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NTT/VERIO Global IP Network Plan Kazuhiro Gomi Global IP business department NTT Communications

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1 NTT/VERIO Global IP Network Plan Kazuhiro Gomi Global IP business department NTT Communications

2 2 NTT/VERIOs Global IP Network Global Single AS network to cover North America, Asia and Europe US-Japan bandwidth; 3.6G Backbone PoP location in Asia; Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore Global SLA guarantees performance Availability Packet loss Latency

3 3 Network enhancement plan overview Enlarging geographical coverage New Service development Adding intelligence, security,... NTT/VERIOs Global IP Network Customer satisfaction enhancement SLA, support systems, …. Underlying infrastructure fortification More bandwidth Traffic Engineering

4 4 Fortification of underlying infrastructure Currently; n x OC48c network (DWDM based) Q1 2002; Start deployment of OC768c ready routers ; Network will be ready for OC768c when long haul availability of OC768c is materialized. US network Transpacific network Currently; n x STM4c network (Total capacity; 3.6G) End of 2002; STM16c implementation (DWDM based)

5 5 Traffic Engineering To achieve finer granularity control of network flows To engineer faster and less service affecting failure restoration To achieve more deterministic protection paths to preserve the desired packet loss and latency characteristics of the network. Implementation of MPLS-TE………….

6 6 Global IP Network High performance Global IP Network IP VPN Content Distribution Network QOS, Multicasting IP v6 GPRS(GRX) Wireless Access PF Video broadcasting over IP Interactive Voice/Video over IP PF Note: GRX: GPRS Roaming eXchange GPRS: General Packet Radio Service (Mobile IP network) IP VPN: IP Virtual Private Network Base products serve as a platform to enable more advanced products/applications. And more NW base Security Secure, reliable service platform New Product Development Roadmap

7 7 IPVPN CPE End User NTT/VERIO Global IP Network ISP AISP B IP Sec Gateway Nodes CPE End User IPSec Tunnel CPE End User ISP C - IP Sec Gateway aggregates IP Sec tunnels from each end customer sites. - The Gateway governs the configuration of complex IPVPN (cost benefit and ease of management). - Combine with………... - MPLS traffic engineering scheme to implement QoS. - CDN scheme to performance and server reliability enhancement

8 8 Japan U.S.A. IPv6 Native Service NSPIXP-6PAIX S-IX 6TAPAMS-IX IPv6 Tunneling Service OCN IPv4 backbone Asia NTT Europe NTT Communications NTT MCL Europe NTT Com/VERIO Global IPv6 Backbone Commercial services Trial services NTT/VERIO Current Global IPv6 Backbone LINX UK6X

9 x 2002 V6 related Service Deployment Roadmap IPv4 6to4? IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 Years after IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 GW IPv6 IPv4 GW IPv6 IPv4 GW IPv6 IPv4 GW IPv6 IPv4 GW IPv6 IPv4 GW Personal DSL SOHO Corporate ISP iDC Gb T1 DS3 OC3 New Area IPv6/IPv4 Dual Service IPv6 Native Service w/ IPv6/IPv4 Translation IPv6 Tunneling Service IPv6 Native Service IPv6/IPv4 Dual Service

10 10 Content Distribution Network Cache server Load Balncers Original Server Copy / Split Contents / Streams Content distribution mechanism to be embedded in the backbone network as an utility service for end customers. Improvement of connectivity between networks. Diversity of cache deployment for static contents is not the main requirements. However, large streaming contents still needs to be distributed from the network edge. Improve end customers experience Enhance server durability against surge of demands Additional functionality on the cache (e.g. Subscription management at cache level, Content peering, etc) Quality assurance mechanism (for Streaming contents)

11 11 Multicast Network - NTT/VERIO Global IP Network is Multicast traffic enabled - Multicast peering with other commercial/R+E networks are done at multiple major peering points worldwide ¶NTT/VERIO's early adopter nature of native multicast: actively involved in mbgp and msdp spec finalization. ¶NTT/VERIO's community service role in kick starting native multicast deployment: NTT/VERIO has been providing PAIX side infrastructure for AS10888 (DVMRP native multicast gateway service) ¶SSM (single source multicast) trials ¶Experience: provided native multicast transit services for 1999 Eugene NANOG and 2000 San Diego IETF ¶Actual customers usage of the multicast infrastructure (e.g. Real Networks)

12 12 Current SLA NTT/VERIOs IP backbone network guarantees Packet LossLatency Trans - Atlantic Trans - Pacific Asia - Europe 0.3% 90ms round-trip 130ms round-trip 300ms round-trip Performance Monitoring - SLA Implemented SLA measurement probes at every PoP. The central server aggregate the data from each probe to ensure the SLA value. Intra USA 60ms round-trip

13 13 Conforming with ITU quality standards: ITU-Ts SG13 working group is working on IP QoS which covers Packet loss, Round trip latency, and latency jitter. ITU-T Recommendation Y.1541 – Network performance objectives for IP-based services ** To be finalized and made public real soon! Performance Monitoring - Plans End-to-end SLA: Demand for IP VPN users rising. Implement end-to-end SLA on the Gateway based IPVPN Site specific SLA: e.g. Seattle PoP to New York PoP

14 14 NTTs R+E Network - GEMnet STAR TAP 33 Mbps Japan CA*net II 6.5 M Abilene * MREN San Jose facilities 1.5 Mbps Malaysia facilities (NTT MSC) * To the USA To Malaysia NTT Musashino R&D Center * 35 Mbps * Japan * * 6.5 M NTT Keihan-na R&D Center NTT Yokosuka R&D Center Otemachi Facilities * GEMnet connection point NTTs GEMnet - Activities of NTT R&D - R+E Network for non- commercial experiments - Member of UCAID for experiments on Abilene Connected with: Abilene MREN CALREN2 CA*net II JGN (Japan Gigabit Network) Also to South America Via REUNA & AMPATH To Chile

15 15 GEMnets Experiments Experiments on GEMnet include -Joint experiments on remote lectures with Kyoto Univ. and UCLA -Experiments on virtual space sharing network with Tokyo Univ. and University of Ilinois ¶Using QoS operation technologies – diffserv * The above two links are strictly dedicated to the experiments. -Ipv6 operation experiments ¶Resulted in NTT/VERIOs IPv6 platform -Experiments on advanced information delivery service – Mdome -Multicast experiments -Experiments on video conferencing -Data over photonic network (DoPN) ¶bandwidth controller over 1Gbps -Joint experiments with University of Chile Future Plans on Experiments on GEMnet -Further joint researches with Universities in and outside NA -Experiments to further improve the efficiency of IP Networks

16 16 Thank you

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