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6GN Activities & KOREAv6 project Wang-Cheol Song 20 th APAN 2005.

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1 6GN Activities & KOREAv6 project Wang-Cheol Song 20 th APAN 2005

2 2/27 Contents IPv6 Network Deployment Status in Korea Gigabit IPv6 Infrastructure Current Activities on 6GN KOREAv6 Future Works & Concluding Remarks

3 3/27 IPv6 Network Deployment Status Experimental IPv6 Network 6Bone-KR (since 1998) * Research & Education IPv6 Network KOREN IPv6 Network (Since 1999) KREONET2 IPv6 Network (Since 1999) *Operated by KISTI TEIN IPv6 Network (Since 2001) 6GN (Gigabit IPv6 Infrastructure) (Since 2004) Commercial IPv6 Network & Trials Pre-Commercial IPv6 network KOREAv6 Pilot Project Network (Since 2004) IPv6 Internet Exchange 6NGIX (IPv6 Next Generation Internet Exchange) (Since 2001)

4 4/27 Gigabit IPv6 Infrastructure : 6GN (1) Background Needs of advanced IPv6-based network infrastructure Fast adoption to advanced & high-speed IPv6 networking technologies such as Lambda networking Needs of validate the various IPv6 services in advance Goals Deployment of Native Gigabit IPv6 Service in Korea Promotion & Facilitation of IPv6 networks and applications Toward the production level of IPv6 Service

5 5/27 Gigabit IPv6 Infrastructure : 6GN (2) What is 6GN? 1 st High-Performance IPv6 network infra in Korea Advanced Research & Education Network Gigabit IPv6 Network Advanced NGI environment with IPv6 Network Performance & Management over IPv6 High-end IPv6 applications Coordinated by ANF IPv6 Task Force in Korea

6 6/27 ANF (Advanced Network Forum) ANF is voluntarily nonprofit community for users of research & education network in Korea. (2003.2~) Activate the domestic Advanced Network Participate the international Advanced Network activities Representative of Korea for related international events Contribute to development of Information and communication * Chair: Prof. DaeYoung Kim (CNU) IPv6 related Working Groups IPv6 Task Force (Chair: SeungYun Lee/ETRI) HDTV WG (Chair: Prof. JongWon Kim/GIST) KoreaLight WG (Chair: Prof. YongJin Park/HYU) Multicast WG (Chair: Prof. DongMan Lee/ICU) More details:

7 7/27 Korea IPv6 Network Status Map WIDE 6TAP Tokyo XP (NSPIXP-6) sTLA org. NLA org. Oversea network IX Native IPv6 Tunneling IPv6 T1T1 155M 1G x 4 1G 512K 155M 1Gx2 1.2G TEIN KJ Univ. 6Bone-KR (69 org.s) S-Net 6Bone-International (15 org.s) 128K 1G iMnetpia KOREN Hananet6 6KANet KTF KT GNG Networks GEANT vBNS RENATER2 SingAREN CNNIC (China) NIDA 2M KINX ETRI 6Bone-KR R&E Network International Links Pre-commercial IPv6 Network KRLINE MAXIS (Malaysia ) IPv6 wireless trial service 1G x 2 1G UK6x (BT) 1G CERNET 155M 622M KREONET2 HINET (Taiwan) CBN (India) 6NGIX Dacom Han-Internet KIX Samsung Networks SKTEL Server Bank 45M E1 1G x 2 Internet2/Abilene 622M SURFnet6 CA*net4 TWAREN 622M 1.2G CSTNET 155M 2005.1.15 Seungyun Lee

8 8/27 Gigabit IPv6 Infrastructure : 6GN 11 members 2 backbones 1 IX 2G/6 CNU KISTI 1G/6 155M/6 1G/6 GIST HYU 1G/6 KNU 1G/6 6NGIX KT TNL 1G/6 NCA 1G/6 6KANet 2G/6 KOREN KREONET2 ICU ETRI KAIST 1G/6 KMA Phase I Phase II

9 9/27 10Gbps 5Gbps 2.5Gbps KREONet2 Router KOREN Router GSR 12008 1Gbps Gigabit Switch Router KAIST Seoul Daegu NIGX#1 GS4000 NCA PC Router Linux Netgeer GS108 Hanyang Univ. Suwon SKKU Cisco C3550 Cisco 7200 ETRI Daejeon (OSR 7609) 3COM 4924 Cisco C3550 3COM 3824 5324 KT TNL Cisco C4500-sup4 (L3) Cisco 3524XL ICU Cisco 4506 Kwangju Daejeon (Ca 6509) Daegu GIST Cisco 7206VXR PC Router Windows XP PC Router Linux Cheju National Univ. 155Mbps Cisco C3508 KISTI Daejeon Cisco 3550-12T KNU [Ref.] 6GN Network Map layer 2,3 OSR 7609 KMA CAT3550_12G Seoul (Ca 6509) ? Extreme Summit200-24 KREONet2 switch ONS 15454 Daejeon Kwangju Seoul (OSR 7609) Cisco C3750 Cisco C3550

