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Engineering Meeting Report Aug. 29, 2003 Kazunori Konishi.

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1 Engineering Meeting Report Aug. 29, 2003 Kazunori Konishi

2 Engineering Meeting Agenda 1.Yoshinori Kitatsuji @KDDI: "Experiences of high performance experiments 2.Chris Robb @Indiana Univ.: "Abilene Observatory and the deployment 3. Masaki Hirabaru @CRL: "Common Performance Measurement Platform 4.JH Lee @KT: "Activities for Advanced Traffic Engineering in KOREN 5.DY Kim@CNU: HDTV demo 6.Charter

3 Summary It was agreed that common measurement infrastructure at each node should be developed & deployed over APAN. Mailing list will be managed by Chris Robb @IU. Performance measurement will be focused for e-Science projects.

4 Proposal of Measurement Infrastructure, collaborated with Abilene Observatory POS OC48 ATM OC12 Genkai XP Tokyo XP KOREN e! Project ii i i i R R R R R R i i i R R StarLIGHT TransPAC (LA) ??? 2 GbE over SONET R R ii R R R R i R R Busan Seoul

5 Data and Tools of Abilene Observatory Netflow Owamp (One-Way Latency) Iperf Visual Backbone SNMP Interface Statistics Internet2 Detective Multicast Beacon NTP Stratum 2 Server Ping/Traceroute V6 Destination

6 Kwangju Busan 2.5G Fukuoka Korea 2.5G x1 KOREN Taegu Daejon 2.5G + 40G 0.6G1Gx2 QGPOP Seoul XP Genkai XP Kitakyushu Tokyo XP CRL Kashima 0.1G Fukuoka Japan 250km 1,000km 2.5G + 1G x2 TransPAC 10,000km 4,000km Los Angeles Chicago New York MIT Haystack HUT 10G 1G APII/JGN Abilene 0.1G? Helsinki 2.4G Stockholm 0.6G 2.4G GEANT Nordunet funet CRL Koganei 1G 7,000km Network Configuration (incl. near future plan)

7 Four Research Areas of KOREN engineering 2) Performance Engineering 1) Network Traffic Measurement 3) BGP Routing TE 4) Network Security Performance Measurement Infra Inter-Intra Routing International routing Info. view

8 NOC & Engineering Team NOC & Engineering team should be merged for better collaborations. Director: Kazunori Konishi Deputy Directors: John Barlow Jaewha Lee

9 Charter APAN member networks have diversified characteristics based on varied environments: geography, national network infrastructure, research activities, etc. Some countries are playing the key role for the advanced IT technologies for the globe, whereas the others are connected to APAN via the narrow band links of satellite links. NOC/Engineering team will work for advanced network services as well as basic connectivity services, to meet the requirements from both advanced networks and developing networks; both services should be provided consistently for helping developing networks grow up to be the advanced networks.

10 Charter (cont.) The main activities are classified as follows: (1) Coordinate network operation activities 24 x 7 basic operation Common tools for the basic operation Information sharing for the operation Promotion of the collaborations (2) Joint works between researchers and NOC folks for advanced services and experiments Experiments on advanced technologies Design of the networks with advanced features Performance tuning with advanced operation & measurement tools Evaluation of experiments & demos

11 Presentation Materials Have been uploaded at Busan

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