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SEO from the Ground Up! Jack Roberts President and CEO of Peak Positions.

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2 SEO from the Ground Up! Jack Roberts President and CEO of Peak Positions

3 Search Engine Optimization Services Overview

4 Peak Positions SEO | 400 E. Eighth St. | Traverse City, MI 49686 Tel: 231-922-9460 |

5 Peak Positions Partial Consumer Client Roster

6 Organic SEO The Most Effective Form of Marketing  Maximizing Website Exposure on: Google, Yahoo and Bing  Secure Top Keyword Positions in Google on Senior Care, Products, & Services  Generating More Quality Search Traffic

7 Top 20 Search Engines  Proven SEO Services Designed to Maximize Exposure in the Major Search Engines.  “Robot Crawlers” or “Spiders” Use Algorithms To Determine Order of Search Results.  “Spiders” Favor HTML Text: Page Titles, Descriptions, Keywords, Content Relevancy & Links.  Related Keywords: Now Playing a Critical Role.

8 Traffic Volume by Search Engine 2014 Search Market Share: Google – 70% Yahoo – 18% Bing – 12%

9 Search Engine-Spider Relationship Chart Search Engine Type of Main Results Provider of Main Results Paid Results Directory &/or Backup Results AllTheWeb AOL Search Ask Jeeves Google Bing Google AdWords Open Directory Yahoo Crawler Paid Human Crawler AllTheWeb Google LookSmart/Zeal Google Open Directory Yahoo / Bing (Overture Owned) Teoma (Ask Owned) Yahoo Google Yahoo Google n/a Yahoo n/a Open Directory Inktomi n/a Yahoo / Inktomi Open Directory Backup from

10 Focus on The Big Three Spiders  The Big Three spiders power 97% of all keyword searches in North America.  Organic search results in the Big Three search engines are determined by three robot crawlers / spiders.  Search spiders favor html elements and text.  The Big Three spiders use similar core algorithms.

11 Optimize And They Will Come  94% of ALL internet sessions involve at least one keyword search. Why Optimize?  86% of all new, unique website visitors are delivered to a website for the first time by a major search engine or search directory.  Searching continues to be the second most popular online activity, second to e-mail communication in terms of popularity.

12 The Two Most Popular Forms Of Search Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is keyword advertising, sponsored listings, pay per click (PPC) or paid inclusion.

13 Google AdWords PPC Sponsored Ads: SEM Organic Search Results Clicked 7 Times More Than Paid Ads

14 Senior Care & Elder Care Popular Search Categories

15 More Seniors Using The Internet  59% of Adults Ages 65+ Use the Internet  71% Go Online Every Day


17 Seniors Online Activity  75% Use Email  58% Search For Goods & Services  53% Research Health Information

18 Senior Internet Use By Age & Income – Sept. 2013

19 Adult Children Play Key Role Among Seniors Who Go Online, 56% Need Help if They Want to Take Action & Convert Adult Children:  Submit Contact Forms  Schedule Appointments  Locate Vendors  Make Purchases  Serve as Coordinators  Educate & Inform

20 GSN AdWords Campaigns Home Modification Campaign Keywords: Senior Home Modification, Wheelchair Ramps, Universal Home Design In-Home Care Campaign Keywords: In-Home Care, Companion Care, Senior Home Healthcare Medical Supplies & Equipment Campaign Keywords: Medical Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment, Medical Supply Senior Mobility Campaign Keywords: Mobility Products, Power Wheel Chairs, Scooters, Electric Lift Chair

21 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  SEO affects natural/organic listings.  Sites are ranked based on a Relevancy Algorithm: Search engines rank web pages in terms of relevance to a keyword search query Each search engine uses its own algorithm, which is frequently updated to ensure results page integrity Key variables include: Content Relevancy, Keyword Density, Quality of Page Code and Link Popularity

22  A spider, or “crawler” is sent to a web page in order to evaluate the content of the pages.  During this process, the spider continuously sends information about pages back to its databases at the search engines.  The spider is programmed to apply PageRank to all public pages.  When users search, the search engine delivers cached/stored results, rather than searching the web in real-time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

23 Website Optimization Process How The Peak Positions Team Secures Top Keyword Positions

24 Organizing the entire domain: homepage, primary inside pages, sitemap, linking and link architecture.  Analyze Site Architecture – Code Issues, Link Issues, Audit Site  Keyword Research / Keyword Identification  Organization of Internal Site Elements  Search-Friendly URL Naming  Internal Link Architecture – Header Nav, Footer Nav, Left Nav  Organize Page Code and Structure Sitewide  Custom Meta Head Tags – Unique Title, Description, Keywords  Optimize Alt Tags  Optimize Content – Increase Relevancy With Content Themes  HTML and XML Site Maps  External Link Popularity – Building Backlinks Fundamentals of Optimization

25 SEO Q & A

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