10 10/27 Regional Gigabit IPv6 Network 155M (dual stack) 2 x 1G (dual stack) 2 x 2.5G (dual stack) 1G (dual stack) 10G (dual stack) 2 x 622M (dual stack) => 10G (dual stack) 2.5G(dual stack) Hong Kong 4 x 10G (dual stack) 155M (dual stack) 1G (dual stack) China CERNET2, CSTNET2 4.5G + 2.5G (dual stack) USA, Canada Abilene, NLR, CA*net 622M (dual stack) Taiwan TANET2, TWAREN Korea KOREN, KREONET2 Japan JGN2, SINET, WIDE

11 11/27 Current Activities on 6GN [1] IPv6 Networking Performance [2] IPv6 Application Development & Deployment [3] IPv6 Network Monitoring & Management [4] IPv6 Multicast Deployment [5] KOREAv6 Project

12 12/27 [1] IPv6 Networking Performance Issues IPv4 vs IPv6 Lambda network vs Routed network TCP Reno vs. FAST TCP (vs. BIC TCP) Long distance (e.g., 20,000 or 30,000 km) KAIST-CERN(window size: 30Mbyte) KAIST-Starlight(window size: 20Mbyte) Single stream vs Multiple streams

13 13/27 TCP Reno vs. Fast TCP no significant difference due to small RTT Window size: 1 Mbyte KISTI (KREONET) on VLAN ETRI (KREONET) on VLAN Kyungpook Univ. (KOREN) TCP RenoFAST TCP TCP Reno FAST TCP TCP Reno FAST TCP IPv4940 Mbps 834 Mbps 792 Mbps 916 Mbps 918 Mbps IPv6927 Mbps 815 Mbps 774 Mbps 903 Mbps 896 Mbps

14 14/27 Throughput from KAIST to domestic members using TCP Reno KISTI (KREONET) ETRI (KREONET) GIST (KREONET) KOREN NOC (KOREN) Kyungpook Univ. (KOREN) ICU (KOREN) Hanyang Univ. (KOREN) IPv4917 Mbps817 Mbps400 Mbps916 Mbps * 306 Mbps* 250 Mbps IPv670 Mbps60 Mbps 714 Mbps903 Mbps* 294 Mbps* 230 Mbps IPv4 on VLAN 939 Mbps834 Mbps400 Mbps[TBD] IPv6 on VLAN 926 Mbps815 Mbps389 Mbps[TBD]

15 15/27 TCP throughput in Long distance

16 16/27 [2] IPv6 Application Development & Deployment on 6GN Target Application Multimedia Applications HD class Video-conferencing (20Mbps) HDV Streaming – Live/On-Demand (20Mbps, 220Mbps) Large File Transfer Application In HEP (High Energy Physics) application area Etc.

17 17/27 IPv6 Application List for 6GN (1/2) No.Application Name Protocol Tran- sport Band- width Resolution Info. Link Org. v4v6mcuc 1HDTV compressed by SONY codec RTP270M1920x1080 (60 interlaced ~30fps) Rese arch Chan nel KAIST CNU 2QoS Guaranteed HDTV software decoding 19.2METRI 3HDV over IPv6 (HDVTS) RTP20M (19.2M) 1270x720 30 progressive KAIST 4DVTS RTP30M720x480 60 interlaced ~30fps wide KAIST 5Large file transfer 1G KNU 6Live/On-demand video streaming RTP/ RTCP 2~4M720x480 (30pfs) ETRI

18 18/27 IPv6 Application List for 6GN (2/2) No.Application Name Protocol Tran- sport Band- width Resolution Info. Link Org. v4v6mcuc 7Conferencing tool RTP/ RTCP < 1M 320x240 (15pfs) ETRI 8VedioLAN <30M1080iVideo LAN GIST 9Uncompressed HDTV 0.7~1.5 G 1920x1080 (60 interlaced ~30fps) KAIST GIST 10Multicast Error Control Protocol ICU 11Multicast Congestion Control Protocol ICU 12Multi-channel HDTV 20M x N1080i, 720p ETRI KAIST

19 19/27 Iperf test (KNU KT NOC)

20 20/27 Iperf test (KT NOC KNU)

21 21/27 File Transfer Test between KNU and KT NOC

22 22/27 [3] IPv6 Network Monitoring & Management on 6GN Network Weather Map on 6GN GUI-based Traffic Monitoring System Separate maps for KOREN and KREONET2 IPv6 Connectivity Test Tool (IPv6 Beacon) IPv6 Reachability, RTT test

23 23/27 Network Weather Map on 6GN

24 24/27 IPv6 Reachability Test Tool IPv6 Beacon ICMP ping6 reply based information http://[2001:310:1a10:3::99] or

