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Updates on KOREN/APII 10 October 2007 Byung-Kyu Kim KISDI.

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1 Updates on KOREN/APII 10 October 2007 Byung-Kyu Kim KISDI

2 2 Contents 1.KOREN Overview 2.Changes on APII & TEIN2 in Korea 3.Application Projects on KOREN & APII/TEIN2 4.Remarks

3 3 KOREN Overview KOREN : KOREA Advanced REsearch Network Non-profit research network Funded by Government [MIC] Established in 1995 NIA started its participation in KOREN from 2002 (NIA: National Information Society Agency) Support network service and R&D Project Currently, 79 R&D institutions 9 funded R&D Projects in 2007 NIA will manage KRs International Networks (2008 ~) KR-JP APII Testbed TEIN2

4 4 Network Connections As-Is To-Be Topology Changes Cheju 155M TEIN2 (EU) 622M 2.5G 1G 2.5G Suwon 2.5G XP 1G Seoul Daejeon Gwangju Daegu Busan NIA-PoP 1G 10G Yongin NIA-PoP QoS Center 20G Cheju 20G 10G Seoul Daejeon 1G x 2 622M 10G GSR 1G QSS 10 G C7609 10G QSS Busan QoS guaranteed NW C7609 1G Gwangju Yongin Daegu 1G QSS 1G QoS Center 10G 1G KREONET CERNET (China) JGNII (Japan) BcN 6NGIX TEIN2 (EU) KREONET JGNII (Japan) BcN 6NGIX MSPP 1G QSS

5 5 8 Giga PoPs PoPs : Seoul (2), Daejeon, Daegu, Pusan (2), Kwangju, Suwon 5 Open Test-beds Seoul (NIA), Daejeon (ICU), Daegu, Pusan, Kwangju 2.5G ~ 40Gbps backbone Seoul – Daejeon: 20G Daegu – Daejeon - Kwangju - Pusan: 10G Seoul – Suwon: 10G Network Facilities

6 6 Network Enhancement Application IP DWDM Optical Fiber Application IP (R&E)IP (Test) IP (Logical) Etc. MSPP/MSTP OpticalSwitch DWDM Optical Fiber

7 7 R&E User PoP IX (2) QoS guaranteed Testbed Network (1) Best-Effort R&E Network Testbed PoP Testbed International R&E Network Network Functions R&E User R&E User

8 8 Open Lab Testbed Suwon Daegu PS KJ DJ Seoul 20G 10G Open Testbed (NIA) BcN QoS Measurement, (VoIP), BcN Pilot Service Internetworking Open Testbed (ICU) Mobility, Security, Charging, AAA, Service Architecture Open Testbed (07) IPTV test, UCC, FTTH, Motion Deection Open Testbed (07) u-Mobile, Wibro, WiFi, CDMA, Ad-hoc, Mesh, u-Sensor Open Testbed (07) Application Service Architecture

9 9 Contents 1.KOREN Overview 2.Changes on APII & TEIN2 in Korea 3.Application Projects on KOREN & APII/TEIN2 4.Remarks

10 10 Organizational Changes As-Is (~2007) To-Be (2008~) NIA Administration KT Operation User User Forum KOREN, APII/TEIN2 IITA Audit Plan Contract Advisory Committee MIC Policy NOC NIA Administration KT Operation User User Forum KOREN IITA Audit Plan Contract Advisory Committee MIC Policy NOC KISDI International (APII/TEIN2) NIA will manage both KOREN and International links of APII/TEIN2 in Korea from 2008. International (APII/TEIN2)

11 11 Network Changes on C-K Links As-Is To-Be Topology Changes GLO-KR 10G 10G*2 Russia Europe USA KREONE T CSTNet @ HK CERNET @ Beijing GLO-KR 10G 10G*2 USA KREONE T CSTNet @ HK CERNET @ HK KOREN 155M 1G 2G KOREN 1G o New KREONET PoP in HongKong CERNET-KREONET link (GLORIAD 2Gbps) newly connected in HongKong. CERNET-KOREN link (APII 155Mbps) was disconnected on 30 Sep. 2007. C-K APII (155Mbps) was disconnected on 30 Sep. 2007. Russia Europe

12 12 CN-KR & JP-KR and TEIN2 622 155 45 155 PH VN TH ID MY 45 3 x 622 2.5G(622M) North America (via TransPAC2) (via GLORIAD) EU 622 622M+1G 4 x 155 AU HK SG JP CN KR KREONET/ GLORIAD KR-CN KOREN/APII KR-JP TEIN2 North/ORIENT CN-KR & JP-KR and TEIN2 (2007.10) TEIN2 South 622 10G(2G) 10G

13 13 Contents 1.KOREN Overview 2.Changes on APII & TEIN2 in Korea 3.Application Projects on KOREN & APII/TEIN2 4.Remarks

