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In Honor of HOPE, 2600, and Eric SPY IMPROV Questions & Answers Robert David STEELE (Vivas) Hackers on Planet Earth 19 July 2008, New York City.

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3 In Honor of HOPE, 2600, and Eric

4 SPY IMPROV Questions & Answers Robert David STEELE (Vivas) Hackers on Planet Earth 19 July 2008, New York City

5 WHO IS? Hacker champion, 1994 on Author, On Intel, IO, Smart Nation Editor, Peacekeeping Intel Publisher, Collective Intelligence Amazon, #1 Reviewer Non-Fiction Amazon, #33 Reviewer Over-All Lecturer, 9-11 & National Security EIN Founder, Public Intelligence Patriot, America the Beautiful Father, three boys with no future Husband, underpaid saint Lifetime overseas AB Multinational Corporations MA Predicting Revolution USMC Infantry & Intelligence CIA Clandestine Case Officer CIA Advanced IT, Satellites MPA National Security IT NWC Advanced War Studies USMC Founder, Intel Center USMC Founder OSINT Council OSS Founder, OSINT Movement Unhappy, restless, in search of collective meaning & good of the group.

6 PLEASE BUY THIS BOOK Free online at No substitute for the hard copy $20 is half-price (Amazon $39.95) Brought 120 with me, buys time. Golden Candle Pin comes with each book bought here, or separately for $2. I have a publishers preface and two chapters in this book. Will sign book if asked, but this is the FIRST book not to carry my name on the cover, and the FIRST book ever in the emerging field of Collective Public Intelligence. Donating 25 copies to HOPE.

7 Before We Begin (All Free) This short briefing is at (Open Source Intelligence) (Public Intelligence) (Future Trends & Wild Cards) (Amazon as Public Resource) (Open Everything) (Multinational Decision Support)

8 My Private Office & Library

9 If You Have to Leave Early… Amazon Reviews at Critical Mass Location: Oakton, VA United States Reviewer Rank: 3333 See all 1,281 reviewsSee all 1,281 reviews (32,153 helpful votes) Listmania! Lists: 42,647 views See all 74 Listmania! listsSee all 74 Listmania! lists (376 helpful votes) So You'd Like To... Guides: 934 views See all 2 So You'd Like To... guidesSee all 2 So You'd Like To... guides (12 helpful votes) Customer Images: 210 See all 210 customer images Nickname: cannotputbearintothisspace Birthday: 7/16 Anniversary: 8/15 Web page: Robert D. Steele's Profile Recent Purchases RSS Feed 1.Whores in History 2.Gridlock Economy 3.Everything is Miscellaneous 4.Palestine Inside Out 5.Your Government Failed You 6.The Back of the Napkin 7.Disrupting Class 8.Scholarship in the Digital Age 9.Spies for Hire

10 The Other Hackers Conference PatrickRobert

11 Why I Care About the Future

12 Key Negative Trends Collapse of complex societies: catastrophe from disaster for lack of resilience & adaptation as well as corruption Acts of Man creating Acts of God: natural disasters will be more frequent & more severe as we cement more land Acceleration of Earths Demise : changes that used to take 10,000 years now take THREE years; absent Real Time Science and Real Time Public Policy (online, deliberative, transparent) we die Shock Capitalism continues to loot the Earth and has turned USA into a Third World countryUAE (Dubai) is the new Switzerland Political Corruption ascendant 44 dictators, both Republican and Democratic parties are running on empty and very corrupt, elites in towns across America have sold us out

13 Key Positive Trends Wealth of networks : fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, peace through connectivity, wealth from sharing information GreenMind : Biomimicry, beneficial bacteria, green chemistry, Moral capitalism : natural capitalism, green to gold, cradle to cradle, home rule, eat local, end of corporate personality Democratic Information : true costs at point of sale Left Hand of God : faith-based dialog and diplomacy, obvious need to end of our support to 42 of 44 dictators, shunning of cults Peer to Peer People Power : from the Tao of Democracy to localized Wisdom Councils to Blessed Unrest to the Clock of the Long Now.

14 Neither Candidate Will Do Who Wins Irrelevant Citizens Summit in Chicago February 2009Time for We the People to Govern

15 Bloomberg Can Fund Steele Truth Matters More Than Winning I dont do low-rent jobs where I have no authority…. MONEY Talks

16 Four Reforms in Need of OPEN End Fraud, Wage Peace, Educate All OSINT is 80 To 95% of the Answer Transpartisan Reality-Based Budget Demand Reform Before 2008; Home Rule Also Non-Partisan

17 Electoral Reform 101 Obama & McCain REFUSE! Prior to November 2008 – Holiday Voting for Poor who rely on buses and cannot miss work – Honest Open Debates restored to League of Women Voters – Cabinet-Level Debates at least Justice, State, and Defense – Instant Run-Off Prior to November 2009 – Full and Balanced Representation, End Winner Take All System – Tightly-Drawn Districts – Full Public Funding of Diverse Candidates – No Legislation (or Budget Allocation) without Public Notification in Advance

18 Follow the Money! PER YEAR $1T in taxes for war $1T in tax exempt non-profit giving to all $1T in foreign planned assistance by governments & IO/NGO Bottom line: we do not lack for money, we talk for honest informed decision-making.

