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Bell Quiz: Use Pages How many people were killed during

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1 Bell Quiz: Use Pages 542-549 1. How many people were killed during
the Holocaust? 2.What notable Jewish physicist refugee fled to the U.S.? 3. What is genocide? 4. What were ghettos? 5. In 1935 what did Jews have to start wearing attached to their clothing?

2 Answers 1. 8-11 million people 2. Albert Einstein
3. The deliberate and systematic killing of an entire population. 4. Segregated Jewish areas in certain Polish cities. 5. Yellow star of David on the outside of their clothing.

3 Objectives Explain the reasons behind the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews. Describe the Nazis’ “final Solution” to the Jewish problem and the horrors of the Holocaust. Identify and describe the profound and lasting effects of the Holocaust on survivors.


5 Holocaust Holocaust: the systematic murder of 8-11 million (6 million Jews) people across Europe. April 7, 1933 Hitler ordered all “non-Aryans” to be removed from government jobs. This order was one of the first moves in a campaign for racial purity.

6 Jews Jews were the main target of the Holocaust.
A long history of hatred towards the Jewish people (Anti-Semitism) had existed in many European countries. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s economic problems and defeat in WWI. Hitler found that a majority of Germans supported this belief. In 1935, The Nuremberg Laws stripped Jews of their German citizenship, jobs and property. Jews were required to wear a Star of David on the clothing so Nazis could more easily identify them.

7 Kristallnacht : (Night of Broken Glass)
November 9-10, 1938 Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues across Germany. Around 100 Jews were killed Hundreds more were injured. 30,000 Jews were arrested Hundreds of synagogues were burned. Nazis blamed the Jews for the destruction

8 Jewish Refugees Jews fleeing Germany had trouble finding nations that would accept them. France took in 40,000 Jewish refugees before refusing to admit anymore. Britain refused to admit anymore than 80,000 Jewish refugees. British controlled Palestine (later Israel) allowed 30,000 refugees to settle there. 100,000 Jewish refugees came to the United States. Albert Einstein Thomas Mann

9 Forced Relocation of Jews
Ghettos: dismal overcrowded segregated Jewish areas in certain Polish cities. Jews not killed by the SS were shipped to concentration camps. Concentration camps: prison camps operated by Nazi Germany and the SS in which Jews and other “undesirables” were murdered; or starved and humiliated while being forced into slave labor.

10 Hitler’s “Final Solution”
Hitler’s “Final Solution” was a policy of genocide: the systematic killing of the entire Jewish population. Jews weren’t the only group that Nazi’s deemed as “inferior” or “unworthy” “enemies of the state.” Nazi Germany also targeted: Non-Aryans, Gypsies, Freemasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, the mentally deficient, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, and the incurably ill. Hitler began implementing his Final Solution in Poland. In Poland the SS (“security squads”) rounded up Jewish men, women, children/babies and shot them.

11 Extermination In 1942 the final stage of Hitler’s “Final Solution” was the mass murder of Jews by poison gas. The Germans built six death camps in Poland. Each camp had several huge gas chambers in which 12,000 people could be killed daily. The largest of the death camps was Auschwitz. To cover up the evidence of their slaughter, Nazis used crematoriums to burn the dead bodies. Prisoners were also shot, hanged, or injected with poison. Others were the victims of horrible medical experiments carried out by Nazi Doctors. Joseph Mengele studied the organs, brains, and limb transplants. Took special interest in studying twins.

12 Bell Quiz: Use pages 542-549 if needed
What similarities existed in Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews and the United States treatment of African-Americans in the 1930’s and 40’s? List at least 5.

13 Video

14 Handout: Freeing the Survivors
Read the handout Write: Reaction page to the holocaust, the video and the handout. Include in your writing a response to the German proverb “In time of war the Devil makes more room in hell.”

15 Geneva Convention

16 Review Why did Hitler and the Germans target the Jews?
What were the Nuremberg laws and what were the Jews required to wear? What other groups of people were targeted for extermination beside Jews? How many people a day could be killed in the gas chambers?


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