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(SEM ) Build Your Brand & Maximize Revenue SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING.

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2 (SEM ) Build Your Brand & Maximize Revenue SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING


4 HOW WE SEARCH THE INTUITIVE NATURE OF SEARCH User Search Results Didnt Find You -$ Found You $+ Search Terms Ad-Hoc Known-Item Named Page

5 SEARCH ENGINES THE NATURE OF SEARCH ENGINES SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Structure your site to be relevant Site visibility programmed to be natural / organic Develop off-page and on-page optimization strategy On-Page Keyword Research Meta Tags Content Optimization Site Structure CONTROL Off-Page Incoming Links Social Media Directories LIMITED CONTROL

6 SEARCH ENGINES SEARCH ENGINES HAVE TWO MAJOR FUNCTIONS : 1. Crawling & building an index of a site / pages 2. Serve up answers by calculating relevancy & serving results. STORAGE of Information Data Center Answers Popularity = Importance Incoming Links THE NATURE OF SEARCH ENGINES Complicated Algorithms 1,000s of factors Keywords Relevant Information Efficient

7 SEARCH ENGINES KEEP IT CLEAN ROADMAP TO SUCCESS Keyword-rich content based on what users are searching for but dont overdo it. Rich media is nice but not that nice for SEO. Clean code with correct hierarchy. BE RELEVANT Create a useful site rich with information and easily digestible. Make the site for the user not for the search engine exclusively. Be descriptive, be honest, create human friendly URLs. Use long-tail & short-tail keywords appropriately. Update site often with useful information.

8 SEARCH ENGINES RESOURCES ROADMAP TO SUCCESS Google Analytics Google Website Optimizer (Content Experiments) Now in Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools

9 PAY-PER- CLICK (PPC) HOW IT WORKS PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) Paid Placement Based on Clicks Networks & Individual Sites Varying Ad positions and Sizes

10 PAY-PER- CLICK (PPC) IMPROVING CONVERSIONS-CTRS Determine Budget 2-5% toward marketing 1 Research Google Keywords 2 Audit Website Test / Launch Create a Campaign 3 Create AdGroups Analyze Google Analytics 4 Conversions Set-up Account Competitor Keywords Set Budgets Optimize Landing Pages Make Changes Test / Launch 3

11 PAY-PER- CLICK (PPC) SAMPLE ADS AND PLACEMENTS Google Adword Ad Google Sponsored Links

12 PAY-PER- CLICK (PPC) RESEARCH ROADMAP TO SUCCESS Research long-tail keyword and short-tail keywords. Determine budget and cpc spend for the product. Network vs. Search TEST / RE-TEST Set campaign length & daily budget. Create 2 (two) ads & run test. Monitor campaign & make changes. Product specific keywords. Optimize landing pages with AdWords campaign ads.

13 PAY-PER- CLICK (PPC) ROADMAP TO SUCCESS RESOURCES Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools Wordstream - PPC Analyzer Google AdWords


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