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The Persecution Begins

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2 The Persecution Begins
April 1933-Hitler orders all non-Aryans removed from government jobs First move toward racial purity that would become the Holocaust-systematic murder of 11 million people across Europe-half of them Jews

3 Why the Jews? Germans looking for a scapegoat to blame their problems on Hitler blamed Jews for German defeat in WWI Economic problems Many Germans ready to support him Children were conditioned (brainwashed) into Nazi beliefs from an early age.   Here, a story book for small children stereotypes a Jew as a degenerate pervert.   Anti-Semitism came easily and naturally to children who had been brought up looking at this kind of picture.

4 Why the Jews? Persecution of Jews increased as Nazi power expanded
1935-Nuremberg Laws stripped Jews of civil rights and property if they tried to leave Germany Jews now had to wear a bright yellow Star of David on their clothing


6 Why the Jews? November 9, Kristallnacht-the night of broken glass- Nazi troops attacked Jewsih homes, businesses and synagogues across Germany

7 Why the Jews? Nazis blamed the Jews for the destruction
20,000 Jews arrested and sent to concentration camps Jews had to pay 20billions marks-20%of their property


9 The Flight of Jewish Refugees
Beginning in 1933-tens of thousands of Jews flee Germany Nazis wanted to send more out Encountered problems France had already taken 40,000-did not want any more British already taking in 500/week 60,000 fled to the U.S.-more would have come but the U.S. refused to relax its strict immigration laws

10 The Flight of Jewish Refugees
U.S. was worried about anti-Semitism Also worried about competition for jobs during Depression After war began, Americans worried that they may be allowing enemy agents into the U.S.

11 The Final Solution Germany unable to eliminate their Jews through emigration Healthy Jews now sent to slave labor camps The rest sent to extermination camps Genocide-the deliberate killing of an entire people

12 The Condemned Nazis believed that the Aryan race must be preserved
Condemned to death other races viewed as inferior or unworthy 1st attempted to eliminate political opponents Communists Socialists Liberals Anyone who spoke against the Nazi Govmt.

13 The Condemned Once Political opponents out of the way other groups besides Jews were targeted Gypsies Freemasons Jehovah’s Witnesses Homosexuals Mentally retarded The insane Disabled Incurably ill

14 The Condemned Beginning in 1939-Nazis govmt rounded up these people and sent them to “Special treatment centers” Given a “Mercy Death” As Nazis move east, they add Poles, Russians and Ukrainians to their list of subhumans who were in the way of the “master race”

15 The Condemned After invasion of Poland
Thousands of Poles killed or shipped to Germany to perform slave labor Empty Polish towns filled with Germans seeking lebensraum

16 Concentration Camps Murder squads rounded up Jews
Stripped them of their clothing Shot them in Cold blood

17 Concentration Camps Other Jews herded into ghettos-left to starve or die from disease Others dragged from homes and sent by train or truck to concentration camps

18 Concentration Camps Life in camps Hunger Humiliation
Work that ended only with death People crammed into wooden barracks that held up to 1,000 people each

19 Concentration Camps Shared crowded quarters Had very little food
Fleas and rats Worked from dawn to dusk seven days a week Those too weak to work were killed

20 Extermination Overwork, starvation, beatings, and bullets did not kill fast enough for Nazis 1941-Nazis build 6 death camps in Poland-each camp had several huge gas chambers-could kill 6,000/day

21 Extermination SS doctors would separate those that could work from everyone else Those who would die were told they were headed to a shower-even given soap Led to gas chamber and killed

22 Extermination Executions accompanied by cheerful music played by temporarily spared inmates Bodies at first buried in huge pits Decaying corpses gave off to bad of a smell

23 Extermination Mass graves also showed evidence of mass murder
Nazis installed crematoriums to burn the dead Sometimes the bodies were just thrown into a pit and set on fire

24 Extermination Gassing not only method for extermination Shot Hanged
Injected with poison Horrible medical experiments

25 Medical Experiments Injected with deadly germs to study effects of disease Exist only on seawater Test methods of sterilization

26 The Survivors Six million Jews killed Some able to escape
Many had help from people appalled by Nazi atrocities Risked death by hiding Jews in their homes or helping them escape to neutral nations

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