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The Constitution Brain Pop.

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1 The Constitution Brain Pop

2 The Basics Who: The Founding Fathers
James Madison – Father of the Constitution George Washington – kept the meetings orderly and effective What: Wrote the Constitution When: It was worked on for 4 months and signed on September 17, 1787. Where: Philadelphia (Constitutional) Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Why: To form a new government

3 Preamble We the people In order to form a more perfect union
Establish justice Ensure domestic tranquility Provide for the common defense Promote the general welfare Secure the blessings of liberty To ourselves and our posterity Preamble Song

4 Article1 – Legislative Branch
Lists the powers of Congress Tax the people Raise an army & navy Declare war Create a court system Coin money Pass laws

5 Article 2 – Executive Branch
Powers of the president Commander in chief of armed forces Make treaties Appoint ambassadors Appoint judges Grant pardons for crimes Suggests laws and policies Prepares a budget (has to be approved by Congress) Sets policies for dealing with other countries

6 Article 3 – Judicial Branch
Judges and Courts The Supreme Court: Highest US Court Review 150 cases/year Judges may hold their job for life The Judicial Branch may: *Declare a law unconstitutional *Declare a president’s action to be unconstitutional

7 Article 4 *Relationships between states and the federal government.
*Outlines the rules for admitting new states to the Union.

8 Article 5 *We may make changes, amendments, to the Constitution
*2/3 of both houses of Congress must agree to make this change. *It takes a positive vote by ¾ of the states to make an amendment a law.

9 Article 6 *The Constitution is the highest law of the land.
*Federal and state officers & judges must uphold the Constitution.

10 Article 7 *The names of the men who signed and ratified, or approved, the Constitution. *It confirms the establishment of the Constitution.

11 Bill of Rights *The first 10 amendments to the Constitution
*They were added in 1791. Brain Pop

12 Amendment 1 *Freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion & petition.

13 Amendment 2 The right to bear arms

14 Amendment 3 No forced housing of soldiers!

15 Amendment 4 Protection against illegal search and seizure
If the government wants to search anything, they must have a search warrant which tells what they are looking for and where they can search

16 Amendment 5 Right to due process of law, rights in criminal cases.
A person cannot be charged with the same crime twice. A person doesn’t have to testify against himself/herself. A person can’t have his or her life, property or freedoms taken away without fair treatment by the law. A property can’t be taken from a person without receiving money for that property.

17 Amendment 6 Right to a speedy trial. The jury will be fair.
The accused can have a lawyer to help him/her with the case.

18 Amendment 7 Right to a trial by jury.
When a person sues another person for more than $20, a jury will make the final decision.

19 Amendment 8 No cruel and unusual punishment.
Excessive bail or fines may not be issued.

20 Amendment 9 You have more rights than the ones listed in the Bill of Rights.

21 Amendment 10 Rights to the people and states.
The powers not given to the national government are given to the states.

22 Other Notable Amendments
13th – Abolished slavery 15th - Rights for all races & color to vote 19th – Allowed ALL women to vote 22nd – Limits number of presidential terms to 2 26th – Voting age becomes 18

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