25 25/27 [4] IPv6 Multicast Deployment - Status and plan Current status in Korea IPv6 service in research networks, but no IPv6 multicast Few IPv6 multicast compliant edge routers and hosts No native IPv6 multicast network yet in Korea Plan for the IPv6 Multicast testbed on 6GN 1 st phase: Tunnel based IPv6 multicast (e.g., m6bone) 2 nd phase: Native IPv6 multicast (backbone level)

26 26/27 IPv6 Multicast Deployment - system Configurations Participants (7) ICU, ETRI, KAIST, GIST, HYU, SKKU, CJNU PC router platform & S/W FreeBSD KAME: pim6sd (PIM-SM) Zebra Tunnel-based development IPv6/IPv6 tunneling Target applications Reachability test: multicast beacon Video streaming: VLC

27 27/27 Over 10 hosts participate Being tested with PIM-SM BSR/RP is deployed in ICU IPv6 Multicast Deployment - network Configuration (Dec. 1, 2004 now)

28 28/27 IPv6 Multicast Deployment - multicast Test Reachability test with beacon To maintain the testbed To explore the performance of the testbed Video streaming with VLC To deploy a practical application

29 29/27 IPv6 Multicast Applications Development Multi-channel IPv6 HDTV Service (ETRI) Relay server HDTV client HDTV client HDTV client Relay server HDTV server MUX Multiple HD Sources Relay server Backbone-level Network AreaAccess-level Network Area Multiplexed streams Single stream IPv6 Multicast IPv6 Unicast / Multicast Service components 1.HDTV Server 2.Relay Server (includes Web-server) 3.HDTV Client HDTV client IPv6 Unicast / Multicast Single Stream Single stream

30 30/27 Specifications of IPv6-based Multi-channel HDTV Streaming Streaming Server - MPEG-2 TS - OS : Linux - Multiplexer - Dual Stack Support - Unicast / Multicast - RTP Relay Server - MPEG-2 TS - OS : Linux - Dual Stack Support - Demultiplexer - Unicast / Multicast - RTP Client - Software MPEG-2 Codec - OS : Windows 2000/XP - RTP - Unicast / Multicast

31 31/27 [Ref.] Global IPv6 Multicast Experiments M6bone (operated by Renater, France) 6GNMulticastbackbone

32 32/27 [5] KOREAv6 Project What is KOREAv6 Project? To facilitate the commercialization and deployment of IPv6 services & equipments Testing stability and interoperability of IPv6 equipments & solutions in IPv6 network IPv6 Field Test Providing IPv6 services for real users at home, campus, and a variety of areas IPv6 Pilot Service Achieving phased IPv6 Commercialization from 2005 through successful KOREAv6 Project

33 33/27 KOREAv6 Project Purposes Define barriers to deployment of IPv6 services in such areas in home, office, campus, etc. Improve awareness of IPv6 service to the public Key contents Construct the national-wide IPv6 trial network Provide 10 trial services such as Eco System Monitoring, VoDv6, VoIPv6, Internet gateway service, etc. Test the stability and interoperability of 39 equipments such as routers, switches, VPN and so on Outcomes Retain operation skill of IPv4/IPv6 network with dual stack, NAT-PT Create a market of two-way services such as VoIPv6, Camerav6 etc. Enhance the functions of IPv6 equipments (KOREAv6 Logo has been given to 35 IPv6 equipments)

34 34/27 KOREAv6 Project Phase I (2004) Done Construct the nation-wide IPv6 trial network Provide VoDv6, VoIPv6, IPv6 internet gateway service and Test 39 IPv6 equipment such as routers, switches, VPN etc. Phase II (2005) Now Applying IPv6 technologies to the 8 services of IT839 such as WiBro, VoIP, and Home network Expanding IPv6 network to the public sector Transition of existing IPv4 portal sites and applications into IPv6 based ones Phase III (2006) Plan Providing large-scale All-IPv6 services to users as far as the 8 services of IT 839 Supporting the commercialization of IPv6 WiBro contents and applications Facilitating the massive use of IPv6 internet services in the public sector

35 35/27 KOREAv6 Project KOREN KREONET 6KANet ISP 6NGIX 6GN 6GN is a one of network infrastructure for KOREAv6

36 36/27 Future Works Stabilizing of 6GN Infrastructure Operation of IPv6 Network Monitoring Services Testing of Heavy Traffic Transfer (Large File Transfer, HDTV Streaming, etc.) Extending of IPv6 Multicast Network Infra. and Applications Validation of New Transport Protocol over IPv6 International Cooperation (Asia, EU)

37 37/27 Concluding Remarks 1 st Gigabit IPv6 Network Infrastructure in Korea 6GN: a logical network name over KOREN & KREONET Our Expectations: To validate the more advanced IPv6 related technologies and applications in advance To facilitate the deployment of IPv6 as a NGI environment To create the new high-end service model on IPv6 Spearhead for the production level of IPv6 services

38 38/27 Thank you !!

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