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Review for Chapter 4 Test U.S. History Test Thursday 10/20.

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1 Review for Chapter 4 Test U.S. History Test Thursday 10/20

2 What are the three Branches of U.S. government? Legislative Executive Judicial

3 What branch looks at laws and checks it for it's Constitutionality? The Judicial Branch (Supreme court)

4 What are the Duties of the Three Branches of U.S. Government? Legislative- Make the laws Executive- Enforce the laws Judicial- Interpret the laws

5 Who were the three main writers of The Federalist Papers? John Jay Alexander Hamilton James Madison

6 What was the main purpose of the addition of the Bill of Rights? Protect the civil rights of the people from a powerful government

7 What was the action that caused the Government to reform the Articles of Confederation? Shay’s Rebellion

8 Article I of the Constitution covers what portion of government? Legislative Branch

9 What addition was the final help to make the states ratify the Constitution? Bill of Rights

10 What group was supportive of the Constitution? Federalists

11 What group was not in favor of the Constitution Anti-Federalists

12 Which is the upper house of Congress? Senate

13 Which is the lower house of Congress? House of Representatives

14 How many amendments were added to the Constitution originally? By what name are they known? 10 Bill of Rights

15 The founding fathers were worried about giving too much power to the people of the new United States. What did they place in the Constitution to "check" their power? Electoral College

16 What does Article III of the Constitution cover? Judicial Branch

17 What was the final agreement called that set up our Legislative structure? Great Compromise

18 What name of the purposed unicameral structure of the Legislature representation? New Jersey Plan

19 What name of the purposed unicameral structure of the Legislature representation? New Jersey Plan

20 What was the name of the purposed plan that wanted a bicameral population based congress ? Virginia Plan

21 How was the issue of slaves being counted as population addressed? 3/5 Compromise

22 The system of Checks and Balances prevents....? Gives each branch of the government specific abilities to restrain powers of the others.

23 What is the "Supreme Law of the Land"? The Constitution

24 What was the nickname given to the period of time when the country was based on the Articles of Confederation? “Critical Period”

25 What does Article II of the Constitution cover? Executive Branch

26 In the system of Federalism, what are the powers specifically for the States called? Reserved Powers

27 In the system of Federalism, what are powers specifically combined between State and National Government called? Concurrent Powers

28 Documents...order? Bill of Rights Treaty of Paris Declaration of Independence Constitution Articles of Confederation 1. Declaration of Independence 2. Articles of Confederation 3. Treaty of Paris 4. constitution 5. Bill of Rights

29 Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

30 What imported good was allowed to be imported into the U.S. for 20 years, (1807) according to the Constitution? Slaves

31 What issue caused Massachusetts farmers to have an uprising that tested government? Foreclosures (on farms) and tax delinquencies

32 Under the Articles of Confederation, how many votes did each state have ? One

33 Under which state's name did the issue of representation final get "compromised"? Connecticut

34 What does Ratify mean ? To approve

35 What are the portions of the first amendment? RAPPS Religion Assembly Press Petition Speech

36 What does the second amendment provide? The Right to bear arms

37 What are the qualifications of the Senate? 30 years old Resident of the State U.S. Citizen for 9 years

38 What are the qualifications of the President? 35 years old Born in the U.S. U.S. Citizen for 14 years Must take oath of office before resuming duties

39 What are the qualifications of the House of Representatives? 25 years old Resident of state U.S. Citizen for 7 years

40 The following are some of the prominent weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? · Each state only had one vote in Congress, regardless of size. · Congress had not have the power to tax. · Congress did not have the power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce. · There was no executive branch to enforce any acts passed by Congress. · There was no national court system. · Amendments to the Articles of Confederation required a unanimous vote. · Laws required a 9/13 majority to pass in Congress

41 What portion of the U.S. wanted to count slaves towards population? What portion did not? South wanted North did not

42 Why would one argue that the slaves should not be counted as population in representation? They were not equal, voting citizens

43 Under the Articles of Confederation, where did the power lie? States

44 What is the most powerful restriction the President is given in the Constitution? Veto

45 How many Supreme Court Justices in the U.S.? 9

46 How many members in the House of Representatives? How is this established? 435 population

47 How many members of the Senate? How is the number established? per state

48 What does the fourth amendment provide for? Search warrant before you search

49 Know some examples of reserved, delegated, and concurrent powers. Reserved: marriage laws, education Delegated: coin money, declare war Concurrent: taxes

50 What is eminent domain? Gov’t can take your property with just compensation

51 What is the cruel and unusual punishment and excessive fines Amendment? 8 th

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