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Intuit Canada ULC Effective Marketing Strategies for Accounting Professionals.

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1 Intuit Canada ULC Effective Marketing Strategies for Accounting Professionals

2 Intuit Canada ULC What is Marketing? 1

3 Intuit Canada ULC ×Sales Tactics & Hype × Logo × Brochure × Website Marketing Is Not… 2

4 Intuit Canada ULC Identifying an ideal client/prospect and using a variety of communication methods to engage them and provide them with an outstanding client experience. Create Awareness Generate Interest Incite action Marketing Is… 3

5 Intuit Canada ULC Marketing Strategy Strategies Target Mkt Tactics Identity 4

6 Intuit Canada ULC Brand – Work with a designer to develop a unique look and feel to help convey your brand Business cards – Have your cards professionally printed Website – Develop a simple Website to manage your Online reputation Networking – Ask clients for referrals and get out there and meet people Marketing – Essentials 5 Use Professional Designations and Certification logos to help provide prospects and existing clients with confidence

7 Intuit Canada ULC Websites 6

8 Intuit Canada ULC Submit your Website URL to the most popular search engines How will clients find my website? 7 Search Engine Submission location Google Yahoo ml Bing/MSN Aggregate Submission Open Directory

9 Intuit Canada ULC 1.Relevant Content for your practice Keywords and phrases in the body copy, meta tags, Hyperlinks and back links to and from relevant websites to drive organic rankings Frequently update your content 2.Client case studies and testimonials Validate why prospective clients should work with you by sharing your professional experinces 3.Easy to access contact information and professional background Help clients and prospects find you! Top 3 things your Website needs 8

10 Intuit Canada ULC Meta Tags: title, description and keywords Small Business Accounting Software | QuickBooks® Canada 2010 Website Meta Tags 9

11 Intuit Canada ULC 1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Robots are searching for relevant content…help them find it! 2.Online Advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Google Adwords offers a great increase your website rankings by bidding for keywords. Banner Advertising :The critical items with Online Banners are - Media placement-what website it’s located on and where on the page - Strong call to action-convince me to click messaging How to generate traffic to your Website 10

12 Intuit Canada ULC Current Clients Bankers Lawyers Insurance Agents Other small business owners Family, friends and acquaintances Peers—locally and online networks Old Fashion Networking Cultivate referral relationships with others.

13 Intuit Canada ULC Speak or write articles  Useful, relevant content  Inform and educate  New laws, changes or updates Potential avenues:  Association or industry meetings  Local newspapers  Seminars – live or online  Podcasts  Online – blog, ezines, Community Forums and more.  eNewsletter Quoted as expert by others Reputation as an Expert- Its Your Brand Create a reputation and deliver. 12

14 Intuit Canada ULC Delighted Clients are your best referral source! 13

15 Intuit Canada ULC 14 Questions?

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