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Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Consortium (APAN) 1997.11.13 Kilnam Chon

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1 Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Consortium (APAN) Kilnam Chon

2 1. Objective Advanced Networking for Asia-Pacific Research & Development for Advanced Applications and Services Advanced Networking Environment for Research Community International Collaboration

3 2. Network Evolution : Spiral Privatization (+ Partners) Commodity (Commercialization) R&D/ExperimentalR&D/Production (+ Partners) APAN [Arpanet] [NSFnet] [Gigabit Testbeds] [vBNS, …] Academic Networks Commercial ISPs Testbeds [ANSnet]

4 3. Topology Eurasia LinkExchange Point(XP)Pacific Link Continental Connectivity

5 4. Usage Interconnection of Testbed and Advanced Networks Networking for Research Community

6 5. International Domestic Phase 0: 1996 Preparation Phase 1: Mbps or more for primary links Phase 2: Higher speeds (155 Mbps or more)

7 6. Activities

8 6.1 High Speed Networking Exchange Point(XP) Improvement Exchange Point(XP) Interconnect

9 6.2 Intercontinental Link High speed connections Performance tuning delay/throughput caching/replication

10 6.3 Continental Connectivity Connectivity Program Links at various bandwidths Exchange Point(XP) Interconnection

11 6.4 Research & Development Collaboration Network Technology Application

12 6.5 Virtual Community Development Agriculture BioInformatics Education Environment Information Tech. & Telecom. Medical Informatics Science (more)

13 6.6 Human Resource Development Seminar Workshop Symposium

14 7. Schedule Tsukuba Ad hoc Meeting(during APEC Symposium) Tokyo Preliminary Meeting Seoul General Meeting Tokyo General Meeting Seoul Working Group Meetings Tokyo Workshop and General Meeting Seoul Workshop on Healthcare 3.12 Tokyo Technology WG Meetings North American Network Visits Tokyo APAN Committee & WG Meetings San Francisco NSF Proposal Drafting European Network Visits and Technology WG Meeting SingaporeAPAN Committee & WG Meetings and Workshop (Japan) APAN Committee & WG Meetings and Workshop 6/8 APAN Committee & WG Meetings and Workshop /2 APAN Committee & WG Meetings and Workshop 6/8 APAN Committee & WG Meetings and Workshop

15 8. Finance Link: paid by link owners Membership Fees: for overhead activities

16 9. Members Primary Members: Link owners Associate Members: Government, Users group, Industry Liaison: International organization, Others

17 10. Global Advanced Research Networks CA*net 2 APAN national networks Exchange TEN-34 national networks vBNS/Internet 2/NGI

18 Appendix A: Bibliography APAN APNG CA*Net2 DANTE(TEN-34) GIBN Internet2 Next Generation Internet STAR TAP vBNS

19 Appendix B APAN Network Topology ~1999(plan) Europe l Australia l Korea Japan China Thailand Malaysia Singapore Indonesia USA l Philippines l Vietnam l l Hong Kong l l l l l

20 Appendix B1 : APAN Link Information JP-US JP-AU JP-HK JP-ID JP-KR JP-PH JP-SG JP-TH KR-US SG-US Bandwidth(Mbps) < / Sharing 15 Expected Date Now Q Now Q Q Q Now Q Remark IMNet(T3/E3 in Q) RWCP/ACSys AI3/HKUST AI3/ITB APII MAFFIN-PHNET APII/SREN AI3/SREN AI3/AIT SINET-NECTEC KT(Cache, Mbone, Backup) SREN

21 Appendix C: Working Groups Application Technology BioInformatics Cache Education IPv6 Engineering MBone Environment Measurement Medical Informatics Network Design Science RSVP Multi Media Security

22 Appendix D: Sample Bandwidth Allocation For 45 Mbps Internet 5 Mbps Caching Project 6 Mbps Mbone Project 2 Mbps IPv6 < 1 Mbps RSVP 1 Mbps Various Projects 30 Mbps(To be reserved)

23 Appendix E: Relationship between APAN, Testbed and the Internet Testbed Testbed Link Testbed Network Research Network Advanced Network Academic(Research) Network Commercial Internet Advanced Testbed Very Advanced Network

24 Appendix F: Members Primary Members Australia: ACSys Japan: APAN-JP Consortium APII/CRL IMNet/STA KDD MAFFIN/MAFF RWCP/ETL SINET/NACSIS WIDE/AI3 Korea: APAN-KR Consortium/KT APII Singapore: SINGAREN USA:(AT&T) Liaison Members USA: Indiana University(vBNS-Trans Pac)

25 Appendix G: APAN Organization and People APAN Committee ChairKilnam Chon (kr) Deputy Chair Shigeki Goto(jp) APAN Secretariat DirectorKazunori Konishi (jp) Network Operation Center Director Kazunori Konishi (jp) Deputy Director Chan-Hyun Youn (kr) Application Working Group Co-ChairRobin Stanton (au) Tan Tin Wee (sg) Technology Working Group ChairShigeki Goto (jp) Deputy ChairDae-Young Kim(kr)

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