14 14 Projects on KOREN: Sensor Network Research KOREN-based application testa nationwide USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) Architecture over IPv6 Low-power consumption sensor development Precise weather forecasting using sensor nodes Monitoring software development for sensor networks Sensor networking architecture Transmitting method and management of collected data

15 15 Projects on KOREN: Mesh-based Access Network Consortium: SNU, HP-USA (Mobile Media System Lab) Testbed Configuration. SNU Mesh – KOREN – Abilene - HP Mesh. SNU PlanetLab node – KOREN – Abilene - HP PlanetLab node Testbed Performance evaluation. TCP/UDP Data Throughput, Delay, Multi-hop analysis PlanetLab Over KOREN. PlanetLab Testing over KOREN Project

16 16 Projects on KOREN: IPTV Overlay Multicast Consortium: HUFS, ICU, RivertreeNet, Tsinghua Univ., BUPT Testbed Configuration. KOREN Daejeon-Yongin RACF Overlay Multicast Testbed configuration. KOREN-CERNET IPTV Service Interworking Testbed Configuration End-to-End Resource Control, QoS qualified Multicasting Technology. Web-based IPTV QoS scenario, Web-based EPG (Electric Program Guideline) Development. NGN RACF based Overlay Multicast Technology IPTV Server/Client Test Model Research ProjectTestbed

17 17 Projects on KOREN: Nationwide IP-USN Networking Consortium: AJU, PicosNet, iBit, IETF 6LowPAN WG Testbed Configuration. IP-USN Interworking Testbed in 6 KOREN PoPs. Test for Different IP-USN Routers Interworking and routing protocol test in USN networks Efficient Interworking protocol testing between KOREN and IP-USN. IP-USN Bootstrap function IP-USN Networking technology Stands with IETF 6LowPan WG ProjectTestbed

18 18 Projects on KOREN: Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Consortium: GIST, SKU, OSU, UIUC Testbed Configuration. WMN with KOREN interconnected Server Routers IEEE802.15.4/Zigbee-based Sensor node Testbed (7X7 Grid Topology). GIST-KOREN-SKU WMN based multi-hop, Multimedia transmission technology. HD multimedia data transmission technology on Wireless and wired convergence network Scheduling technology for minimum interference in WSN network Testbed Project

19 19 APII/TEIN2 Joint Projects & WGs in 2007 TitleProject Manager Int'l Joint Projects (5) Network Technology: Building a protocol testbed of high bandwidth transport layer among 3 countries Jae Yong Lee (Chungnam Nat'l Univ), Tsinghua univ.(CN), Karlsruhe Univ.(DE) Science Grid: Operation of CMS-HI Tier2 based on OSG and JPARC Experiment InKyu Park (Univ. of Seoul), With CERN, MIT LNS(US), KEK(JP) e-Learning: Performance Measurement of Live Remote Lecture System Choong Seon Hong (Kyung Hee Univ.), With Kyushu Univ, Keio Univ. (JP) e-culture: Research on Convergence of Advanced Network and Culture Technologies Dae Young Kim (ANF), With Catalunya Polytechnic(ES), RENATER(FR), NYU(US), AARNET(AU), SURFNET(NL), Kyushu Univ. (JP) Network Technology: Research on Technologies of Live Service Session Management through AAA Kicheon Kim (KonKuk Univ), With Kyushu Univ. (JP) Working Groups (5) Traffic Measurement Working Group Young-Suk Lee (Chungnam Natl Univ.), With Kyushu Univ., QGPOP(JP), Renater(FR), CERNET(CN), Internet2, CANARIE e-Learning Working group Ok-Hwa Lee (Chungpuk Nat'l Univ), With Stanford Univ., U of Texas, UCLA (US), Kyushu Univ. & Nagasaki Univ. (Japan), Zarburken (DE), Vinn (AT) u-Media and Collaboration System Working Group JongWon Kim (GIST), With NTT(JP), CERNET(China), U of Washington, Internet2 BigVideo WG (US) Medical Science Working Group Ho-Seong Han (Bundang SNU Hospital), With Kyushu Univ.(JP), Taichung Univ (TW), Flinders Univ. (AU), Mahodol Univ. (TH), Putra (MY), Sigapore Univ (SG) Physical Science Working Group HyangKyu Park (Kyungpook Nat'l Univ), With IHEP (China), KEK (Japan), Caltech, U of Florida (US), CERN, Melbourn Univ. (AU)

20 20 APII/TEIN2 Joint Projects & WG in 2007 - connecting to international R&E networks -

21 21 Contents 1.KOREN Overview 2.Changes on APII & TEIN2 in Korea 3.Application Projects on KOREN & APII/TEIN2 4.Remarks

22 22 Remarks From 2008, NIA will manage both KOREN and APII/TEIN2 in Korea. As before, KOREN hopes to keep continuing to use TransPAC2 through KR-JP APII link in order to connect with USA. Need to collaborate with US and JP researchers, and identify international research activities in application areas.

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