19 Our Deal in 2008 Get Electoral Reform passed by 1 October. Announce at least three Cabinet positions by 1 October and have them debate one another. Post a balanced budget online by 1 October, and provide for interactive dialog on all line items. Acknowledge the ten high-level threats to humanity. Acknowledge need for Whole of Nation action on the twelve policies Acknowledge urgency of creating a model (the EarthGame) that can be adopted by the eight demographic powers.

20 Poverty Pandemic 5 billion globally Increasing in USA Foundation for all other threats Infectious Disease Without borders Kills rich & leaders Prevention critical Low cost medicine Environmental Degradation Changes that took 10,000 yrs now take 3 Toxicity of everything Poisoned earth/water Inter-State Conflict Security Council members sell the guns Ban on arms exports Regional peace nets Civil War Corruption Dictators (42 of 44 supported by USA) Over basics of life Genocide Resource scarcity Lifetime of learned hatreds Israel must adapt Other Atrocities Child slavery Child prostitution By name kidnapping Murder for body parts Proliferation Cluster bombs, land mines, & small arms Peaceful energy trumps nuclear bombs Terrorism Cannot win war against a tactic Law enforcement can resolve this Too much on military, not enough on aid Transnational Crime $2 trillion a year Vatican, Wall Street, USG, Mafia all are intertwined Drug cash is liquidity Corruption One mans bribe is a communitys loss of all Open Money and Open Books can fix Must improve salaries across the board Fraud Apply Tobin Tax of.0006 to all Federal Reserve transactions IRS gets same books as stockholders True Costs up front Earth Intelligence Network: High-Level Threat Summary + Two Breach of Trust Demands Electoral Reform Insist on legislation passing by 4 July08

21 Agriculture Local & Organic Deep Root Farming Family/Community Owned Farming Diplomacy Dogma kills Restore USIA Need global information sharing Economy End CEO Greed $10/hr minimum wage Full employment LOCAL supply chain Education Self-paced Online Apprenticeships Team Learning Learn to learn Energy Wind & Solar NOW Portable Hydrogen Two-way Grid Green capitalism Family One job per couple End overtime Community Centers Build neighborhoods Health Lifestyle Environment Natural Cures Generic at 1% of cost Immigration Enforce Labor Law GLOBAL standards Border Patrol +25,000 National Service 2 yrs Justice Pardon all marijuana offenders Wind down the prison-slave complex Eliminate corporate personality amnesty Security Wage peace not war Reduce the military- industrial complex Belief systems and morality are core. Connect 5B poor Society Universal service Universal health care Preventive medicine English required for citizenship & extended residence Water Reflect True Cost Global Manhattan Project to restore aquifers, push salt back Regional Water Authorities (Global) Earth Intelligence Network: Transpartisan Policy Summary Debt. $9 Trillion is a lot, Debt scales & incapacitates. USA Insolvent. MUST HAVE a Balanced Budget 25 years out.

22 Brazil Demographic power Energy independent Macau connection to China China Energy Crisis Water Crisis Doing well on poverty Exporting wombs India Water crisis Most complex mix IT rich, farm poor Merits investments Indonesia Proving resilient Rich in resources Key to anti-piracy Could lead region Iran We overturned their democracy Persians are not ragheads Get over it & deal Russia Putin on a roll Buffer on China only if we keep it European Enormous potential Embrace & assist Venezuela Populism is not socialism Energy independent Charismatic leaders can be ignorant Wild Cards Congo Malaysia Pakistan South Africa Turkey Budget Balanced budget mandatory Medicare okay if go with generic drugs Too much on spies & military, shift $250B/yr Design Sustainable Cradle to Cradle Lease dont buy Minimize shipping End absentee owners Public Health EarthGame Reality plus budgets plus active citizens online levels the field For one third of war costs, can eliminate all ten high-level threats True Costs Every product and service can be listed in online database End-user can get true costs at point of sale via cell phone Earth Intelligence Network: Transpartisan Challengers Summary Eight Challengers, Four Methods Our only hope is to create an EarthGame the Challengers Can Use

23 The Way Forward Creating a Prosperous Healthy World at Peace

24 Any Questions? We Are ONE!

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