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The constitution is known as “The _________ Law of the Land”

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2 The constitution is known as “The _________ Law of the Land”

3 What is Supreme? (Laws that are unconstiutional are not allowed)

4 What are the three branches of the U.S. government?

5 Legislative, Executive, and Judicial

6 The Constitution is divided into sections or these.

7 What are Articles?

8 Those who were against signing the Constitution were known as

9 Who are the Anti-Federalists?

10 This state did not send deputies to the Constitutional Convention.

11 What is Rhode Island?

12 This man is the father of the Constitution

13 James Madison

14 This branch of government Declares war

15 What is Legislative? (Federal Power)

16 This person is the “Commander in Chief” of the armed forces

17 Who is the President?

18 This branch declares a law unconstitutional

19 What is the judicial branch?

20 The President, VP, and Cabinet make up this branch

21 What is the executive?

22 This house of Congress tries A person if impeached

23 What is the Senate?

24 The first form of American Government was?

25 What are the Articles of Confederation?

26 This success under the Articles of Confederation allowed for states to be Created

27 What is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787

28 This was final result of a debate between large and small states at the Constitutional Convention.

29 What is the Great Compromise

30 Those who favored ratification of the Constitution were called_____.

31 What were Federalists?

32 This compromise helped settle How slaves were to be counted

33 What is the 3/5 Compromise

34 Congress created a two house Legislature also known as this

35 Bi-Cameral

36 The longest term of office in the government is held by _______.

37 What are judges? Life term

38 The Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed by _______ and approved by _________

39 Who are the president and senate? *9 Total Justices including the Chief Justice

40 Practice of each branch of Government checking on the Other so one branch is not More powerful than the other

41 What are checks and balances

42 To ratify an amendment, this Majority is needed in Congress

43 What is ¾ majority?

44 This amendment provides rights of the accused not to testify against themselves

45 What is the 5 th Amendment?

46 This amendment guarantees The right to bear arms

47 What is the 2nd Amendment?

48 This amendment states no excessive or cruel punishment Shall be allowed

49 What is the Eighth Amendment?

50 This amendment grants no double jeopardy

51 What is the 5 th Amendment?

52 This amendment gives those accused of a crime the right to a speedy trial

53 What is the 6 th ?

54 Whose job is it to make decisions about Declaring War, Coining Money and establishing post offices?

55 What are Federal Powers?

56 The first 10 amendments to the constitution are also known as…

57 What are the Bill of Rights?

58 What is the main idea of the preamble?

59 To state the purpose or goals of the Constitution

60 What were 3 weaknesses of under the Articles of Confederation?

61 1. No executive Branch 2. Only 1 vote per state regardless of population 3. Could not collect taxes from the people 4. Congress made up of one house

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