Answer Transpartisan Reality-Based Budget Demand Reform Before 2008; Home Rule Also Non-Partisan

49 Hackers & Bloggers Rule! To understand the role of reputation in the open-source culture, it is helpful to move from history further into anthropology and economics, and examine the difference between exchange cultures and gift cultures. "Abundance makes command relationships difficult to sustain and exchange relationships an almost pointless game. In gift cultures, social status is determined not by what you control but by what you give away." From:$223 To Blog for Peace End Secrecy, Be Happy

50 We Are ONE!

51 Will speak for sushi Robert D. Steele Meta documents: – – Cool briefs: – (of 20th Century Intel) – (Hackers on Planet Earth) – (Future Brief for Amazon) – (Raw Brief for Amazon) – (IT brief to NSA) – (Gnomedex 2008 keytone) – (M4IS2 Concept of Operations) Steele at Amazon Movie – (compressed) – (full) This brief: –

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