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Chapter 7 Review.

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1 Chapter 7 Review

2 Document that sets out the laws and principles of a government

3 constitution

4 What is the main part of the Legislative Branch?

5 Congress

6 What are the 3 branches of government?

7 Legislative, Judicial and Executive

8 Branch of government which makes the laws

9 Legislative branch

10 Document that lists freedoms the government promises to protect

11 bill of rights

12 What was our first Constitution called?

13 Articles of Confederation

14 Who is the main person in the Executive Branch?

15 President

16 Who had the most power under the Articles of Confederation?

17 states

18 The Articles of Confederation formed a __?___ alliance of states.

19 The Articles of Confederation formed a loose alliance of states.

20 What was the main problem of the Articles of Confederation?

21 Congress was too weak

22 Power of the Supreme Court to decide whether laws passed by Congress are Constitutional

23 Judicial review

24 What was the main positive impact of the Articles of Confederation?

25 The division of land in the West (Land Ordinance (1785) and the Northwest Ordinance (1787))

26 How many House members does a state have?

27 It depends on their population
It depends on their population. The more people in a state the more members in the House of Representatives.

28 What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?

29 Revise the Articles of Confederation

30 What is the main group in the Judicial Branch?

31 Supreme Court

32 Where was the Constitutional Convention?

33 Philadelphia

34 In what year did the Constitutional Convention take place?

35 1787

36 Who was the President of the Constitutional Convention?

37 George Washington

38 How many justices are there in the Supreme Court?

39 9

40 What is the job of the Judicial Branch?

41 Make sure the laws are constitutional.

42 Who was known as the “Father of the Constitution?”

43 James Madison

44 The __?__ Compromise called for a bicameral legislature and 3 branches of government.

45 Great

46 What was the compromise regarding slavery at the Constitutional Convention?

47 3/5ths Compromise

48 The delegates to the Constitutional Convention decided to leave the slave trade alone for how many years?

49 20 years

50 What Native American tribe served as a source of the Constitution?

51 Iroquois

52 What were the people who supported the Constitution called?

53 Federalists

54 How long do Senators serve for?

55 6 years

56 What do we call the leader of the House of Representatives?

57 Speaker of the House

58 What was the name of the group against the Constitution?

59 Antifederalists

60 Formal written change (to the Constitution)

61 amendment

62 James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay were part of which group during the ratification debate?

63 Federalists

64 What group wanted a bill of rights added to the Constitution?

65 Antifederalists

66 Patrick Henry was a leader of which group during the ratification debate?

67 Antifederalists

68 System of government in which voters elect representatives to make laws for them

69 Representative government

70 How many amendments have there been to the Constitution?

71 27

72 How long do Supreme Court justices serve for?

73 life

74 What did the Bill of Rights protect?

75 Individual rights

76 Where is the principle of popular sovereignty found?

77 The Preamble

78 What does popular sovereignty mean?

79 The power of the government comes from the people.

80 What is the job of the Legislative Branch?

81 Make the laws

82 Period in which business activity slows, prices and wages falls and unemployment rises

83 Economic depression

84 The Constitutional Convention held its meetings in __?___.

85 secret

86 Branch of government which carries out the laws

87 Executive branch

88 Branch of government which determines if laws are fair

89 Judicial branch

90 Settlement in which each side gives up some of its demands in order to reach an agreement

91 compromise

92 System is which the power of the government is divided among separate branches

93 Separation of powers

94 Division of power between the states and national government

95 federalism

96 Group of electors from each state that meets every 4 years to vote for the President and Vice President

97 Electoral college

98 System set up by the constitution in which each branch of the federal government has the power to control the actions of the other branches

99 Checks and balances

100 reject

101 veto

102 What allows Congress to increase its power in times of emergency?

103 The elastic clause

104 What are similarities each state had with their government during the Revolution?

105 1. Constitutions 2. Bill of rights 3. Elected legislature

106 Overrule. Congress can override a President’s veto if two thirds of both houses vote to do so.

107 override

108 Bring formal charges against an elected official

109 impeach

110 change

111 amend

112 Right of every citizen to the same fair rules in all cases brought to trial

113 Due process

114 approve

115 ratify

116 national

117 federal

118 reject

119 veto

120 Not permitted by the Constitution

121 unconstitutional

122 Example set for later people to follow

123 precedent

124 What were the voting requirements that were the same for each state in 1781?

125 21 male white owned land / pay taxes

126 Group of people who head government departments and advise the President

127 cabinet

128 Congress is a bicameral or two house legislature
Congress is a bicameral or two house legislature. What two houses make up Congress?

129 Senate and the House of Representatives.

130 How old must you be to become a Senator?

131 30 years old

132 What is the Senate sometimes called?

133 Upper House

134 How long is a term in the House of Representatives?

135 2 years

136 How old must you be to run for the House of Representatives?

137 25 years old

138 How many Senators are there today?

139 100

140 How many people are in the House of Representatives today?

141 435

142 Proposed law

143 bill

144 Who is the leader of the Senate?

145 The Vice-President

146 What type of states have more power in the House of Representatives?

147 large

148 How many Senators does a state have?

149 2

150 What word means to bring an elected official to trial?

151 impeachment

152 The __. __ Plan called for each state having 1 vote in Congress
The __?__ Plan called for each state having 1 vote in Congress. It favored smaller states.

153 New Jersey

154 Nation in which voters elect representatives to govern them

155 republic

156 What is the job of the executive branch?

157 Carry out the laws

158 When was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?

159 1791

160 Who is our President today?

161 Barack Obama

162 Who is our Vice President today?

163 Joe Biden

164 How long is a presidential term?

165 4 years

166 The __?__ plan called for a legislature which favored larger states.

167 Virginia

168 What was the name of the rebellion of farmers in Massachusetts in 1786?

169 Shays’ Rebellion

170 How old must someone be to become a President?

171 35 years old

172 What term means sworn into office?

173 Inauguration

174 Carry out

175 execute

176 Who actually elects the President?

177 Electoral College

178 What is the head of the Supreme Court called?

179 Chief Justice

180 What type of cases does the Supreme Court deal with?

181 It is the final court of appeals
It is the final court of appeals. It sees cases where the constitutionality of laws are under discussion.

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