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Status report: IPv6 development of Research and Academic Community in China APAN 2004 EWC, HWU 2004/01/29.

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1 Status report: IPv6 development of Research and Academic Community in China APAN 2004 EWC, HWU 2004/01/29

2 Requirement for IPv6 Population in Mainland China 1,200,000,000 –Regardless on other usages, 1 IP per person, we need 72 Class A IP address Only have less than 2 Class A equivalent now Higher bandwidth needed –1 hour online (28.8Kbps) per person per day 1.68Tbps Storage requirement –1MB homepage per person 1200TB

3 Next Generation Internet Plans and Projects in China NSFC: Networking and Information Security –5 years Basic Research Project National High Technology Plan for IT –Lambda Networking and switching –IPv6 Networking, Middleware and Applications –IPv6 Router and Switching –IPv6 Mobil Communication Next Generation Research and Education Backbone in China –CERNET2: National Wide Backbone at 2.5G-10G –High Speed International Links 155M+

4 IPv6 Projects in China

5 CERNET IPv6 Homepage 2003/10 Contact us for adding a link to your site ! Contact us for adding a link to your site !

6 CERNET IPv6 Test-bed (1) pTLA in 6bone 3FFE:3200::/24 sTLA from APNIC 2001:250::/32

7 CERNET IPv6 test-bed (2)

8 CERNET IPv6 test-bed (3)

9 PKU Tsighua POS OC-48/192 GE BUPT BUAA NSFC CAS CERNET CSTNET Star Tap / APAN 10G 2.5G NSFCnet test-bed support dualstack

10 IPv6 Testbed Services IPv6 Routers/Switches/Hosts Streaming Engineering NMSmeasurementQoSNAT-PTMobileIP IPv6 DNS Network Equipment THU PKU CASnet PKU ICT Internet 863 IPv6 Testbed

11 CJ IPv6 Core Router Core Router Core Router Core Router Core Router Core Router border Router Edge Router 2.5G POS WAN Guangzhou Shanghai Beijing GE LAN GE LAN GE LAN GE LAN GE LAN GE MAN To Japan User Network (IPv6) MAN/LAN

12 IMU Some of the universities and research institutes involving IPv6 research activities More info will be added soon. NJTU NEU SCUT THUPKUBUPT USTC SEU XiDian XJTU UESTC HUST GSU DLUT SJTU LZU CAS ICTICT SoftISoftI …

13 Some of the IPv6 enabled web-site

14 IPv6 test-bed in Beijing, 2001

15 THU IPv6 router Backplane: 128Gbps Line card capacity: 80Gbps OC-48, GE port Packet length: up to 32K Wire speed Power redundancy Control card 1+1 backup Main switch card support 1+1 backup Support self-resilience Firmware online upgrade

16 IPv6 network in BUPT Featured with: –Started in 1999 –NAT-PT developed and installed –Mobile IPv6 compliant to draft-21 –IPv6 network monitoring and management system installed –Dual stack and pure IPv6 coexisted in the campus

17 Mobile IPv6 test-bed in BUPT

18 IPv6 network management system

19 LUT IPv6 test-bed Setup the test-bed in 2000 connected to CERNET IPv6 network

20 QoS-Group-Based DWFQ CS Dept. of PKU Class 1? Queue 1 D WFQ Scheduler Class 2? Queue 2 Class 100? Queue 100 WFQ drop

21 SJTU IPv6 website One of the main sites of IPv6 on CERNET

22 L3 dual stack switch by SI

23 IPv6 measurement

24 ICT-AC-IPv6 Institute of Computing Technology, China Academy of Science

25 Mobile IPv6 access demo network

26 IPv6 enabled game on mobile phone OS: –Symbian IPv6 No infrastructure support –P2P mode Interactive –Person to person –Person to server

27 NATPT 2418GE Dual IXP NP Back plane:4GBits/s Maximum address:64K Interface: 4GE Tunnel –Manual –6 to 4 auto-configuration Protocol stack –IPv4 / IPv6

28 Protocol tester RFC conformance : total 36 Test set: total 500 Features –Basic set, ICMPv6, Address auto-config, MTU, NDP, IPSec, Routing, MobileIPv6. –Logging, Message, PICs/PIXITs, Decoding

29 IPv6 video-phone SIP proxy AAA server Positioning server Network monitor Heartbeat server Configuration management server

30 NSTLnet IPv6 test-bed

31 Future works Nation wide IPv6 backbone project - CNGI –CERNET2 is one of the major parts of this project

32 CERNET Backbone, 2003

33 CERNET2 outline CERNET2 Backbone –Native IPv6 –High performance CERNET2 domestic/international IX CERNET2 GigaPoPs CERNET2 access networks and user networks

34 Link Traffic

35 CERNET2 structure Gigapop NOC End network other CNGI backbone International Next Generation Research Networks IX Gigapop CERNET2 backbone Access Network

36 10G 2.5G CERNET2

37 User network IPv4 user network CERNET2 IPv6 backbone IPv4 User network GE 10GE CERNET IPv4 backbone CWDM IPv6 user network GE IPv6 user network tunnel IPv6 user network tunnel

38 CERNET2 and Key Technologies CERNET 2: Next Generation Education and Research Network in China Native IPv6 and Lambda Networking CERNET 2 Backbone connecting 15-20 GigaPOPs at 2.5G- 10Gbps Connecting 100+ Universities and 100+ Research Institutes at 1Gbps+ Support/Deployment of the following technologies: –Multicast –E2E performance monitoring –Middleware and Advanced Applications –Grid –Mobile/Wireless –More Security features –Charging/Business Model –…

39 CNGI Backbone CPN Backbone 1Backbone 2 Backbone n MAN Global IPv6 MAN GigaPoP CPN 6IX

40 CNGI domestic and Intl connection Based on DRAGONTAP Domestic inter- connection International connection –GEANT 45M ~ 155M –Abilene 45M ~ 155M –APAN 155M ~ 2.5G APAN GEANT Abilene CERNET2 CNGI-IX 45M~155Mbps BGP4+ 155M ~ 2.5Gbps BGP4+ 45M~155Mbps BGP4+ CSTNETNSFCNET

41 Thanks !

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