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Update on Advanced Networking in Singapore L.W.C. Wong & F.B.S. Lee Singapore Advanced Research & Education Network.

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1 Update on Advanced Networking in Singapore L.W.C. Wong & F.B.S. Lee Singapore Advanced Research & Education Network

2 Background R&E networking provision through SingAREN SingAREN Phase 1 – started in November 1997 and essentially completed in March 2001 Phase 2 – initiated in April 2001 with 2-year grant with aim to: Ensure continuity of R&E advance networking requirements – SingAREN21 infrastructure More diverse R&D activities and improved project management – Broadband21 projects

3 Hosted by : Kent Ridge Digital Labs Nanyang Technological University Funded by : Project Partners : Temasek Polytechnic A*STAR National University of Singapore National University of Singapore

4 SingAREN Components 2 main components: Internet2 connectivity To provision peer connectivity to global R&E partners on the basis of demand-driven bandwidth Connectivity to US, EU, Japan, Korea & Malaysia Broadband grant projects Funded by A*STAR & administered by SingAREN Project Partners: NUS, NTU, KRDL and TP

5 SingAREN Peering Arrangements Architecture: Peer PVC routerss Layer 3 via BGP4 Domestic peering: Connectivity via ATM-based Singapore-ONE Tertiary institutions, including NUS, NTU, TP, etc. Research centres, including KRDL, NTRC, CIR, etc. International peering: US - vBNS+/Abilene (27 Mbps) Korea & Europe – TEIN (2 Mbps) Malaysia – (2 Mbps) Asia-Pacific – APAN (2 Mbps)

6 SingAREN21 Network Configuration

7 Multicast/IPv6/E2E SingAREN is multicast enabled but needs to conserve expensive international bandwidth IPv6 activities: In discussion to scope project with IDA on testbedding national IPv6 infrastructure In discussion on collaborative projects with Korea & Japan E2E performance: Contractual agreements with provider on specific quality metrics Long fat pipe problem to boost performance on large file transfers

8 New Activities SOX - Singapore Open Exchange Community project initiated in 2001 to facilitate open transit of Internet traffic KRAN – Kent Ridge Advanced Network Project to set up a small optical network testbed with the aim of facilitating in the definition of a country-wide optical R&E network in Singapore BMG – Bio-Med Grid Definition and scoping stage of establishing a Singapore BMG in the next 15 months ONFIG – Optical Network ConFIGuration Multi-party project looking into R&D of optical network related devices NII – Next-generation Info Infrastructure Spearheaded by InfoComm Development Authority (IDA) to investigate 2 nd generation broadband infrastructure

9 Kent Ridge Advanced Network Campus-wide optical network testbed for Grid technologies and research Inter-faculty, research institute collaborative R&D 18-month project focus on: optical networking, layer-2 networking Grid computing middleware Network vendor participation

10 BMG Task force Formed in Sep 2001 Aim to formulate blueprint for BMG with phased implementation over next 15 months 5 Technical Committees Networking Security High performance computing & storage Software engineering End-user training and education Sponsored by A*STAR and supported by IDA

11 Drivers & Show-stoppers R&E community Life sciences Grid activities Demand projections and provisioning? Industry IDA National Infocomm Roadmap to be announced in early March with call for participation Timeliness and economic viability of next-generation broadband info infrastructure ? Killer applications ?

12 SingAREN Future Directions Role of SingAREN as R&E network service provider Rising need for R&E bandwidth – cheaper bandwidth? Separation of experimental facility from more reliable production facility Activities in life sciences will significantly increase demand for bandwidth Challenges and opportunities for optical networks Challenges and opportunities with seamless wireless connectivity

13 Tel: +65-68746630

14 The Singapore Advanced Research & Education Network

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