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ACT Canada TDM Summit Halifax| October, 2008 Telework Pilot : The City of Calgary.

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1 ACT Canada TDM Summit Halifax| October, 2008 Telework Pilot : The City of Calgary

2 Overview Background How it Happened? Who was involved? Conducting the pilot Demographics Pilot results & benefits Conclusions Recommendations Next Steps Lessons Learned

3 Background 2002 Telework Council Priority 2004 Council endorses telework research with coalition of Calgary stakeholders

4 Background Various City initiatives cite telework as potential tool to achieve their goals Transportation Environment Workplace strategy (HR) Pandemic planning (EMS)

5 Background 2006 City business units independently evaluate telework Office space Employee attraction retention Stakeholder group formed Lead by TDM Interested and enabling business units Developed outline for a telework project (SMART) Council motion passed To conduct a telework pilot in 2007

6 Conducting the pilot Corporate Telework Committee formed Best practices and technical solutions examined Tools developed (a guide, a website, FAQs) Communications plan developed Evaluation framework developed Setting criteria for pilot participants Assess network capacity Consultant hired Limited to the 10 business units Only test one parameter

7 Conducting the pilot Telework Stakeholders 1.Transportation Planning 2.Information Technologies 3.Human Resources 4.Corporate Properties 5.Customer Service Communications 6.Emergency Medical Services 7.Environment & Safety Mgmt 8.Planning & Development Approvals 9.Law 10.Finance & Supply

8 Conducting the pilot IT Challenges Ensure network and remote access capacity was in place to handle the demands of 100 teleworkers Distribution of equipment (cell phones and Secure ID tokens for remote access) Training on network access tools Compatibility of home office equipment

9 Conducting the pilot Findings Buy in from management and unions Employee satisfaction (retention) Medical accommodations Less IT trouble calls than expected Mac and Windows compatibility Eighty percent continued to telework (post pilot) Office sharing

10 Conducting the pilot Collected enough information to allow City Administration to make an informed decision on the viability of telework for City staff Report taken to The Administrative Leadership Team in February 2008 )

11 Teleworkers by Business Unit Demographics

12 Teleworkers by Frequency

13 Teleworkers by Age Group Demographics

14 Teleworkers by Years of Service Demographics

15 Pilot Results & Benefits Reduced traffic congestion, travel delays and vehicle emissions Contributed to Citys environmental goals Improved employee satisfaction and retention Reduced employee absenteeism Reduced office space requirements Increased flexibility to maintain critical services in event of disaster

16 Pilot Results & Benefits Transportation and Environmental Impacts 4 month telework pilot 100 employees 1,828 days On average, the telework pilot participants worked form home one out of four days (25 % of the time) 80,000 plus reduction in vehicle kilometres traveled 18,366 kilograms reduction of greenhouse gases 1,286 kilograms fewer particulate pollutants

17 Pilot Results & Benefits Return on investment 1 year net savings with 300 teleworkers – over $600,000 5 year net savings: –300 teleworkers: $5.5 million –500 teleworkers: $9.6 million

18 Conclusions Effective work option for some jobs, some employees, with minimal risk Many benefits for The City Risks to be mitigated going forward Flexible office strategy to allow realization of significant office space cost savings Management to avoid risk of social isolation of teleworker working from home

19 Recommendations Administrative Leadership Team was asked to: Endorse development of a Telework Program Transfer sponsorship of the Telework Program from Transportation to Corporate Services (HR) Direct Corporate Telework Committee to develop an implementation plan for telework Provide approval to reflect 2009-11 operating and capital budget in HR and IT to support the on-going program

20 Next Steps Program Launch 2009

21 Lessons Learned When opportunity knocks Build on momentum Political champion(s) Timing

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