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E2E performance measurement

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1 E2E performance measurement

- AMP( Active Measurement Program) - NDT - FlowScan - Network Performance Tester

- KREONET (Korea Research Environment Open Network) is a R&D network of Korea supported by Korean government. - KREONET member are Currently over organizations (research institutes, universities, industrial, research laboratories) - KREONET has 12 regional network centers & NOC in Daejeon, KISTI - Major Network Services are IPv4/IPv6 Unicast Routing, Multicast routing, Lambda networking, QoS Service, TE.. - Major S&T resource service with KREONET are National Supercomputing Center TeraCluster(512CPU) S&T DB Service Advanced Experimental Facilities

4 INTERNATINAL LINKS Seattle 622Mbps Bandon Seoul (Dacom ITMC) Sacramento (MCI ITMC) BEIJING 155Mbps 155KMbps CSTNet Chicago Morro Bay StarLight Daejeon 155Mbps 1.2Gbps 1.2Gbps 155Mbps : USA NetworkPeering Point : ITRC : Circuit Matching/Landing Point : China NetworkPeering Point KREONET/STARLIGHT (2004) KREONET/STARTAP(2003) KREONET/CHINA(2004) - First Peer to North America connect with STAR TAP , 45Mbps - STAR TAP peer change to StarLight & upgrade to Optical network (1.2Gbps) - Interconnect to APAN pass through KOREN 1Gbps - New Peer KREONET(Korea)/CSTNet(China) -> 310Mbps

5 AMP data after KREONET Backbone upgrade
Since 2001, AMP Server has operate and service for measuring backbone network performance. Major AMP service is for monitoring backbone network performance among domestic regional centers (AMP give us Full mash performance data is so useful for NOC!) Currently 11 of AMP Client has Operate and service. (AMP server located in NOC) URL: We usefully used AMP data when had finished KREONET backbone upgrade work (It show us How improve Network performance after change to optical network) Regional Center Regional Center Regional Center Regional Center Before After AMP data after KREONET Backbone upgrade

6 NDT 11 org. provide with Computational resource for big calculation on Grid environment. NDT is service for GRID researchers (e2e network performance is so important for grid & need system interface tuning) NDT Server implemented in Grid Cluster & Supercomputer Domain in KISTI (Service useful information to other cluster & supercomputer domain) It useful when we have test 13 of application Performance on Grid environment. (KISTI- Kunkook University) URL: Performance measure to NDT server Performance measure to NDT server NDT Server In KISTI Cluster Domain Performance measure to NDT server KISTI SCU JBU PNU MJU KumHo SNU POSTECH IBM p630 SGI Origin 16 nodes cluster IBM SP2 HP v2500 TMU

7 Network Performance Tester
TCP Performance Measure -Measure bandwidth (Max. throughput) -Report MSS/MTU size and observed read sizes. -TCP window size control for performance tuning UDP Performance Measure -send/receive UDP streams -packet loss/delay/jitter Based on Iperf 1.64 easy measure with only Agent install & Web UI Sender will be Client receiver will be Server OS : Linux Debian Package & Perl above System : Pentium 550Mhz, 128Mb RAM) Service URL : AGENT2 netloger monitor SLA SERVER IPv6,IPv4 TCP/UDP IPv6,IPv4 TCP/UDP monitor AGENT1 netloger

8 Network Performance Tester (Cont.)
STEP 1. Configure STEP2. Realtime Monitor STEP3. Test Result

9 FlowScan+ We need information about what flow our network.
FlowScan is a passive measurement tool drawing traffic graphs by analyzing network flows exported by routers and switches NetFlow is exported CISCO routers and switches FlowScan+ is improved by adding MySQL, and have a function query interface to get flow information analyzing flow data (IP, top user, flow type)

10 Thank you!

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