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Cyber-Command or IO 21 Planned Words in Notes Format.

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Cyber-Command or IO 21 Planned Words in Notes Format.

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1 Cyber-Command or IO 21 Planned Words in Notes Format

2 What is the IO Threat?

3 Collaboration Replaces Control

4 Army IO is Fraction of a Fraction

5 Human Minds Are IO Center of Gravity

6 Abandon the IO Legacy Mind-Set

7 What Should We Do? Open Tri-Fecta (1, 2, 3) + Education + Mind-Set (Culture) Current Cyber-Command TIRED, Expensive, Wasted Proposed Cyber-Command WIRED, Empowers, Leverages Electronic Warfare1 Open Spectrum & 2 Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) Computer Network Operations Data Security from Hand to Cloud + Time-Based Risk + Trusted Humans Psychological Operations3 Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) i.e. Public/Global Intelligence Military DeceptionWhole of Government/Smart Nation/ Multinational Decision-Support Operations SecurityEducation in All Possible Forms Change the Mind-Set & Culture

8 Communications Matures

9 Intelligence Matures

10 Rest of World Matures Open Everything Especially the Open Tri-Fecta

11 Brains, Not Bytes, Are Heart of IO

12 IO Cube

13 Four Forces After Next With IO

14 Connecting the IO Dots

15 Ten Trends in Education (IO) 1Web-Searching 2Blending Learning 3Free/Open Source Software 4Open CourseWare 5Learning Portals 6Learners as Teachers 7Electronic Collaboration 8Alternative Reality including Serious Games 9Mobile Real-Time Learning 0 Networks of Personalized Learning

16 Key IO Topics Authorities. Modify every single policy, acquisition, & operations authority. Organizations. Cyber (9) in every organizationscreate the distributed Army brain. Signal Management. Open Spectrum now, data security not network security. Enterprise Services. Simple cell phones, OnStar, regional call & data centers. Operationalize Cyber. Every Army body is a thinker first, a shooter second. Execute Full Spectrum Cyber. Civil Affairs rules now, put the best & brightest there. Global Command & Control. Multinational, shared information as harmonizer Agile Cyber Proponency. Everyone on Earth has an IP address. Leverage that. 21 st Century Cyber-Warrior. May the crowd be with youleading minds. Requirements & Resources. Done right this impacts on every Army element. Cyber-Command in Three Words: Education, Intelligence, Research. Cyber-Command in One Word: Education.

17 This is Your IO Reality

18 Future of IO Part I All Information, All Languages, All the Time

19 Future of IO Part II Creating a Smart Nation

20 May the Crowd Be With You…

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